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Don’t buy this vacuum from a Jessco Distributing door-to-door salesman!

Thursday evening, a member from Jessco Distrbuting, Glen Burnie, MD came knocking on my door wanting to sell me a Kirby vacuum cleaner which was kind of strange because door to door vacuum selling was done in the 60s. I already had 2 vacuum cleaners and & shampooer so another vacuum clean was not a necessity. He told his vacuum was better and wanted to show me a demo which will take about 45 minutes and he would vacuum one room and my stairs for free. This would also help him win a trip to Bahamas since he never left the States. Well with my busy life I could use a good cleaning, so I agreed. As he set-up his spew on the vacuum and vacuuming my home area, I notice all of the unnecessary parts. In the world of making equipment lighten he showed me this heavy metal vacuum cleaner with the extended, non-retractable cord. When he told me the price of over $1800 for this vacuum cleaner, this was not a good selling point. He was vacuuming small selections, stopping and showing me how much the vacuum is pick-up and how dirty my carpet. The little visit became hours. This was when the other salesman showed up with his rehearsed lines. He showed me a monthly financial plan which seems reasonable in time. I told him I must check with the wife and if we don't like it you will get this back. He threw in some extra bags to sweeten the deal of keeping the vacuum cleaner. They finally left my home at 10:30pm, now I'm drained and ready for bed after dealing with them. Friday, I talked with my wife about the vacuum cleaner and this is when she showed me some unknown bills requiring urgent attention. With these bills and a son in college, I knew we could not afford this vacuum cleaner as an additional burden. I will call and cancel in the morning. Saturday afternoon I called to cancel but there were no answer so I thought no one was there so I left a voice message telling them I received some financial information which will put me in a bind and I can't afford the cost of this vacuum cleaner at this time and please schedule a date and time to retrieve this item. I left them my home phone number to call me back. They did not call me back. I called Monday morning; someone answered the phone. I said, "I'm sorry to inform you but we can't afford this vacuum cleaner at this time." She hung the phone up on me. I called again, another lady answered the phone, I tried to explain my situation then she put me on hold. I had to check to make sure she did not hang the phone up on me. Minutes later, then a guy (no name given) answered the phone with an attitude. I tried to explain my financial situation to him and his got loud, "Did you read the contract you signed? Its right there in the contract, read me the contract! I could fax you the contract!" He rambled some more derogatory comments I wish not to put on paper. I let him know I have the contract in front of me. I tried to explain I called Saturday hoping someone would call me back. He stated, "You had 3 workdays to mail the contract back! Saturday is a workday!" Now I'm about to lose all of my Christian morals over this fool but I said a silent prayed and proceeded. So this is how this company works? What can I do now? He stated, "Well the commission for the sale was already given to the salesmen and you sign & brought the vacuum cleaner!" He told me his name is Jesse, I'm guessing as in Jessco Distributing. If this is how the owner runs his business, don't take your business here! So others don't get fooled by this rip-off, don't accept someone selling items from the trunk of their car and don't accept door to door salesmen!! I don't know about the Kirby product because while I was talking to one salesman, the other salesman switched the working vacuum with another one. Don't buy Kirby Vacuum from Jessco Distributing, 889 Airport Park rd, Glen Burnie MD, 21060. After this, they made change their name again so be careful or don't buy from a Kirby Vacuum Salesmen!
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According to manta, this business grosses 72,000 a year. Pray tell, after rent, utilities, taxes, gas, van maintenance, etc is paid for, how does this man have enough money to pay himself, much less the poor souls working for him?!

No wonder he freaked when you wanted to return it.

HE NEEDS THE $$ BAD! I hope you were able to get this all sorted, I am so sick and tired of reading about all the people get taken advantage of by all these ridiculous dealerships!


LMAO!!! Right after I posted what manta revealed this business grosses per year, the company went and "Claimed" their manta page so they have control over what people see about their company information. TYPICAL slick behavior!





I think 60 minutes or a similar show did a piece on Kirby scam men


Hi Anonymous. Thank you for voicing your experience. Kirby vacuums are sold through independent distributorships that perform in-home demonstrations to show off Kirby’s superior quality and performance. While the distributors and dealers are not Kirby employees, we do require them to operate legally and ethically. We encourage you to please call our Customer Relations department at 1-80*-***-**** or email us at consumer@***.com so that we may work with the distributors to address your concerns.

Also please feel free to check out our Mythbusters page if you would like more information on how our dealers are required to operate and our philosophy behind our door-to-door sales.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner
New Reviewer

Kirby Product is Definitely a Sham

I bought a Kirby vacuum back in November of 2011 and yes, I was definitely suckered into it. I learned my lesson though. I guess I should have realized it when the salesman was acting as if his life depended on the sale. But for me the only thing it works well is with the hoses. Otherwise, if I put the part on that is supposed to be used to vacuum the floor it misses the littlest things every time. I can never get it to pick up strings and things like that unless I use the hose or something. For $1600 dollars I want it to be able to pick up someone from across the way. But nope, the sad part is I am locked into this payment with a product I don't even like. So, if anyone is thinking of buying it just don't do it. It's a horrible machine to me. I could have been saving my money every month. Now, like a big dummy who fell for the biggest sales pitch from the salesmen, I'm stuck with a product I don't always use. I have started using another old vacuum again.
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You have to be smarter than the vacuum to operate it...

Just fyi


The Kirby Company’s Technical Support Line is 800-437-****

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Dallas, Texas
New Reviewer

RTS Kirby Vac salespeople take advantage of potential buyers. Be careful. Push sales up your throte.

My wife has been sick and using medication. Someone came to my house to sell a unit and they had her sign some documents to "try out" the system. They had her speak with the people of a finace company to "just fill out information in case she wanted the unit. We ended up having to buy and be stuck with the unit. They do not want it back. No leniency or real customer service to understand a problem that a customer brings to their attention. I would be careful dealing with them so they doen't take advantage to you
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I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, called a 'purchase agreement', give my personal information to a bank and then signed several pages of contracts indicating payments...all for just trying out a car for 54 months..

What a rip off...Then the car dealership sent a tow truck driver over, and stole the vehicle after three months of trying it out...this was after some 'bank' sent nasty letters and phone calls telling me I owed them money...

I want that car back, I wasn't done trying it out...what a rip off...

Now, I have to find another car to try out for 54 months.

I also tried out a hamburger from a restaurant, and they wanted me to pay for it...what a rip off...


First of all your wife verified her personal information with a finance company. I don't understant how people can be so blind.

She did not have to fill out or sign anything, that was honestly her fault.

Kirby does not let anyone try out their machines, that is ridiclous. While verifying her information with the finance company there was also a contract that she would have signed with the amount financed, payment amount and start date, how could anyone miss that information?


Kirby cronies love the victim blaming.


For more than 95 years, The Kirby Company (“Kirby”) has manufactured a superior home cleaning system, which it markets to independent distributorships. These distributorships then sell to consumer end-users via in-home demonstrations.

The relationship between Kirby and its distributorships is that of vendor/vendee. Kirby requires its distributorships to operate legally and ethically.

Kirby’s Customer Relations Department encourages anyone with questions or concerns about an independent distributorship to contact the Department at 1-80*-***-****, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m.

to 5:00 p.m., EST. The Department can also be reached by email at consumer@***.com.


Superior my ***! I sold my piece of junk Kirby. Best decision I ever made.

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Simpsonville, South Carolina
New Reviewer

Kirby Not Worth The Money

I bought the Kirby cleaning system after a friendly home demo that seemed positive. I tried the appliance myself and it was amazing. I traded in my old vacuum for the Kirby to get a discount, but now I wish I had my old vaccum back!. The Kirby turns off without warning and doesn't pick-upo the dirt like ot did during the demo. I can't understand the directions in the owner's manual so I called the salesman for help. I leave a message for him but he never calls back. The worst problem is that it's VERY heavy! I didn't try picking it up while the sales man was here, and now I'm stuck with a machine I can't use. I need to be able to get it up and down stairs as well as work properly and it doesn't. Unles you are very strong, don't bother to buy this worthless machine!
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Duh, I bought a car from a guy on da street corner...I didn't even see the car until after I bought it...

Its a piece of junk...never by a Kia, ever!!!

It not my fault I someone else's...

They need a law passed to protect me from myself...


You are a dumb-dumb. By the way; Kia is awesome.


Put the boot on the bag all the way and check to make sure you didn't snap the belt, which happens from leaving it between green and red


I agree with this person. The Kirby is too heavy for me.

I'm miserable with this machine. I have a Shark light weight vacuum that only weighs 9 pounds. It picks up everything. This Kirby misses the same items that the Shark picks up.

Also, my Shark is full after vacuuming. The Kirby barely has anything in the bag. Either this machine is a lemon or I got drooped into buying a machine that doesn't pick up like the machine the salesperson used. I don't usually vacuum so the weight didn't make a difference to me.

But I had to vacuum one day and was upset at the weight and lack of suction. I went over an item several times and it wouldn't pick it up. So, I got out my Shark and it picked it up. It was just hair and strings.

If you have a disability or bad back don't buy this vacuum. You will be disappointed.

And, as for the salesperson, nobody wants to disassemble a vacuum to use it. What person has time for that.


Hello Kerry,

Thank you very much for your helpful message. I finally received a call back from my Kirby salesman and he took my machine for service.

It turned out that there was an electrical problem that was corrected. So it doesn't turn off any more. I'm sorry to disagree that "only 23 pounds" is too heavy for me. I can't lift it even without the bag and lifting it by the handle at the base.

I have to constantly have someone carry it for me.

I suggest all Kirby salesmen have the customer try lifting it before agreeing to a sale. I'm sure they won't because they'll probably lose sales.


rainbows are much better than kirbys using water is much more effective


Hey there :),

The name is Kerry,

I myself am a Kirby salesman, and have been doing my job for just under a year, and already recieving awards and promotions.

I just thought I'd quickly point out a couple of things for you. If the machine is turning off constantly, double check the bag is on correctly, and the deep head (the big silver one) is attached correctly too, your salesman should have showed you how to do this. I would say the Kirby is heavy, sure, however it's only 23 pounds... That's not that heavy.. Don't you think? There is a way to pick it up to make it even lighter than this, however. Instead of picking the machine up from the tip of the handle (where you hold it when you vacuum) bend your knees and pick up the Kirby from the hand hole near the base of the handle. Lift with your knees ;)

If its not picking up dirt like it did in the demo, 1 of a few things may have happened.

1: the bag is too full, replace the bag

2: The deep head, (the big chrome one) isnt attached properly, with the belt engaging on the driveshaft. Engage the belt and the brush should spin.

3: Your belt is stretched. This can be avoided by not storing the belt in the "RED TO RED" position. Replace the belt.

4: You haven't got the Kirby set to the right height. On the side there should be lowering and heightening buttons. "jack" the Kirby up as far as it will go, then push the other button down untill you hear the NOISE CHANGE. Then click the same button down ONCE MORE and it should start picking up dirt again.

I hope I have been of some help, If you have any problems further, I would advise you to call your local distributor to find out more about the problem :)


Funny how you felt the need to mention your imaginary awards and promotions. The vacuum is heavy and cumbersome.

Kirby needs to change their design in order to compete in today’s market. Also door to door sales have become obsolete.

I have actually called the police very recently when they chose to disregard my no soliciting sign. They left in a hurry.


You're right. I no longer have the Kirby it was destroyed in a house fire.


Thank you for your comment. While I appreciate your advice, it doesn't help me.

The bag is half full and I can't pick-up the machine at all. I changed the bag after 1 week and still can't lift it. I have the pedal on "D" and it moves on the carpet, but I can't carry it upstairs. Even if I take it apart, it's still too heavy for me.

Like I said, I'm sorry I bought it and now I'm stuck with a vacuum I hate and payments I can't afford. I'm expressing my anger so that other people are sure to try lifting this thing before they buy it.

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Willingboro, New Jersey
New Reviewer

Kirby - Not such a bad thing..

I don't normally comment on these. I was reading this though and just had to put in my two cents. I was down and out for money awhile back and these guys were advertising for jobs so I said what the heck it'll bring in a paycheck. This is my experience, no more, no less: I arrive the first day and was informed that you do not get paid for any training. They do push to sell a lot because you get win free trips for yourself as well as put your "customers" in for their own raffle for a trip. I'm not sure if this really works or not I never found out. I did notice that there wasn't really any screening for who could work there or not so there was a mish-mosh of people (so be really careful if you have them come into your home!) I did notice that it was such a pain to get through weeks of training with no pay and the pressure of going to people's homes and trying to shove product down their throats and stress of meeting quotas significantly diminish who stayed and who gave up. (I was one who gave up, haha) So after you go through the classes they take you out on the street. Literally. You have to walk around (not good in heels!) the street and knock door to door and ask people if they would like to see your vacuum. Most people aren't very pleasant.. say 98% of the time. Also, you have to watch out for the dogs! Plus, you have to distribute flyers, since that is the only other means of advertise besides knocking. I personally do not like to invade on other people's personal space so this was a bothersome part of the job for me. What really pushed me to not continue employment is when I had setup a showing. Now, MOST people will only clean ONE small spot on the floor. HOWEVER, a GOOD sales person will clean your entire floor (generally only one room, by rule of thumb, to keep things quick). I was very uncomfortable going into this person house but they were very hospitable. Unfortunately for me though it was a Bi-lingual household and I am not fluent in Spanish, so I had a little difficulty. The daughter did speak fairly good English so it helped a little bit. I do my sales pitch and they don't want the vacuum. Which is perfectly fine with me, they are rather pricey. Part of the sales pitch is to vacuum a corner of the bed to aid in selling, it amazes me still how well these vacuums clean beds!!! Afterward, she let me know she couldn't currently but she did like it, I said that was fine and asked if she wanted me to vacuum the whole room. She was pretty happy about that. So while she watched t.v. in the other room her daughter sat with me and chatted a little while, while I cleaned her carpet. I even moved the furniture and got under the furniture. The moral to my story is, it's not Kirby that's the problem. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, people will have to come into your home (that's the way they do it, old fashioned door to door, which is kinda neat to keep it old school). Yes, SOME people will not do what they are supposed to (clean your one room). BUT, Kirby is a really good vacuum! It still amazes me how well these things clean and how durable they are. I was given my mother's old one (which still runs perfectly, only replaced a belt once in the late 90's) she bought from a door to door sales person in the early 90's. Kirby offered for me to send it in with $100 (not bad!) and they would send me the most recent brand new version! (yay!!) I still have mine to this day and I still love how well it cleans. No I'm not with them, I didn't continue past training because it was stressful for me to be in other people's homes, due to anxiety. Please if you have concerns or want to comment to me offline shoot me an e-mail redtearsb4you@***.com
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I work there now. i like it.

it really is a great vac.

they don't tell u the job duties bc cold sellinh a vac will probably scare u away. my bf is a top dealer in the office


They don't tell you pretty much until you have to do it...


did they actually tell you the job duties? they didn't tell me.

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Dallas, Texas
New Reviewer

*** Company to work for!!

For my own reasons, I don't wish to provide my name, but having just left a 2 month stint working for the Kirby Co. out of the WNY area, I am thanking God eveyday now that I have my life back!! They will take a van full of people out to look to for people who would actually let these strangers into their homes, not knowing that they are going to be sucked into buying an approx. $1900.00 Vacuuming system. With the employees, the Managers refuse to tell their dealers where they will be taking them, even if it is like 2hrs away, God fobid if you try to ask where they intend to take you. Then you better be aware thatit is all COMISSION BASED WORK, so, if you don't ge any sold or get any appointments, then you DON'T GE PAID for the 60+ hours that you have invested during the week. Plus, they don't do background checks on people they hire, because I had almost $200 stolen from me, and no one in Management acknowledged that it even happened,or did anything to correct it. So, moral of this sad story is, stay as far away as you can from getting a job with the Kirby Co. Management only cares about themselves and makingthe most profit they can. Expect to work 60+ hrs a week, 6 days a week. IN ANY WEATHER CONDITION. So what if it's snowing and/or raining, they don't give a *** Hope this saves some poor young person from going into this slave labor.
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We as former employees of Kirby should file a Class.Action Suit against the Company. The owner is a Millionaire in CT and their unethical practices to both employees and customers should be exposed


Thankyou i am 20 years old and i am hurting for money and i went to one of these companys today advertising on craigslist need costumer service reps and wow all i can say the interview was 7 minutes then he said he was just abou to starting a Orientation so i sat there for 2 hours watching my interviewer talk about kirby vacuums and you had to sell a certain amount each week to get 500 a week what a scam thanks to you im not going back for a product orentation from 10am-4pm none paid day then would be given equipment next day to go haul around and try to sell what a scam!


I was told my kirby had a lifetime warranty. :(


Escapee! I also gave the Columbia, MO office a try, and it was sleazy all right!

That whole thing is a total load of ***! It's mainly just brainwashed kids who still live at home and don't have to worry about bills or anything working there! I also noticed most of the managers there have felony records! To be exact, I saw them driving around a few weeks ago in a dirty little beat up mini-van with a man and woman up front and two kids in the back.

The woman was wearing dirty old worn out street clothes and the man was wearing a once was expensive suit now showing its age big time!

It appears as if they're really making some big bucks driving around selling those Kirby vacuums! NOT!


Also, one manager outright stated that some of the best kirby dealers were ones with a shady background. If drug dealer and kirky dealer have overlapping skill sets that should say something,


The recruitment is beyond sleazy. They hint (and often outright state) falsehoods about the job.

One person there made deeply racist statements. If you are a horrible person that does not mind suckering or badgering people into a purchase (2k and up) then this is for you.


I currently work as a kirby dealer and ive never been happier


I currently work as a kirby dealer and ive never been happier

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Cohasset, Massachusetts
New Reviewer
on April 30 2012 @100 hours three Kirby dealers came to are home. we told them that we where not interested! they pushed there way into are home. are free air fresher for the show they took it back .i sit it on the table to watch there show as they left they took it (...
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You can't let these people force their way into your home. You either throw them out or you call the police.

But you don't let them get away with intimidating you and taking over in your own home. That is just crazy.

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Austin, Texas
New Reviewer
My wife purchased a Kirby vacuum about 15 years ago with her ex-husband. After the divorce she had the Kirby. My wife and I have been married for many years now. We contacted Kirby about the refurbish program. We were told that since her Ex's name is on the...
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It's idiot's like you that can't follow directions that is the problem not Kirby

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Salt Lake City, Utah
New Reviewer

Kirby Sales Verbally Assaults Busy Customers

Funnier than *** I get a knock on my door, answer it. She asked are you the lady of the house, I said yes, she then handed me a gift. Said this is for you.... I said oh thank you, she then went on to say that she was with Kirby and they are going around door to door cleaning carpets for free. I then told her oh we can't right now we are going out to eat..... She then went to nice to some mean @zz b***** she literally grabbed with 2 hands the gift and yelled not quietly but literally yelled THEN YOU CAN"T HAVE THIS..... I was in a bit of shock. I then said ok.... really quiet.... you *** have 20 seconds to get off my property. 1. 2. 20 I then picked up the plastic lawn chair and threw it at her...... HAHA If KIRBY EVER EVER COMES TO MY HOUSE AGAIN I WILL MAKE SURE THEY WILL NOT RETURN TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD
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The gifts are all bought for $1 at the Dollar Tree. These Kirby dealerships do NOT buy them, the poor door knocker working on 100% commission buys them out of pocket.

I don't know about anyone else, but there is no way a stranger at my door is gaining entrance into my home, just because they have offered me a free roll of paper towels! It is mind-blowing the number of people that will take that offer.


What was the gift? a bottle of carpet shampoo?

I have heard the cost of the gift may come out of the comission ( about $12 for the shampoo).

As she was not really getting paid i understand her reaction. It's over the line though.


When I worked there if we wanted to give away gifts to weasel into people houses, we had to buy them on our own out of pocket. I did not try to take the bottle of whatever cleaner back when the person didn't want me to demonstrate the kirby, and they usually followed me back and offered me the cleaner back.

When I left the job at the end of the summer (I only took this as a summer job...and told them when I applied...and they were so bewildered when I announced at the end of the summer that I was leaving) I had five or six bottles of I think Spray n Wash left over. I don't think I actually gave *any* of them away.


The 'gifts' are purchased from the Dollar Tree or the Everythings a Dollar stores.


I saw a few Kirby people driving around the other week in a small dirty beat up mini-van with a man and woman up front and two employees in the back. The woman was wearing dingy old worn out street clothes while the man was wearing a once was expensive suit that is now showing its age big time.

It sure appears as if they are really making some big bucks selling those Kirby vacuums. NOT!


Lol judgemenal much? There's a lot of money in direct sales of any sort not just kirby.

Sales is the leading industry for creating more milionairs than any other field even more than famous actors, musicians, sports players or any other field under the sun. The guy in the suit is smart and has figured "sales" out probaby a millionaire or close but look what the sales industry can do take broke dingy cloths having people and Make them financially independent. U all may see sales people as enemy's and some are sleezy but sone deliver goods and services to ones who need them most and solve problems. Do they make a little money along the way yes but profit isn't a dirty word.

So u keep looking down on "dingy " looking salesman cause one of these days very possiblely u could be looking up at a magazine shelf and see them on the cover of Forbes. Kirby had a bad name along time ago before Scott and Fetzer was purchased by Warren Buffett and if the warranty is backed by a man like that I'm not worried he's the 3rd richest on the planet. If the IRS is running so is your kirby. So think about this the next time kirby comes knocking they put in 60 to 70 hours some more a week knocking doors trying to meet a demo quota so they can get paid like all of you.

But the difference is is they are selling the best cleaning system on the market as far as health time management and longevity investment. But always remember do unto others what if it was your grand kid or kid trying to work his way through school or college or not even that someone who has nothing and or no one to help them out and their parents didn't hand em a silver spoon and some property and a company or anything for that matter but the upbringing that working hard and doing what ever it takes to get to financial independence for you and your family. Cause i tell u kirby changed my life parents died when I was 20 had nothing to inherit accept my vehicle I had and some old furniture. Went down the wrong path in life for a long time then got saved had a famile then found kirby.

It took me 7 months to open my own store so it's proof the company policy works if u work at it and wany something then your average sheepel 9-5. I took a risk when no one believed in me or supported me but look at me now 24 years old and a ceo and guess what I was that person in the dingy cloths cause that's how almost every self made milionairs starts.starts . am I a millionaire yet? Nope but sone day I will be but I'm living good now thanks to kirby so if your reading this and u want something more out of life get with your local kirby distributor and begin your Avenue to success.

It worked for me.and I'm a hick fr a holler In ky. Don't run with the gazelle chase the gazelle like a lion and take risks and chances.

Kirby ain't a scam I went fron broke to almoalmost botton of 2% of americans using kirby. If I can why can't u?


What a crock! Dry that out and you can use it to fertilize the lawn.


Such a liar! Kirby does not make millionaires. That’s a lie they tell you to get you to stay and be free slave labor.


LOL!!! F that I had a interview with them recently.

They hired on the spot.

Sounded a little fishy, saw their beat to *** van parked in the back, so I did my research when i got home. Thank god i did but *** they got my info i hope they don't do anything ***.


LOL!!! F that I had a interview with them recently.

They hired on the spot.

Sounded a little fishy, saw their beat to *** van parked in the back, so I did my research when i got home. Thank god i did but *** they got my info i hope they don't do anything ***.

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Orlando, Florida
New Reviewer

Kirby vacuums

have tried for 2 months to get someone out here to my house to fix or retrieve a vacuum that i purchased in november. i have been calling them and leaving my phone number since febuary and waiting for some one to 'call me back' but no one did untill i stopped payment on march 26 . then i cot called back. now i am being called a liar by the owner who wants me to put my life on hold to fit hios schedule so he can come out to sevice it since one of his reps offered to pick it up and cancell my contract. even the loan rep told me different stories. i dont advise any one to buy a kirby vacuum. they work great for a while and then when broke they work better than the people selling them.
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Poteau, Oklahoma
New Reviewer

We let the kirby man in and he stole my iphone. We filed a report with police.

We let the Kirby man in our house. After telling him many times that we didn't want a Kirby, he went to the bathroom, came back than i noticed that my i-phone vanished from the place that i had just set it down. I then called my phone and someone had turned it off. I asked the Kirby man to return the phone that he is obviously taken and he denied taking it. We than called the police and file a report, because we knew he had taken it. Prior to the police being called, we told the Kirby man that we are going to call the police and he refused to wait, because he said that he was on probation. Be careful anytime a Kirby man ask to come in your house because you never know who you are letting in the door!!!!!!
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I was accused if selling a wallet in a demo I did.... The lady said I was a broke kid and was acting suspicious looking and after she didn't buy I left in a hurry!

Here's the reality..... I hold a office position in Kirby and we didn't wanna stiff an appointment so I ran it! Turns out her wallet was in a grocery bag from when she last shopped (which was 15mins before I got there). And she felt so bad!

Turns out I own a BIG house in boulder, co (google it) and I am putting my sister through college at CU..... Far from broke, suspicious in a tie and I left in a hurry because I didn't want to stay long in that dirty house so I politely left/quickly. Shallow minded people think its a Kirby thing to be a thief and think we're broke?

I spent more money on my air car failed investments then most people make so get your facts right! Ps I would gladly email photos of my success....


You’re funny!


Even more...same guys

1. Written by Gilco rep stole phone last mon on March 31, 2012 from santa rosa, california, US

Cops called. nothing was done.

This guy gets rich as he lies to desperate down and out job seekers.

He buys from Kirby for like $600 per unit and sells for $2000 +

Pays nothing in advertizing or sells,because he uses the poor fools he suckered into thinking they would make $2000 per month, who end up quitting without any pay, after being told that they're first week is free

Then he has the poor bastards sign an independent seller agreement, now all promises are off, your on your own.

Too big of a scam to have going on this long without BBB ,Kirby or local Government not getting involved


2. Written by we seem plauged by them on March 31, 2012 from santa rosa, california, US

these guys have been at the same scam for years.

too bad Kirby and/or local government won't do something to stop this guys operation.

I read on another forum that ex-employee's have been arrested for burglary on Kirby clients


I had a shady looking guy show up at my door, wanted to give me his pitch. I told him I was not interested, but he continued to try to make his pitch. After I told him yet again that I was not interested he yelled " Typical California ***" and he was going to continue trying to berate me at my own doorstep.

When I opened my screen and started coming out of my house telling him " look get off my property" he said "*** you, I have a witness that will deny everything, referring to the person in the van. I called the cops and was told that unless he assaulted me they're was nothing to be done.

I called 4 phone numbers to complain. All the machines attached to those numbers were full and unable to take a messages. I plan to call the cops anytime I ever see a Kirby operation going on anywhere. I have been told by the SR police that they WILL come out and check work permits and make sure that they are not violating any laws.

To cap it all off....I have owned a Kirby generation 3 for almost 20 years and love it.

Great machine, horrible business model even worse distributors.


I would have told the police he threatened to punch me, if that is what it would take to get him off my property. I would also have started recording him.

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Kirby vacuum bullying?

Kirby vacuum bullying? I can accept the sales pressure and that it is the consumer's choice to purchase, but the customer service from both distributer & headquarters, once the monster is owned is humiliating. This is a vacuum, not a car, so why do I feel like I am up against consumer protection under "Lemon Laws" ...?! First, I purchased an open box vacuum, but was told it was "brand new", but the sales rep forgot the new boxed vacuum ALONG with all is demo paperwork and supplies. Then, I attempted canceling within the 3 days, but was talked down in price, and accepted the offer upon new contact price and conditions of the return of my Miele which I "turned over to Kirby" under original contract terms. I received a new Kirby, but the return of my Miele came without the floor piece. The sales rep said the floor piece would be sent to me, even if he had to find the replacement elsewhere. Then, I was sent the wrong missing piece, contacted the distributor again and was told once it was found, they would send the correct piece. I sent an email with the correct manufacturer piece & number, including websites that sold them. The distributor, and now headquarters is aware of the missing piece, yet it has been 3 months and nothing. Most recently I called about an attachment breaking, and I am being told that I have to have it examined to determine if the break was my own fault or a defect as to whether I will get a replacement. The sales rep told me on the day of purchase that all parts were under the warranty regardless of inproper use or product defect; I made a note of this because I found the arrangement of switching out the various parts vacuum to be a complex process. A nightmare!!
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To clarify,

The distributor is an independant contractor as is the dealer. However, Kirby will cut off supplies to sleazy distributors. Call corporate and say you expect something done and see if they can pressure them.


There is no such thing as NIB for Kirby. The boxes are often reused.

Check the serial number on the box against the vacuum serial number.

They may not match.

Also, by not returning your vacuum in working order they may be in breach of contract. Go to corporate and insisit you get the original piece back or you will get a lawyer to look it over.

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Scam entry then High pressure Kirby sales

They send a Midget to ring door bell, to offer a can of glade spray, get you to open the door then tell you, no obligation, nothing to buy the midget just comes in and the midget says just a min,( this completely disarms the senses).. "I will get my stuf" he says. The midget then goes to get it and another person comes in the door with a Kirby and starts talking fast making excuses and saying he will only be about five min. If you say your not interested, they just keep talking and assembling the vac and then start cleaning. no matter how many times you refuse or say your not interested they just keep on talking and making excuses and cleaning... They do not accept any form of No. After an Hour of refusing to buy the Kirby, they call the manager to come and convince you to make a deal. I did not invite them to show me the Kirby, they just barged in and started using a HIGH PRESSURE Sales technigues.
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That constitutes 1st degree felony burglary in my book...if they refuse to leave, I would instantaneously assess that situation to be an immediate threat to my personal well being...

If I'm threatened in my home by felons posing to immediately eliminate my life, than it is my duty to protect myself by any means necessary.


Your an adult! Ask them to leave! Better yet,

just don't answer your door if you're that weak!


So why didn't you call the police? If you allowed them to enter, then you invited them as guests.

It's not their fault you didn't make them leave.

I bet you bought a vacuum too just because your "senses were disarmed" poor baby. :cry :cry :cry :cry

But seriously, you can't claim that someone just barged into your home if you never called the police to remove them.

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Free Carpet Cleaning

Delighted with the call to say I would get a free carpet cleanin of one room. Appointment was sent and two men arrived said they needed to look at the room and then one said he had to take the other man back to the office and that the office would call to reschedule the appt. Office never called. They left a Daily Promotion Special flyer saying schedule today but there was no phone number. I presume they figure if you are not going to purchase anything why do the free cleaning. Terrible promotion - this needs to be stopped. Angry because I moved everything from the floor myself. vcnh
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Wow, your such a pig that the Kirby predators wouldn't even stay...

Clean your house, slob!!!



This is not common.. and you are taking away chances for people across the country who will read this add..

Kirby is an amazing company, you should go online and schedule an appointment to have your mattress cleaned, that's a real stomach turner, if you thought showering was enough..

you were WRONG! =p


They probably left because after looking at what a pig stye you live in they couldn't bear the stench. Yes they should have done the room, but you probably overwhelmed them with the appearance of your home.

:cry :x :? :upset :grin

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You guys are idiots

You complain about the postings on CL because ohhh i cant handle that they lied to me. Well boo *** hoo apply to another ad. I have been selling for four years and I love it i make a *** of alot of money and so can anyone if you have an ounce of personality or determination in you, but all your doing is complaining because your just one big FAIL at life. Don't like the job then do what you do best QUIT and stop wasting peoples time. Go to college and be worthless maybe you can get paid 20,000 are year. LOL
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People who aspire to do more in life than ride around in rape vans and beg door to door are losers? That sounds just like a Kirby sales slob.

You people have extreme feelings of inadequacy and are jealous you can't do any better in life. Poor babies.


The line "go to college and be worthless" about sums up the intelligence of the average Kirby employee. Enjoy riding around in dirty vans knocking on doors to sell vacuums for the rest of your life...yeah, you guys are WINNERS!!! LMFAO


Is that you? incohena 2?

how many names do you have on here? You surely cannot be paid all day if you troll this site the way you do!

Selling Kirby's is what we call MLM. Pyramid schemes.

You sell Kirby's incoherenta2? :roll

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