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We bought our kirby less than a year ago, we spent thousands on it and also bought the shampooer with it. I cant even get it to vacuum. The belt keeps falling off and the hook is backwards it wont hold the belt. It is completely useless,and customer service has hung up on me 3 times and refuses to help and one *** just hung up on me after me waiting an hour on hold. I will be demanding my money back going to the news station with their little... Read more

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Never work for this company they will lie to you about your duties as an employee and when I was payed as an employee the check bounced and caused me a ton of financial difficulty Read more

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I used to work for kirby. I went on several runs with them showing the machine, first complaint....the *** thing is to expensive and people dont want to pay 2K for anything from a guy that knocks on their door. You come down on the price several hundred dollars, the product loses its integrity. Your out trying to sell this thing and busting your butt, for weeks at a time and sell get paid nothing, and the company calls you a bad... Read more

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So far I've had the Kirby for a few days and it seems to be working fantastic. I'm a little unsure for the price that we paid for it 2000. Why do they sell their products at different prices 4 different people? Read more

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When two Kirby salespeople from Noble Industries in Grand Rapids MI convinced my son to allow a demonstration they used a carpet cleaning solution that may have voided by warranty without my permission even after my son told them he was not the homeowner. My efforts to resolve the issue with both Kirby (Monica from customer service) and Noble Ind have gone nowhere as neither company will give me the information I have requested to verify if my... Read more

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I had a random guy show up to my house with a bag of Candy. He said he was in my neighborhood giving out bags of candy asking survey questions. His question was if I had ever seen an Avalir. I said no and he turned around sprinted back to his car, pulled out a box and said ok well where is the heaviest trafficked area lets go vacuum it. I stopped him and said you think you can just show up to my house in the middle of a Sunday and do this. ... Read more

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I got a Kirby as a gift and I hate it. Does not work nearly as well as my Eureka Pet Vac. It can't even pick up loose carpet threads. The Vacuum is really heavy and can not be used without the auto drive. If you are elderly or weak, you will have a hard time moving, or lifting this vacuum without the auto drive assistance. Aside from how crappy it works, it is bulky, heavy, very old fashion and not at all worth what they ask for. I feel bad... Read more

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I got a vacuum, the sales manager made me feel like I was a bad parent if I didn't get one. After purchasing it I tried to wash my floors with it. Had nothing but problems. My mother is disabled and can't keep bending over to switch out the attachment and I myself have been having medical problems. I called the Kirby company and was hung up on 3 times. The people at the ditributors office was very rude as well and did not want to help me with... Read more

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I don't understand the foolishness of this person. First they never stayed in Kirby long enough to learn anything about the company or the capability's of the system. While no machine will remove 100 % of the dirt in your carpet Kirby has Proven for over 100 years that no system comes close to the versatility and the capability's of a kirby to clean your home. No company stands by their product like Kirby with its lifetime rebuild warranty. ... Read more

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I work for Kirby in San Antonio Texas and been with them for about 10 months now. Ive made 1300 in a week when i was a canvaser "appointment setter". It really depends on your boss, my boss pays us 450 base pay a week and once YOU decide you can switch to pure commision. plus bonuses. Highest paycheck ive made in a week has been around1500. theres a girl there who made 3200 in a week and she holds the record. some other kirby distributors... Read more

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