Kirby Vacuum is a huge employment scam

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I was living in Dallas, TX and working as a bartender, making roughly 300 bucks a week.I decided to move to East Texas to go to school in Tyler.

I was in desperate need of a job and was browsing Craigslist one afternoon and I stumbled upon an ad saying "IMMEDIATE HIRING!!". I continued to read the ad that stated they were looking for "enthusiastic, outgoing personalities to join a team of customer service representatives". It also said that compensation would be $2,050 monthly, salary pay. Me, being an 18 year old, broke, newly-independent, young woman, I immediately called the number provided, disregarding the fact that I didn't even know what the company name was.

I called and was answered with "personnel". I commented on the job posting I saw on Craigslist and within the next minute I had been set up with an interview starting at 4. It was 2:30. Things seemed a bit fishy from that moment.

The manager gave me directions and I quickly got dressed and drove up to the office, which happened to be 45 minutes away from my apartment. The manager also mentioned that the sign for the business had "fallen down" and gave me a few landmarks to go by. Suddenly I was contemplated the fact that I might be driving to an abandoned warehouse to get raped by mysterious henchmen. Regardless, the $2,050 check flashing in my mind, I went ahead and trucked on, mace in purse.

I was surprised by the crappy half-garage, half-office I was witnessing, almost intrigued to turn around and go back home, but yet again the check flashed in my mind. I met the manager as soon as I walked in, he seemed more like a typical college kid than a manager, continually throwing out the word "bro" and the occasional curse word, fine by me, because I have the mouth of a sailor, but very unprofessional for a so-called manager. After filling out a short information sheet I went in the manager's office for the interview. After about ten minutes I was released and informed that he would call me that night regarding whether or not if I got the job.

The ten minute interview seemed short and strange. I was excited though, because the manager showed thorough interest in me...or maybe it was my ***. Anywho, I went home and that night around 6:30 I was called and informed that I had got the job and was given my training hours for the 5 days. 5 days of unpaid training I might add.

So my first day of training, was actually today...and I'm entitled to say, I believe this business is a scam. I pulled into the parking lot along with 12 other broke victims, a business who hires dozens of people at a time does not sound very legitimate to me. The business is selling Kirby vacuums. A 2000 dollar vacuum that is an excellent product, but way over-priced.

I was told that we would make the $2,050, only after we had 60 appointments, and who knows how long that would take...I have bills to pay. The 4 hour training session went well enough, filled with laughs and funny stories, but the whole system of door-to-door selling overpriced vacuums just didn't settle very well with me. I heard many stories as well about the fact that nobody was making money from this company, and though the manager continually went on about how he was making $5000 a month, he was still driving a 15 year old car. I'm sure if he was actually making $5000 a month, he'd probably be in a beamer.

I have to admit though, the persuasion used by the manager to lure in broke mortals like myself, was superb. Thankfully I came to my senses and realized that someone my age making $2050-$5000 was unrealistic.

Possible, but unlikely.I suggest that anyone interested in working for Kirby should keep looking for a REAL job.

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Jun 27 #1000315 Conroe, Texas

Question!!! I recently got hired as an appointment setter for a Kirby distribution company. The person that hired me PROMISED ,& GUARANTEED me $5,000 per month... She said it didn't matter how many appointments I set up ,or how many of those appointments resulted in a sale, I would be GUARANTEED that base pay... I had no opinion on this company either way, I just would like to know what I'm getting myself into, since I have seen mostly horrible reviews researching this job/company.

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Jun 07 #992254 Jacksonville, Florida

I have been with Kirby for about a month, This company itself is a great company, with a great product!!! That being said beware of what dist, you work for I happen to be at a crappie one that thinks bullies should be rewarded!! I have made sales and have work 84 hours a week! Was told Monday thru Saturday, but that was a lie because it is Sunday and I was told we were going to make sales call this evening! That is the only reason I am quitting this job, not because of Kirby but because the dealer is A LAIR!! I would love to still to work here and I have made good money, because I know how to close sales and do not mind hard work! But I can not work for a Lair, he has also cussed me in front of customers which is very rude and not business like. I have closed 55 sales in a month have never missed a day until now!! My advise is to check out your dealer not Kirby,inc! Not all dealer are the same!I am sorry I have to leave but bad business practices id bad business in this market!!

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Jun 07 #992288 Raleigh, North Carolina

I think the word you were going for is "Liar" (not Lair). If you are working 84 hours a week, that is the same as working TWO full-time jobs, yet, if you are honest, you will have to admit you don't even make as much as a high school student working one part-time job. Here is food for thought: you are an independent contractor (1099) yet Kirby is telling you your hours and days you have to work. Did you know that violates most state laws for independent contractors? Did you also know people have reported Kirby dealers to labor boards and forced them to pay them an hourly wage for all back hours worked!

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May 24 #988064

Um... Why is there so much poor grammar and spelling? Just some quick info. It is a contract job. Not an hourly or salary position. Kirby's are sold primarily through individual distributors. In other words, John by 5 Kirby systems from Kirby at retail price and then sells them for a profit. For the salespeople, the price of the sale determines how much they get paid. If the sale is so low that the distributor makes no money on it, the salesperson isn't going to make money on it. That's the nature of the business. Also, the salesperson doesn't get credit for the sale unless it's done in the home. If you go to the store to buy one directly, the salesperson doesn't get the credit and doesn't get paid. The difference between a high pressure sale's pitch and the low pressure sales pitch is that the low pressure sales pitch can be turned off with your t.v. remote. Billy Mays isn't in your home hawking Oxyclean at you. A Kirby salesperson is.

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May 15 #984896 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ok so ive been reading all these negative comments about kirby. Im 24 years old ive been with kirby for a year so far. I just did my taxes as a 1099 employee and that was fun. But my overall net pay for the year was 38,000 i had to pay a bit for taxes. I managed to save up just under 5000 and bought my first vehicle and my own apartment. Everyone i see here worked with the company for a few weeks and judged the company cause they didnt have what it takes. Sure people go without getting paid and boast about all this money they made befor. Kirby is a today business and you need to have a positive attitude and high work ethic to succeed. Its about what you can do as a individual in a team. I have watched people come and go and feel lied to cause they didnt make it. Ive heard of distributors screwing over there people. The one thing i know is at the end of the week i get my check and cash it. My distributor trained me and groomed me into the sales man i am today. Ive went to three all expense paid vacations, Vegas was the best. But thru and thru the people who suck spred negative feedback. We dont lie to people at the door. I tell them simply we are going to show them a product. They dont have to buy it we simply want to show them cause we have a quota to fulfill. When someone whats the kirby we make it affordable. If they can afford 3295 then thats the price they get. If it needs to fit in there budget we will fit it in. We help elavate peoples heath in there home and we work... Show more

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Jun 25 #999346

Man I'm so glad to see this I was sitting here debating on rather or Not I should go to my second day of training and after reading these comments I was feeling discouraged but then I read this one and thought you know what how can I just allow my self to fail I gotta give this a shot!

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Mar 23 #962179 Phoenix, Arizona

Kirby changed my life. First pay check was 2374.00 If you can handle the hours, the WEEKLY couple of grand is there.

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Apr 28 #977648

your're a liar. let me guess you got a huge oversized check like another employee who has yet to recieved the real one. you are one of the crooks. thats all that ever said about kirby ppl i made this check showing new employees fake check stubs. they are liars and scammers. my boyfriend worked 72 hrs a week for 4 weeks and sold 15 kirby vacuums and only recieved 700$ total being the first check was 201, 300, then 201. he also had way over 60 demos which they said he did not have and that all 15 ppl who bought a kirby canceled. they will threaten to fire youi if you sell one and give the buyer your personal number.. after he was realizing what was going on he contacted a person he sold one to who kirby said canceled and that was a lie. they personal showed us there bank statement showing that they paid and then invited over to show they still had the machine. do not work for this company they are crooks.

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Mar 17 #959505 West Sacramento, California

I just went on a interview for this place today and boy am I glad I stumbled upon this post. This (for lack of a better word) witch, was gonna let me quit my stable job to "move up with the company" ?! I'm just shocked at that, she could have really ruined everything for me. You see, I've been unhappy at my job so I've been looking for something else , pretty much anything. .. but NOT THIS! I told her I need a CAREER, something where I don't have to worry about being scared of losing my job and she sat there and smiled and agreed! I told her I just bought a car that I have to pay on and she smiled like this would be the perfect fit for me! Heartless soul-less snakes!

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Mar 08 #955562

Most of what this person is saying about her experience might be true but my brother was hired at a curby vacuum store and is making around 4,000 a month. It is a confusing job when every vacuum you sell you make 50 dollars and it is not strait up 2,000 for a vacuum they let you pay over time. Wile you have the vacuum if it breaks you can get a brand new one free.

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Mar 08 #955565 Lombard, Illinois

This thread is about KIRBY Vacuum and not Curby. You are posting on the wrong thread dude! That or you just can't spell worth darn!!

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Mar 29 #965122 Alto, Michigan

There is no"Curby" vacuum company, so maybe you're the *** for taking a typographical error so seriously, lol

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Jun 07 #992289 Raleigh, North Carolina

Hey Michigan: I think everyone but the numbnuts who wrote "Curby" is aware of that, you j@ckass. It's pretty bad when someone can't spell Kirby correctly. It was probably YOU!

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Jun 14 #995071

Well since you are being a smart *** with everyone, Yes!!! She spelled Kirby "Curby" but that's ok people get confused sometimes, but tell me where once does the Kirby say Vacuum on the box or even on the machine, I'll wait on it...Oh I didn't think so. If you've been in business with Kirby all these years, you should know that it works for some people and some people not, true you can make a lot of money and grow with the company, but will also leave you with bad, and unprofessional business management. If you work as a team yes the company can help build everyone but you have to work as a "TEAM" not cursing each other out and being against one another....Kirby doesn't know how to be a team and make money together and for the company, so as the for the company take notes to be a salesman you have to gain trust with your employees and customers, look at all these other selling companies that's big now such as: Car Dealerships, Footlocker, TV advertisements, etc. all these company's are big because they work as a team and know how to treat their workers with respect. take notes from these companies and see how the company grown from then to now.

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Mar 04 #953997 Winston Salem, North Carolina

Thank you for the review my girlfriend just sat through half of a first day interview and told me about it on her lunch... I immediately became suspicious because this post is constantly on craigslist and just the general information she had. at 1315 ashleybrook lane Winston salem nc. after reading this and the responses i'm leaving to pull her out of orientation and tell the manager to drive his 94 ford Taurus up his ***.

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Jan 09 #928849 Gadsden, Alabama

Been working for Kirby two weeks, this fast paced sales talk they are teaching us is horrible. Today was my last day. The long hours and fear of not making any money is too much. Plus I just feel bad for barging into peoples homes trying to fast talk someone into buying. I feel sorry for the current employees trying to get by..the hiring manager talked about making so much money, happens to be driving the most broke down looking Honda I have ever seen., with colorful zebra stripes hand painted all over it. at first I thought some Mexican Drove it. (Sorry) the kind of money they promised that is possible to make was the same amount of money I was making at my previous job,which is the most Dangerous job in America.the only reason I quit is because of the new addition to the family and wanting to be home more. they prey on people at the interview who are desperate and are very gullible it all happened so very fast I heard an advertisement on the radio and when I called I immediately had an interview within a few hours and started the training the next day. hindsight 2020 I assume all of this happens so fast becausethere will be less of a chance of you finding out all of what is said about them online. they told us that we would be going to nice residential neighborhoods and not broke down trailers with a broke down car out front but that's exactly what we did. hunting down simple minded nice southern folks that were very gullible it is so sad and I feel ashamed that I worked... Show more

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Jan 13 #930613 Memphis, Tennessee

Glad you left those Kirby guys, they wasted my time and yours. I worked double as much time there as you and still made nothing. Even if you do sell, the company makes the money while you make little to nothing. That to me, is a classic example of a scam. No one deserves to work 60-72 hours a week for no pay and no family time.

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Dec 25, 2014 #921051 Memphis, Tennessee

JD & Associates
407 Orchard Park, Building 2
Ridgeland, MS 39157
I used to work for this Kirby distributor, and this "JD & Associates" company is a big SCAM. I was promised a $400 a week salary if I did 15 demos a week. I found out that 15 demos a week is very difficult to attain and has been done only ONCE by a dealer. I also never received a "sign on" bonus that was promised during the 3-day orientation, and I find it funny that they don't drug test new applicants and it took them only a few hours to accept my application for employment (a regular job may take days or weeks).
I sold 4 Kirbys while working for them, and still received no money for any of them. During the orientation I was told that if I sold a Kirby, I received commission immediately, which was a lie. I went to the distributor's office and he said it takes 2 weeks to receive commission. 2 weeks came....still no money.
I felt very guilty using these sale tactics to sell these overpriced machines, and I decided to leave a few days ago because I do not wish to make a living ripping people off. When a Kirby rep comes into your home, here's what happens: They offer a free detergent in exchange for you to allow them to show a demo, lie to you about them opening up a cleaning store in your area, pull 100 pads of dirt with the kirby, do a "vac kill," as they call it, to show why your vaccum is inferior to the kirby, invade your bedroom by testing that machine on your mattress, and shampoo
... Show more

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Dec 25, 2014 #921053

Excellent posting!

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Dec 17, 2014 #917360 Birmingham, Alabama

Ive seen so many people debate over Kirby. I love working for Kirby I'll stick with this company until I retire(wich will hopefully be by the time I'm 35, I'm 23 now) Im a DT and well on my way towards opening a new office here very shortly. For anyone who bashes Kirby its in our nature to defend it. This company puts food in our stomachs rooves over our heads and nice things in our homes and to top it all off we get to go on all expense paid vacations on the company's dime!! Its not for everyone and we know how hard we had to work to get to where we are. Of course we get upset when someone calls our livelihood a 'scam' when its not at all. You make what you work for, if your work ethic is *** poor so will be your paycheck. If you're looking for a Whoppertunity I'm sure there's a BurgerKing down the street.

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