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"Free Carpet Cleaning" SURE!!! 2 hour spiel about how great Kirbys are. He vacuumed for an hour and talked. put bubbles on my carpet. I said "Is it clean?" he said " Do you think it is clean?' I said " let's see" I got a clean white sock and rubbed the carpet he had " cleaned"The sock turned brown. OOPS. He packed up and left quietly. I WON!! bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad... Read more

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Kirby sales people are just money mongers who hide at the back of a so called good vacuum cleaner. The offices appear fake and the sale people are pushy non transparent ( cony) Read more

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We had a guy come out to do a demo and we set here and watch for 4 hours and then his boss came to do the paperwork and first didnt get it approved but then got it thru her boss well then we get a call after 3 weeks and they tell us we didnt get approved after the people say we did and we did all the paperwork they left the kirby with us and after we did the down payment now they want it back . Does anyone know how to get ahold of the top person... Read more

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My family was conned,swindeled tricked into helping a friend,we thought,who happened to be a long time Kirby salesman by the name of Ben Jones.This happened in Oklahoma.He is now in Washington.He gave my wife a Kirby vaccum cleaner for Christmas as a gift.He then told her he would need her info to set up her account.once he did that it would give him the vaccum at no charge That was her gift.well it didnt work that way.we got notices from u... Read more

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I actually had two of your employees at my house just two ago and they said they were from mankato, MN. I have to tell you how rude they were to me! I almost had my children go get my male neighbor just to kick them out! I do love your product but no means no and I highly suggest you train your employees on courtesy! Just because of my experience, I won't be buying a Kirby anytime soon... Read more

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Worst vacuum in the world. It damaged my wood floor because the front came off while I was carrying it. I have only had for a few months and it doesn't work. Worst buy of my life. It is over priced and the dealer whom I purchased from is not helpful at all. Stay away from Kirby. Buy a shark instead it's a way better vacuum. Read more

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first the company misrepresented themselves to get into my home: a man asked if they could demonstrate a new carpet shampoo process in one room, that it would be quick, and if I liked it would I tell my friends. I honestly thought they were a carpet cleaning service in the area, and said 'sure'. OOPS I did not know they were selling a product until the next people arrived with Kirby boxes in tow. I thought I would still watch their demo. I... Read more

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Kirby Sales Representative Review from Appleton, Wisconsin
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Do NOT let these guys in your home at all. I got suckered into having someone from Kirby come and clean my carpet for free.... it turned into a 3 and a half hour demonstration to buy the *** thing. The salesman left my house dirty! He decided to vacuum everything and when I told him that I had plans, he went even slower! he kept trying to stay at my house longer for some reason. i was pissed. he then cleaned his equipment in my tiny apartment... Read more

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4/21/16 Salesman did a demo with his Kirby Vac. on our (new couch & new bed) to show us dust etc. and vac. the house. My Husband thought he would get me a new vac. I came home the next day and was laying on the couch that evening and FREAKED. I had bed bugs on my new couch. The next morning my husband woke up to bites all over him. It is now 8/3/16 and we are still fighting these bed bugs and I have contacted the Attorney General of Texas,... Read more

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Do not work for J&C associates(KIRBY)new business--- of opelika al (may not be exact name but close enough}.....They sale you this HUGE dream and make you feel like your on your way to greatness , tell you about other people success stories and the company trips every 3-4 months.....Let me be the one to say KEEP GOING and get on somebodys payroll!!!!! This was a complete waste of my time! And no im not a "Angry distrubter " as they would say im... Read more

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