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this company is a complete scam. they know you wont stay past the month (if youre smart atleast) so they count on the free advertisement.. they tell you 2000 dollars a month if you show up 6 days a week and that all of the appts are pre set, which is not the case. if the appt setter gets you an appt, you loose money off the sale off the bat. If you do the door to door appt setting yourself (which they say you wont have to do) you get more money but thats time taken out of the time youre supposed to do the demos (the only way you get paid) so its basically a "youre fu**** scheme" that you dont see till a few days in. theres a review where the girl says "you can make money" but thats a lie. id make more money asking for change infront of safeway and have more dignity left than working for DAN AT DJ ENTERPRISE OR FACTORY OUTLET...what ever they call it to make it sound less ***. DONT WORK HERE IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A LEGITIMATE CAREER MOVE.
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Danville, California
My husband and I were ambushed by a pushy Kirby salesperson last evening. After 13 hr of work, I'm tired and cranky, the person was dropped of by a green van and unknowing my trusting husband let him in. He quickly put together the Kirby and set about to "clean"...
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Because we showyou how to use it i mean did you have someone show you how to use your *** vacum when you bought it? And i bet the only reason you got offended was cause your house is disgusting and always will be now lol

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Bismarck, North Dakota

Kirby is a rip off

I was told by a Kirby salesman that I could use the kirby vacuum I bought from him on my tile (stone) floor. I did this and it scratched the *** out of the floor. It looks absolutely teribble. Professional came and said I could not remove scratches. I wrote Kirby customer service asking if they could help replace floor cost (since I was told incorrect information). They told me it was my fault for not following directions. Now I'm stuck with a tile floor totally scratched up due to their product and they will not help repair this. Do not ever by a Kirby! They do not stand behind their products!
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A salesman will tell you what it CAN and CAN'T do but a salesman won't tell you HOW. It is your responsibility to do so.

There is a special power head I have seen that is designed for ceramic/porcelain tile. Also you can't just turn it on and clean tile like carpet. You MUST do your due diligence and learn how to operate it first before you use it.

Kirby's are great and clean AWESOME and last forever but they are not a hoover or a Dyson not plug and play. But they are surely worth the learning curve


Thanks Lucy! I agree.

And for the other two comments, apparently you two are not too smart to understand that when someone is trying to make a sale, that is all they care about. They got their money and ran... no help whatsoever with helping me resolve my floor issues.

And no, the salesperson said that it was fine "as is" to use on my floor. I figured he would know what he was talking about - but again, he wanted that sale.


If you had the common sense to look under the kirby power head u would have notice it has a metal plate! Obviously this cannot touch the floor while vaccuuming or it will scratch.

you need to turn the vibration off and not have the height adjustment all the way down. Surely they would have told u this when u purchased it.


click on the kirby ads you see here...the site gets money and the *** promoting kirby get to pay.

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Rochester, Minnesota
Kirby Kirby Kirby... Where to begin..... Hmmmmmmm... Let's start with the fact that they try to persuade people to work for them with false advertisement. They write how peachy and good there company is and once you get there you relize it's door to door and...
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I had a kirby sales person at my door yesterday wanting to do a demo, I told her no.. I don't let sales people in my home.

What I don't understand is why on earth people let these clowns in their house for hours, putting up with their bs and never call the police to make them leave. I sure as *** would

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Emmaus, Pennsylvania
My name is Jeremiah Franklin, I'm 19 yrs old, Im from Norfolk, NE. I entered the world of KIRBY the summer of 2008. I had no idea what a Kirby vacuum was, let alone how to work the one i had at home. I went through 3 days of pretty easy training on how to use...
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worked for them for 2 weeks and never got paid. joke of a company

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Fremont, California
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Kirby no customer service

I bought a Kirby, had one once before it was a good machine, this one I had it one day, it wouldn't even pick up a piece of thread. I sincerely doubt the one he left me was new, probably reconditioned. I tried for days to reach sales person, only got voicemail, never got a return call. I tried to contact main customer 8-800 service number, never can get trough. Always "serving" other customers. Stopped payment on the check, I bet somebody will want to talk to me. Moral of the story? Clean your own carpet and when they come to the door, don't open it!!!!!
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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Kirby scam

At one time Kirby had exceptional customer service. But 8 yrs ago we had 2 salesmen come to the house. We agreed to turn in our older kirby as down payment. One of the salesmen kept us in the living room while the other took the older kirby out the back door. He also took another cleaner we had refused to turn in - rainbow filter queen. He stole a $1500 cleaner. A few years later we had them at the door again - different salesmen (4 this time) - even after hearing our outraged story they tried to pressure us into purchasing. A few days later one of the salesmen showed up and asked for money to get a prescription. Said he was broke.
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That is a situation where you probably could have called the police and had them arrested.

#225318 Review #225318 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Seattle, Washington
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

(kirby) tried to put me down in front of my girlfriend

I had a Kirby employee from b.l.f. distributing inc. vm jeffrey cabrera come to my house and promise to clean the carpets in my house if i just aloud him to do a prensentation for me. He said to me that i was not obligated to buy anythin at all it was just a free cleaning that would be done curtesy of the kirby company for me putting the word out there.. Basically word of mouth advertising... The Kirby employee was in my home from 8:17 pm till about 12:05 am. I told him multiple times that i needed to think about it $1,600 was a large investment for a vacume cleaner.. This employee continued trying to sell me the kirby. I eventually told him leave your card here and i will give you a call we can use these vacuums for the company i work for and i can guarantee that we would buy them because i am a regional director for this company.. The kirby employee continued to state well im here for this contest if i dont seel this kirby today i do not get any commission for it and my company makes the money not me so i will not give you any cards or try to sell you a kirby after today if you do not buy it now.. After telling him multiple times to leave a business card and i would call him he put the agreement in front of my face for me to sign and i said no!! He continued to ask my girlfriend if she wanted the kirby because it was obvious i would not buy it for her.. The Kirby employee continued until she said no.. When she said no he took the agreement ripped it up and threw it out while he said " This is riduculous, If i was with you wife i would buy this kirby for here " I tried to cut him off and he continued.. " Its obvios to me that if you had you own house it would be filthy. " You obviously dont like having a clean house that why you dont want this kirby " I said to him i want your manager name and i want to talk to him.. He said " Ill be glad to give u his name hes not gonna do anything about it anyways ".. If you werent so cheap i wouldnt have to take this kirby out of this house right now" It was apparent to me that Kirby Hires hood rats like this guy to work for them.. The employee did not have a kirby id, proper uniform, or business card... This hood rat jeffrey did have a salesperson with him named emmett that was extremely nice and polite.. He did his job as a salesperson to try to make money and never got angry or blurd any immature or ghetto things out of his mouth.. Everything that was done here was against the law i did not even see a permitt to do sales.. kirbys customer care phone number is 1-80*-494-****.. fax# 216-529-****. I will be filing every complaint possible against this employee and company... This should not be aloud especially considering the fact that my carpets were never cleaned as promised and he was in my house until 12:05 at night.. This jeffrey guy also pretended to be out of bethel when i looked up the company he actually work for was B.L.F. Distributing Inc. located at 531 south clewell street, Fountain Hill, PA, 18105
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According to Manta, B.L.F Distributors grosses only 77k a year!!!! After rent, utilities, advertising, business taxes, phone, office supplies, etc expenses are paid, how can this owner take a salary for himself? How is there any money to pay the workers???


just present your pistol when you tell them to leave. they only stayed at my house 15 min.


Sounds to me as if you are cheap and also very uneducated. Please learn how to spell and use proper grammar. Anyone that reads this is now dumber for doing so, and so what if a sales person calls you out you probably deserved it.


Don't beleive anything the salesmen tell you. Lifetime warranty?

Not true. You have to pay to get it serviced which is like $150. During the service they will replace damaged parts for free, you still pay for the service. ALL metal parts?

Not true. It has a plastic fan with a color tint that makes it look metal. I have had to replace mine twice because it broke and $150 each time is not FREE. I'll never buy another one.

And yes, the salesmen lie just to get you to sign the paper, there are no trips they win, there are no real dirty filters, it is a total rip off. For $2,000, you can buy a central vacuum system built into the walls of your house which is easier to use, no dirt, less weight.


The funny thing is that when I worked there, the lies that I told to the customers I believed myself. Had I known about the $150 service fee, I *certainly* would have told customers that.

I was also told that James Kirby invented the *first* vacuum and also windshield wipers and seat belts.

The internet was around then but it wasn't nearly the research tool that it is today - and I could find no biographies on James Kirby at the local library.

There *was* a trip to Vegas to win, but I never mentioned that to customers because I thought that it was unprofessional and from the customer's standpoint was not a reason to buy a Kirby. I put the focus squarely on the product.


It's a 3 year limited warranty and one only has to check the Kirby Corporate site to fact check that.


Kirby is a very bad company to work for. Almost everything they do is illegal.

they set up a place to sell the kirbys and then move to a new location and change their name when they are facing a lawsuit. It is a near criminal enterprise.

Don't be dumb enough to believe anything positive about Kirby. Everyone who works their and knows how they work is the *** of the Earth!


It's funny how all the positive kirby comments calling the poster a racist all use profanities and seem to be as intelligent or mature as a 15 yr old.


oh and i mis spelled KIRBY to annoy you spell checkers out there!!!! haha


all you people who are talking so good about curby what are you even doing on pissed customer... you guys probably work for kirbe wich is why you guys get offended lol...

what are you gonna say that all these people get on this site to tlk bad about kirby for no reason... oh and another thing those people who say they know jeff. tell him hes an a s s!!!!

thank you you guys have a good time selling vacumes and harrasing people!!! :)

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#218455 Review #218455 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Bridgeton, New Jersey

Kirby ***

this company *** they just want people to fall in the trap!!when u have training they tell u your going to make money no matter what and that your not going to go door to door but when u start they tell u that U wont get paid unless u go door to door and make a sale *** rite !! if i was you i would so not work with this unless your into sales then this would be a perfect job for you i believe that the bureau better business should hit this place up so they can do the rite thing and wont *** people or trick them into this waste of time job.. u start at 930 am till whatever time you can get out till 1 or 2 am wow this is crazy!!
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#217025 Review #217025 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Francisco, California

*** jobs

i own a kirby, wich is a good vacuum, but the company itself sucks to work for. my eldest daughter is a single mom trying to support herself and her child, she worked for this company for about 2 weeks and they never paid her even though she did the show amount tthey expected, running all over the place, being out late, all so she could provide a home, and then they dont pay, what the *** is that ***. i wouldnt suggest that anyone work for them. also what is up w/ this site that i`m expected to complain with no less than 100 words, must be part of the kirby company, figures, how the *** should i know the model of the vacuum, you people really are somthing and should be ashamed of yourselves for preying on hard working people that just want to make enough to provide for their families. you make promoses and don1t follow through. may all of your children go through the same when they get out in the real world, think about that its called karma baby
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Kirby has nothing to do with this site, it's the site's owners who decided on a 100 word minimum. I hope your daughter went to the labor board.


this article says it all


Roxanne, I totally get you. Im not a single parent, but I am trying to put myself through school and I put my heart and soul into all of this, because I was determined to not be another failure story. After 2 months of over 80 hrs/week, working everyday except sundays, never getting to see any of my friends or having the luxury of making plans because of this "work". And what do I have to show for it? I think I made less than 1000. If I worked that many hours for any other job, I would have at least 3000, 4000.

In the end I quit because the price of MAYBE getting to make 2000 a week was too much, and I need to work somewhere where I have a steady check.

And its true that a lot of the salesmen are horrible people, people who force customers to buy a vaccum to get them out of their houses..but not everyone is.

I wish I had known these things at training, because I hate being tricked into commitments. But I learned a lot about people during these last few months.


thats correct, i said hard working people. i realize that there are many lazy scags out there, but there are many more people that want and need to provide for their families, especially single parents male and female alike, and this company makes promises of a paycheck that these people don`t get because they dont make a sale or they were unable to reach the required showing goal whatever.

these people were promised pay regardless of a sale or not. my child, a single mother happens to be a very hard worker, who turned down other more reputable companies to work for kirby, because they promised great pay and they didnt follow through. now i`m sure that whoever hit on my first complaint, and called them a bunch of lazy dirtbags or whatever, also works for kirby writing this *** ***.

are you a sinle parent trying to provide AND put yourself through school at the same time, probally not, you sit home on YOUR lazy *** and write this *** and insulting ***. just remember KARMA BABY, it`ll always *** you in the butt, and i`ll laugh


"preying on hard working people that just want to make enough to provide for their families." What a joke. 99% of these complaining ppl are lazy and want sleep more then they want success and its everyone elses fault as to why they are broke.


Then why am I at work making bank and your in mommy’s basement?

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#211975 Review #211975 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Laconia, New Hampshire

Free carpet cleaning = 3 hour headache. Thanks Kirby.

I am ashamed to admit I fell for this scam. I had a feeling that that is what it was..but I let it happen. May this serve as a warning to the rest. This woman rings my doorbell and asks if she can do a little patch of carpet just to get my opinion on how it works so they can get some points for their contest, "it will only take a few minutes." Next thing I know there's a man in my house with a vaccum, going on about how i can save myself from allergies if only I had one of these (I dont even have allergies). My hoover was pretty good, but they took it. Yes their vaccum may have suctioned a tiny bit more but honestly for the amount of money I paid it's really not worth it, and from all of the things I've been reading about the cord sparking and the vaccum ruining carpet, I can't imagine anyone using this vaccum for a cleaning business. After 3 hours the other salesguy shows up and puts more pressure on me telling me all the prices he can lower it to and partly because of my splitting headache, and nervousness from there being 2 random guys in my house, I caved. Now I just want my old vaccum back. What a horrible experience. I'm going tomorrow to return this.
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I just had these guys in yesterday and I luckily got them to leave after two hours saying that I would consider it. Now I know they are coming back today and I am getting really nervous.

I just have no frigging back bone, I have the hardest time to say no to people.

At least now I am not going to let them in and just give them a firm no. I just wanted them out of my house!!


*** you Kirby salemen rock snooty *** and your Hoover is a flat plastic powerhead that only cleans the surface all other vaccine are pieces of ***


I have been there! We had a Kirby sales man/woman do a demo for us in our home.

Her boss took off with her ride and left her at our house for around 2 hrs. We had to be some place and could not get rid of this woman. I started to pack up her demo vac and she got the hint and left.

Worst thing ever! Never buy anything from a door to door sales man/woman.

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#208942 Review #208942 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Wahiawa, Hawaii
My family has missed out on having a "father figure" around. Kirby is not family friendly. My marriage has ended because of this scam of kirby. Kirby is not welcome in my town. I believe the employees at kirby are all drug fueled conmen. "Say no to the kirby family" ...
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Either u love dirt,or you came from a filthy whole

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#208875 Review #208875 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Phoenix, Arizona
I'm kind of curious to know if anyone has tried to sued the Kirby company? I understand that they didnt have anyone sign a contract with them. But if you prove that they prmomised you money and didnt give it to you (like recording the whole "orientation" on a...
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People have taken Kirby to court, proved they were classified as 1099 but treated as a W-2 employee and won back pay in the way of minimum wage and OT.

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#206735 Review #206735 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
I came home on a Friday after a long work week to find that my husband was home early and that there a Kirby vacuum demonstration occurring in my living room. My husband explained that the young man was just here to do a demo and that he was almost done. I already had...
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Okay, here's the thing about Kirby. I know a lot about vacuums (strangely enough) and Kirby machines are built really well. I know many people that have the same machines they've had for 30 years.

However, their style hasn't changed much, ever. And you can ONLY buy them from one of these door to door salesmen. Absurd!

Your Dyson will last you a long time, just make sure to take care of it :)

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#203988 Review #203988 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Poulsbo, Washington

Kirby didnt pay me!

I worked for a kirby dealership outside columbus for 2 months in the spring of 2008. We were trained to plan to spend 6 hours in the home once we were let in to "clean 1 room of carpet for free". The co. set me up to "clean 1 room of carpet for free" with at least 2 people who were mentally challenged. I sold 6 vacuums & the jerks only paid me $240!! The owner told me i must have sold to people with bad credit. There is no way the things are worth $1800. We were trained to ask that much so when u offer it for $1200 the customer feels "special" & lucky.
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Uh mr kirby victem, she prob tells you he made me do it all the time or i was drunk so it doesnt count hahhahhahaha n u believe her too. Right after 3 days of orentation and training she had no idea she was goin in customers homes, god prey for her no common sence....

thers prob pictures on wall of people showin kirbys in houses the box its self she got traind on says in home demonstrations lol. Iv seen people w memtal retardations get demos its a script dug u dont follow directions u dont get results. Can ur gf cook?

Lol oh wait she was told it was meat loaf amd she coked a turkey instead. Dum young cant follow directions.......


U must b super high or dumb to work 2 mo no pay or both. Comen sence. So stop bsing cuz u suck more that a kirby ever can.


Yo so seince u didnt pay attention to contracts you signed and anything in training like most young people do. Finance companies take a percentage depending on loan ex they got bad credit fin company holds 40 percent for liability reasons cuz they are taking risk.

Look at paper work look at facts remember what u were told and light bulbs come on. Ur parents prob have to tell u things million times too so its not them its you genious


Dude are you wasted? Go back to school and learn to spell. I’m surprised you are able to read.




You worked for 2 MONTHS with no pay???? So after the first pay day you gave them the benefit of the doubt and worked a second pay period, then got no check so decided to work 2 more pay periods b4 you quit??? What ever :x


Kirby lied to my girlfriend several times. I'll list a few...

LIE #1.) She was told she would be a Customer Service Representative. After training she was forced to be a Door to Door Salesman.

LIE #2.) They stated that her 3 appointments per day would be appointed for her by thier "Appointment Committee". False. In fact she was forced to go door to door with several smokers in a small car. She came home to our daughter and our non-smoking house smelling like she just left a bar. Zero appointments.

LIE #3.) She would be paid $520 a week even if she didn't make any sales.

LIE #4.) They later stated that she would only get paid if she went to her 3 appointments per day, which would be scheduled by the company. They made zero appointments, and now won't pay her because she didn't go to 3 appointments per day. Not even 1 person would let them into their house, let alone 3... Every day... So they won't pay her because of THEIR negligence to schedule appointments, as they had promised.

LIE #5.) They promised consistent and reasonable hours, which was a lie. Sometimes door to door salespeople don't get home until 2am, eyes bloodshot from exhaustion and smoky travel.


This same thing just happened to my girlfriend. And worse.

She is the victim of Kirby. Kirby is evil.


I wrote the complaint on 2010-10-12. I wish i knew who said i made it up. At the training we were told that there were people whose only job is to search out negative comments online and try to stop them.


Actually they did pay me. I just made this up because they fired me.

However a lawyer friend of mine is advising me to delete this letter as it can get me into a lot of trouble. How do I go about doing this?

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#202391 Review #202391 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner