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Kirby is not a scam!!! Just because you can't sell and suck at selling doesn't mean you'll make big money! If it were so easy everyone would do it and make it! I made big money and left Kirby because the factory distributor wouldn't promote me to...
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I agree I was making pretty decent money selling Kirby vacuum cleaners I actually own one they're fantastic some people complain that they're heavy but the way I see it great that keeps me in shape hahaha anyway I digress the only reason I am not working there anymore is my girlfriend did not like the long hours so I had to take a pay cut with a regular job to keep what was more valuable to me my lady you can make excellent money selling these things if you have the ability to sell in you. Selling is much like singing I suppose not everybody can do it well and some people no matter how well you train them they will never be able to sing

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Miami, Florida
New Reviewer
I too fell for the craigslist Kirby scam. They make it seem like you'll make big bucks when you never do. They all curse like sailors during your training, they smoke and drive *** white vans and then when you're brand new, first day of working, they give you a...
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I am going to court on this Kirby scam. If any of you would like to join me please let me know ill give you my court info.

I am going to make sure this paradigm Enterprise company is held countable for the lies. This court date is with the Labor Commission.

Because I reported this company on all the BS! Please email me at elisabeth7585@***.com if you would be interested in coming to court in regards to this company and bringing light to the scam in the hopes the CEO is held accountable for his BS!

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Stockton, California
New Reviewer
For now I will keep my identity disclosed. I (unknowingly) took a job for those low lifes and got *%#@ and w/o any vasoline!!!! I'm Italian and most of you know the tempa of an Italian woman!!!! For those of you who emailed me....My previous email is gone. Here is...
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i want to file a class action law suit so what do we need to do I never missed a day work 18 straight days and never recived my pay dallas7467@***.com

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Greenville, South Carolina
The experience I am about to share occurred several years ago. I was only reminded of it when Kirby (Extreme Technologies of Knoxville, TN) came to my door recently to offer a free "carpet cleaning". The salesman didn't come out and say he sold Kirby vacuums, I...
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I have work for Kirby vac a long time. It is alot of unprofessional salesman in kirby but the machine does sell it self if you let them in your house to show you something and you like it you wanted it but the problem is that you couldn't get it for as people going in a house stealing you need to be everywhere they are you dont just let anybody walk through your house and for as you getting hired we do background check on everyone so dont be *** because you couldn't get a kirby or you couldn't sell a kirby it wasnt for you and you moved on but for a person like myself im going to stay positive and honest and make my 2000 a week

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Nashville, Tennessee
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner
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They broke the law were i had the cops looking for them

i get a call saying i won a free cleaning of my carpert .could they come in to clean it i said yes she said how about at 3pm i said sure .at 2pm i get this knocking at my door its two guys dressed nice they said we are here to do your carpert we were runing early i said ok they said we have to go to the car to get are stuff i said ok then they got in there car and left i didnt know what was going on so i called the cops and told them what happen so thay said they try two find them .a hour went by i get a call from the cops they said they found them and that thay told him that the reasen they left was they didnt think thay make a sale. how rude is that what gives them the right to judge me and lie what thay dont know is thay lost a sale and i will make sure to tell all my friends and family not to buy from them .i hope god judges you for what you did. that was not right
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Haha they probably saw old cars and a house that was falling apart and figured you had bad credit. I would still have done the demo had it been me, Kirby has been in business for 98 years now. they are not going anywhere anytime soon!


I be honest u will get peopke like that but not all people are like that I been hete 6 monthhs and I love it trust me its a great company :grin


I just read your msg!! OMG!!

I cant believe they would go that far w their bs!!! Although, the more I find out about them and see more and more of what they are...I'm appualed at them for the lies, scams, fraud etc. And yea their day will come hun.... thats a promise!

They screw over their employees and consumers and it makes me sick!! You should read my msg its almost right above yours. Feel free to contact me!!

You'll be happy to know what Im doing about it! :)

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Des Moines, Iowa

Kirby Vacuums

First let me say that the people that come to your house are very misleading. They told me they would show me how the machine worked and clean one carpet. I told them I didn't have a lot of time and they assured me it wouldn't take long. Three hours later I gave up and purchased the machine. That was my biggest mistake. The machine is extremely HEAVY and I'm in my mid-60s. To do anything but vacuum, you must remove the head and install another head. I haven't used the hose for corners in the year that I've had the machine simply because it is too complicated and requires that you be agile. They assured me that a bag (even though I told them about my long haired dogs) would last at least two weeks. In point of fact, the bag lasts two trips around the entire house. It is extremely difficult to change the bag and is very messy. If I could, I would take back my animal Dyson and make Kirby a word never spoken in this house. I've invested too much money to dump it, but ...
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You gave up and purchased it? Why didn't you give up and throw him the he11 out?

If that doesn't work, call the police. Real simple.

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Atlanta, Georgia
New Reviewer


Well here is to the complainers about the Kirby vacuum........Yes I am sure it is hard work....but if you don't work hard , how do you achieve things in life.....go buy a lotto ticket and keep hoping.....Is the vaccuum overpriced and the cosumer is being ripped off???? probably at first, but as the "ripped off consumer" I can say.....I have spent many years cleaning my house. I can also say that I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on those retail stores great vacuums($250-$300 each)When they break down in less than a year because you vacuum sometimes twice a day and it costs you another $100-$150, you start adding up all that you've spent. WOW.!!!!! the revelation !!!! I had the same Electrolux ($1000)for 5 years, Well worth the $ because I would have spent twice that amount on those RETAILER vacuums.. Now I have the Kirby Rep come to my house and go through his long drawn out rehearsed sales pitch!(YAWN)and yes I tell him to get to the point......When I vacuum my carpet with my handy dandy Electrolux and he has me follow with the Kirby and I see the filth still left in the carpet and on the floor. I can't help but be visibly satisfied with this "Dumb Suckers purchase of a slightly more expensive vacuum. BEST MONEY I'VE SPENT YET ON A VACUUM.!!!! SO HAPPY WITH MY CHOICE.....For those reps still working for Kirby...Good for you.Keep it up! For those who gave up. Good luck on that LOTTO ticket you Lazy A--.!!!!!
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What worries me other than your stupidity is the fact you claim you went through one vacuum a year. I’ve had the same vacuum eight years that was less than $100. What did you do to those poor vacuums?


You do realize that it’s all a set up to get you to buy their vacuum? And your dumb *** fell for it. Idiot.


Today I was approached by a women named Eva. She explained that her boss just opened a new "cleaning service company" in the area and as part of getting the word out they were doing a free buffing of hard wood floors.

I said if it was free sure why not. She took my name and explained that she had someone working with her and they would be doing the job. When he walked in she took off and left the poor guy there by himself. He brought the boxes in and I saw the name on the box as Kirby.

Immediately I was upset. I told the guy right from the get go that I was not interested in a demo I just wanted what was promised to me. He said that he couldn't do the floors without a demo. I was never told that it was a demo that had to be done.

I was working from home at the time which I told the women Eva and that made me more upset that she never disclosed that it had to be a demo, so it was a waste of my time and the person in which she just dropped and ran on. This was false advertising on their part, I told the guy they left that I wanted them to come back and pick him up and I wanted the women to come back so I could talk to her. Well she didn't come back, instead they sent this very *** guy (Mike) still trying to get me to get the demo, I explained that I did not want it and to just get what was theirs and leave. Mike then became started to be very verbally abusive and condescending towards me in front of my 9 year old daughter.

Tried to make me feel bad by saying that this man was not going to get paid because of this. Not my problem! This poor new guy was dropped off not giving him a chance if they had just explained it correctly from the start. I had to tell Mike not say another word to me and just get their things and go.

I had to say this twice, strangers in my house acting this way when I was mislead to start with. Mike tried to shake my hand as they left, I slammed the door on them.

Very poor selling tactics, wasted my time while I was working just to make a buck. I still can't believe these people think they can act this way when they come into someone's home, such invasion.


If you buy it on eBay most likely its stolen or fake or used Lu can't buy it online and it does have a serial number and if you are found with a stolen one you will be arrested and charged. Only buy from representatives


Right... the police are coming to my door with search warrants to see the serial numbers on my potentially stolen vacuums.

And didja hear? Just last month these baddies broke into this old ladies house and stole her 200 pound vacuum.


If you had been lied to/cheated, stolen from, manipulated and how about the sexual assaults people have filed, you wouldn't be using the ***/overpriced/heavy vac - you would have found another better one. There are better vacs than this - ***.




heyy, well my question is why does everyone say they got scam and they never paid them!? have you work there to know.

Even if you work so hard your not getting paid what your suppose to don't you think thats wrong? they are getting brain washed,and i'm not sure but what you did get ripedd of, that machine is to expensive and its crazy, they exagerrate i heard its like 4oo dollars, and you can buy it on ebbay ?

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Worcester, Massachusetts
New Reviewer

Total lie about what they were there to do

I can't beleive the company like Kirby who has been around for so long hires total scammers. We were told it was a new carpet cleaning company in the area and would come to clean the carpets and 2 pieces of furniture just to so we can use them for word of mouth. They sent a guy, i asked him to leave but he was dropped off at 6:30! No cell, no money they finally came back to pick him up at 10:40 PM!!!! what a bunch of ***!!!! I finally had to ask him to wait outside as we were going to go to bed. Gave the guy a hot coffee and blanket and you could tell he felt bad about the situation. I even offered to drive him to a local coffee shop so he could wait there, but was told he would be in trouble if he did that. out of pricipal i would Never, Ever buy one of their vacumms!!
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Vancouver, British Columbia

Kirby Lied To My Daughter About Customer Service

My daughter went for a position for customer service with Kirby and was all excited that she got the position. What she didn't know is that it wasn't for customer service, it's really for sales. Her base pay is 1200 a month. Her hour are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mon - Sat. That's 60 hours a week 240 hours a month. If you divide 240 into 1200.00 dollars that's not even minium wage. And if that 1200 is before taxes, your only making about 2.75 to 3.00 an hour. Why hasn't the BBB shut these people down. She said their vacuum go for 2600.00 dollars and I saw their vacuum for 975.00 dollars. This company should be put out of business. Maybe I'll just hook them up and do that. Someone needs to take these idiots to court and win a big settlement for false advertisement.
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I guess you have long since figured out base pay is a lie.


Kirby salespeople are 1099 independent contractors which means by law they are to set their own work schedule. By setting your daughter's schedule, they treated her like a W2 employee which entitles her to hourly pay of at least minimum wage and OT pay for hours over 40.


i recently got a job there and they said that ill be making 1800 an week if i hit 50 houses. and bonus.

i looked at it like what that cant be true if pople knew about this they would apply.

i i did the math like you did they wanted me to work for 12 thro 8 even more and maybe no lunch. how long did your daughter work for


first of have my sympathy! Secondly, have you seen ANY MONEY THEY HAVE PROMISED YOU YET????

I wouldn't waste anymore time or money!!! You will spend YOUR money on gas etc. your going in the hole.....not going to the top!

too many people fell for that *** and got screwed over b/c of it! goodluck to you!


I couldnt remember if you were the one to email me or if it were someone else. Anyway, I have a new email address feel free to email me.

Those people "hunt" for pray. They know who they are trying to suck into their ***. Its like I told another person that fell "pray" to them....they know who to lure in and what to say! They told my class we would make $1600 a mo.

and I figured it out after 2 days (wish it hadnt taken me that long) but they had my class "training" 3 days from 9am til around 7pm. then started us out and I took my car seperatly. My friend went with a crew and she didnt get to her house til 11:30 pm!!!!!

We were at that office at 9am and NO ONE GOT PAID FOR ANYTHING!!!!! that reminds me Im gonna see about putting that on cl to prevent anyone else from getting sucked into their bs.


Please..whoeever wrote the comment me!! I went to work w that co and was only there a couple of days when I figured out what was REALLY going on!!

Email me at my personal email address:


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Riverside, California
New Reviewer
If you work or are thinking about working for Kirby I Beg you to take a moment of your time and read this!!! I had the worst employment experience of my life, and Ive had some HORRIBLE Jobs... The truth is, of course they have to keep and pay a few people, and I mean...
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I responded to a Craigslist ad, and I got a call from a Vietnamese guy. His interviewing method was so unimaginably rude.

I'm myself Vietnamese, and he only hired me because I'm Asian like him. He literally told me that he usually hires only women, but since I'm Vietnamese like him, he'd give me a shot. But the company lied to their teeth! I was told to work only from 9:30am to 6:30pm, but I had to stay all the way til 10:00pm.

I was told to do demo only by appointments set, but I never knew appointments were set right on the spot. I had to lie in order sell the vacuum, but who is in the right mind to pay for a 3000 dollars vacuum. I feel bad for lying to the customers!

I knew I am going to quit so I just told my customers that we promised a free cleaning service, then I will do the service for you and you do not have to buy the product at all because it is very very pricey. I didn't show up the next day

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Haverhill, Massachusetts
Kirby Customer Care
New Reviewer

Kirby vacuum ate *** in my floor.

I bought a Kirby vacuum and I feel like an *** for falling for this ripoff. This "great" suction machine wouldn't even pickup strings off the floor. I thought I was doing something wrong so I watched the DVD a couple of times and read the instruction book. The instruction book told me to lower the beater brush. I lowered the beater brush and proceeded to vacuum my linoleum floor. I bent down to pick something up that the vacuum wouldn't and in that couple of seconds the vacuum put *** in my floor the length of the beater brush. This vacuum is ridiculously hard to use and it doesn't do what they say. I tried to return the vacuum but they won't take it back and say it's operater error. I bought this vacuum from Isanti, Minnesota. Don't buy a Kirby, but especially don't give your business to the ripoff artists in Isanti, Minnesota.
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well mine wouldn't even pick up strings off the floor. I bought a Dyson and I love it.


Well I have to agree with it being an operator error. Kirby does what it says.

I own one and I used to work for them. I also agree with some other posters that they are horrible to work for and I too was lied to about a customer service job. Their sales tactics can be harsh, but the generally isn't the way one is trained by the company.

Training was standard, but on the job sales people used very harsh tactics. Kirby is Beyond a great cleaning machine, that's why they have been around forever and they last forever.


The Brush was not suppose to be lowered. It was suppose to be up where the only thing coming through is air.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Rude salesman

Kirby salesman came to my house today August 26 and they were rude,rude, rude. They first sent in a very pregnant lady to say they wanted to clean my carpet for free. What a scam. I threw them out before they could clean my carpet. They were very nasty when I told them I would not buy anything. As far as I sam concerned I would never ever buy a Kirby after my experience I don't care how good them are suposto be. Reak *** bags sending in a pregnant lady first while they parked down the street.
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Good for you! Unfortunately not every sales person is professional!

You did the right thing!

Everytime I go to buy a car they're idiots, but that doesn't stop me from buying a car. You just need to be firm with them!


Please contact me at my personal email address.


I went to work for them and was only there a couple of days before I figured out what they were really doing.

Please contact me!!!


what area u in?

they came to our joint last week, was pretty *** ***



"Not worth the 2K for sure"...what are you insane?.....make sure you have the right ratio of shampoo/water (fill 1st line on the shampoo box = 1 cup of shampoo....& so on)


Really happy with the vacuum, not happy with the carpet cleaner at all. Supposed to clean vinyl too but it just makes a mess.

If I knew then what I knew now I would have just gone to the store and bought one under $200 at the store. Not worth the 2K for sure.

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#258037 Review #258037 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Huntington, Vermont


Very bad customer service. I was set up to receive a free 2 room carpet cleaning. Had my 2 rooms cleaned out and after the employees were over 20 minutes late without a phone call they showed up only to tell me that I could not clean my carpets. When I called and spoke to the OWNER he was VERY rude as well, wouldn't let me speak without cutting me off and didn't even make an attempt to make the situation better. BAD BUSINESS, RUDE EMPLOYEES, RUDE OWNER. I own and manage several homes through out the Duluth area and they lost out on HUNDRED if not THOUSANDS of dollars because they are very unprofessional. If I were in charge of KIRBY, I would be ashamed to have these type of people representing my family name.
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Hi I read over these replies about the kirby co and if you want to let me know what they did to you and just talk let me know. My email is listed on this website. Contact me because what they are doing is wrong!

Look up my email and contact me if you want.



I was going to work for this lying *** co. I went to "class" training for 3 days.

at the end of those 3 days... then your told "you know you DONT get paid for trainning...thats when everyone's face has that "deer in headlights look"> of course being Italian I said "WTF!!!?" no one told us that.. That was the beginning of so many more lies to come!!

all I can say is...the *** (***) owner, who told everyone there hes going to buy a home in porta rico...he may not have the money for that freakin house...he doesnt pay his employees as promised!!!??

every dog has his day!

The REAL owner of Kirby co would be shocked and apauled over this owner's franchise and how hes running it by breaking the law,commiting fraud and NOT paying his employees as promised.

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#257125 Review #257125 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Duluth, Minnesota

Not happy about changing my hectic schedule around for nonscence

I had Kirby set an appointment 3 times in 1 week i had to change my work schedule around the first excuse was the driver was in a car accident 10 minutes before showing up. i called to reschedule the company said they never make appt. at 730 the second time someone broke there ankle; the third time tonight oh there was a death cant make it even though agian it was 30 minutes before my appt. This place is a bunch of *** ignore the calls. I was promised all my rooms cleaned for free for my inconvenience , the last 2 times
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You are lucky. They won't clean your carpets.

They don't clean; they show off a product and try to pressure you into buying it. It is high pressure sales tactics plan and simple.

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Boston, Massachusetts
New Reviewer

Misrepresent overpriced product

I bought a Kirby 15 years ago because it had a lifetime guarantee. Well, they are good machines, but considering about every 3 or 4 years I have to spend at least a couple hundred for servicing - I won't spend over a thousand dollars on a vacuum again. I have bought a cheaper one that I am happy with. Also, when they come to your door, they make it seem like they want to shampoo a whole room of carpet or a whole piece of furniture for you. They actually just do enough cleaning to demonstrate the product. I notice that the only people defending this product are Kirby employees.
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Kirby doesn't doesn't​office a lifetime guarantee. Check the Kirby website. It's 3 years and only covers certain things.


I have been selling Kirby's for 8 years. I love what i do.

Kirby is a wonderful opportunity for those who don't have college, didn't finish highschool. Even if i did leave Kirby went to college i would recomend the product to anyone. We get alot of new people to Kirby all the time, it's DIRECT SALES, not every one can handle it. But lets be honest there are people out there who don't really want to work.

To be sucessful at anything you have to work hard. There are alot of people out here who let's face it are ***. I hate hearing people say they don't like the Kirby. The real problem is that they don't know how to use it.

Kirby is not a scam, it is a very reliable company, lets see, since 1914 with no factory lay offs is pretty *** good. Not many companys can say that. For those of you who feel you were scammed or pressured to buy a kirby, Im sure the Kirby guy/girl did not put a gun to your head to make you buy anything, neither did the sales agent who sold you your house or car. Since i brought up house and car sales.

If you think Kirby is a rip off you may want to contact that Sales agent who you bought your prefab house from built of lumber and sticks for almost two-hundred thousand.

How much do you really think it cost them to build it? But hey everyone has opinions, just like everyone has ***.



here's some helpful advice..Billionaire Warren Buffet bought Kirby a few years ago, & did away with charging their customers a fee for fixing the vacuum. So now, you can take your vacuum to ANY AUTHORIZED KIRBY DEALER, & have it fixed for FREE!!!


Where do you idiots keep getting that warren buffet owns Kirby? He doesn’t.

Also the man is nowhere near a billionaire. I guess there are people out there that believe everything they are told.

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#253578 Review #253578 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Everett, Washington