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They never told us where they were based at and was in a rush to get the money. The person talking to us ask us very personal questions that were not related to the sales. When process of showing us how the vacuum worked was very messy ( Which also took a lot of time to clean up ) and the vacuum looked like its been used more than twice like a lot more. Also he wasn't dressed professional or any work related logo. What also questioned me was why... Read more

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Kirby had their high pressure call dept set up a "free cleaning" at my home dropping a close relative's name to get their foot in the door even though I advised I have no rugs to clean and only hardwood flooring. They assured me they could do hardwood floor cleaning and that their machine nor their cleaning products had ever caused damage to a hardwood floor. Guess what, I ended up with this bizarre pattern of marks on the hardwood that at first... Read more

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Chris Christensen of Layton, Utah Kirby Company treats his trainees like trash, Plus, he doesnt train us on our presentations. For 3 days i sat in his training class to hear his old war stories. Then on my very first presentation, i did everything as he asked, i had to call him twice at every presentation, he hung up on me, then he had his wife call my customers, she pissed my customers off because she tried to shove the kirby down their... Read more

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We apologize for any confusion surrounding how the Kirby Home Care System Warranty was described to you. Your Kirby system has a 3-year limited warranty. Here’s a link that depicts what it covers: There’s also a “rebuild program". Here’s a link that describes this benefit that comes along with owning a Kirby: Should you have any... Read more

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A young man showed up at my house and said a new Kirby store was opening in my area. Could he just come in for 15 min and demo the new dry carpet shampooer. He was at my house for nearly 2 hrs! He told me the belt was the best in the industry and would ever break... well, my husband and I used to sell & service vacuums. The guy showed me the belt. It was the same product number that we used to replace in Kirbys because they broke! Also I told... Read more

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I am so upset that this company is still in business! First of all lying to me saying it has a "lifetime warranty." Then I found out NO only a three year warranty, but that is a JOKE too because it doesn't cover anything!!!! My Kirby is 2 years old and I hardly use it because it's such a pain in the *** to use and heavy too!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves selling such a piece of junk. I just had to spend 120.00 to replace the power... Read more

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We bought our kirby less than a year ago, we spent thousands on it and also bought the shampooer with it. I cant even get it to vacuum. The belt keeps falling off and the hook is backwards it wont hold the belt. It is completely useless,and customer service has hung up on me 3 times and refuses to help and one *** just hung up on me after me waiting an hour on hold. I will be demanding my money back going to the news station with their little... Read more

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Never work for this company they will lie to you about your duties as an employee and when I was payed as an employee the check bounced and caused me a ton of financial difficulty Read more

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I used to work for kirby. I went on several runs with them showing the machine, first complaint....the *** thing is to expensive and people dont want to pay 2K for anything from a guy that knocks on their door. You come down on the price several hundred dollars, the product loses its integrity. Your out trying to sell this thing and busting your butt, for weeks at a time and sell get paid nothing, and the company calls you a bad... Read more

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So far I've had the Kirby for a few days and it seems to be working fantastic. I'm a little unsure for the price that we paid for it 2000. Why do they sell their products at different prices 4 different people? Read more

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