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You have no idea!

I have worked at Kirby and still work there. I have been everything but a owner with the business. I have met more people who have bought the Kirby and still love it to this day. I know for a fact that alot of you exaggerate to the extreme levels of lying. And another thing we dont have a computer that we can put addresses in saying "Oh these people already seen a demo, or opps they've been knocked a few times!" There is no scam, in buying a Kirby or working for Kirby. If you don't like the product, then who cares I know its not that hard to say NO or open the door and say bye! I have been in alot of houses, and let me tell you, rarely have I ever got a NO I NEED YOU TO LEAVE! You all always say something different than that. No offense, but we are trained to be salesman/woman that what SALES mean, we learn what objectives consumers say, so if maybe a few more people could just outright say NO, it would make it easier on us and you! So lets not hate on us 100%, because you have a lot to do with how your certain situation went about with your Kirby salesman/woman.
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"I have met ... people who have bought the Kirby and still love it to this day".

I have no issue with this statement. I also know several folks who have and like their Kirby.

"I know for a fact that alot of you exaggerate to the extreme levels of lying." Really? How do you know this? How can you know so much about people, and yet not know how to spell and form a correct sentence?

I find that a person's command of the English language (or whatever their primary language is) to be directly proportionate to their knowledge of the product they are trying to sell to me, and I'm fairly certain that I am not alone. If you want to positively represent your company, but you do not have a command of your respective language, you should probably stay off of message boards.

"And another thing we dont have a computer that we can put addresses in saying 'Oh these people already seen a demo, or opps they've been knocked a few times!'". What are you typing on now? Chances are, it's a computer, and it's likely you have access to an application that will do exactly what you claim you cannot do.

"There is no scam, in buying a Kirby or working for Kirby.

In fact, scams are often reported by customers. Even one scam is not "no scam".

"If you don't like the product, then who cares I know its not that hard to say NO or open the door and say bye!" How do you know this? In fact, lots of people find it hard to say no to someone, especially to people who deliver the hard luck stories lots of Kirby salespeople are known for. The fact is that Kirby salespeople *rely* on the general public's inability to easily say "no".

"I have been in alot of houses, and let me tell you, rarely have I ever got a NO I NEED YOU TO LEAVE!" This statement speaks only of you, albeit your side of the story, and has nothing to do with other folks' experiences.

"You all always say something different than that." This is likely because they all experience something different than that. As it's likely for folks to be truthful when complaining about a service, it's also likely for a representative of the service to disagree. All that proves is that the representative is loyal to the service. "No offense, but we are trained to be salesman/woman that what SALES mean, we learn what objectives consumers say, so if maybe a few more people could just outright say NO, it would make it easier on us and you!" Well, yea, I'm offended, as should anyone else who has been contacted by a salesperson, on the phone or in person.

Really? A simple "no"? I can tell you, truthfully, saying "no" does nothing for me, or anyone else I've spoken to about Kirby, or most any other, salespeople. "So lets not hate on us 100%, because you have a lot to do with how your certain situation went about with your Kirby salesman/woman." That works both ways.

You began the previous paragraph with "You all always say something different..." You are correct, though, when you say that folks have a lot to do with how their situation goes. They should have kept their doors shut, and called the police as soon as the salesperson became pushy.


I was a previous employee for Kirby, however I worked in the office department which handled banking, contracts etc and in my time saw the scams, schemes and fraudulant behaviour, which was depitced not only towards it's customers but more so towards it's employees. Don't be fooled. Do not respond to their job advertisments. The easiest way to avoid this situation is to identify the generic "$2500 p/m + No sales experience" catch phrase. I can guarentee you, you will never see a pay check like this. Kirby target young, uneducated, inexperienced and impressionable people to be apart of thier sales teams as they are easier to persua, manipulate and mold and are easier to profit from. They will tell you that you will win trips overseas and get an upscale annual pay of $70,000-$100,000. You will be lucky to accumulate $200 in two weeks whilst working 12 hour days etc and if you do happen to make a sale your manager will probably tell you they have cancelled so they can profit wholey from the sale.

The machines that you purchase on average for $3400.00 are infact purchased by the distributer for not even $500.00. The door knockers do not mention that it is an in home demonstration which is actually illegal and you can request them to leave because they haven't provided you with the correct information, also it is illegal in NSW for door knockers to disturb you after 6, so don't respond. The admin employees are encouraged not to respond to cancellations, which makes it extremely hard for you to cancel in the event that you change your mind. The door knockers will approach you with a 'free' raffle ticket as apart of a promotion the 'company' is holding. This free raffle ticket could possibly end up costion you $3400! Instead of refusing to give them your details, give them a false number, because I can assure you they will persist until they get those details. The telemarketers will tell you, you have won a free carpet clean as a result of the raffle tickets that the door knockers gave you, at no point in any of this will they mention the name 'Kirby' as they are enforced not to because of it's terrible reputation and in small writing at the bottom of the raffle ticket you will see the name hidden. The sales reps are encouraged to target those living in housing commisions, overweight woman, elderly people and newly made mums as they are easier to sell too, scare and manipulate. I was given an older model kirby which was a trade in by the company I worked for and it is by far the best vacuum on the market, however the Kirby experience is not one that is positive, legitimate or in any way trust worthy and I would avoid Kirby all together. Just remember not to subject anger towards the Kirby sales reps, door knockers or telemarketers as they are being lied to just as much you. It's a cult like sect that brainwashes it's uneducated and vulnerable employees to belive that they will become millionairs and live a life of luxury.

Hope this has given some insight!


As a former employee of kirby as well, i agree 100%. The ad they put out that hooked me said "1895 guaranteed salary, no experience required!".

What they didnt tell me was that guaranteed pay was only if you got 60 demonstrations a month. I could barely get one a day! I had to do my own neighborhood knocking, call the van to get them back with the machine, and they threatened to leave me multiple times in neighborhoods that were at least 5 to 20 miles from my home! They even left me at one customers house overnight that was a few hundred miles away!

I felt so bad asking them to stay! When the customers called the driver to force her to come get me, all she said was "sorry, there was no room in the hotel room". You shouldn't be making jokes to angry potential customers! That's bad salesmanship.

I was told to knowingly lie about the machine to people. I am honest, and that was one of the main reasons i left the job! They told me to be pushy, then apologized to the customers when they said i was pushy! In conclusion, I would say its good to get sales experience from them, but don't expect the money they promise you that you could make, and don't trust when your boss says they make BANK!

They told me to lie to customers about how long i work, how much i made, and how good the kirby is. Get the experience for your resume if you can survive without guaranteed pay, and get out!


I just allowed a guy from kirby to come and clean my carper, he did everything but that, I think that if the company tell you to clean the carpet in exchange for our attention the sale person should do that, this guy dust all the room, and only clean a square foot of the carper, i missed the football game because i was going to get my carpet clean and it was not true. Upfront i toll this guy i was not going to buy the product, he insisted so much but at the end when he realized i was not going to buy was, his attitude change and he was rude and un polite.

I hate that, we let you in our house and then we are disrespected, Yesteday was the last time i ever let a kirby sales person coming to my house, by the way i was sold by the product but after the salesman attitude i change my mind.

not worth to make money for people like that. :?


Anyone else notice that whenever a Kirby employee writes a comment they can't spell or from complete sentences? No wonder these illiterate dip**** have no class and are SO DAMNED brainwashed. Sad really.


I have no complaints against Kirby, it's the pushy sales people that don't take no for an answer.

These people ring the doorbell in late afternoon, when I'm trying to get kids to do homework, dinner started, etc. No prob. However, after I explAin about a dozen rimes, I am not interested, they will NOT leave!

I actually had to call my neighbor and have him come over and kick the guy out!

I later heard that these sales people are mostly newly released inmates, sont know how true that is, but I definitely will never open the door to them again.


put my *** complaint backup ya *** !


umm u mean "OBJECTIONS" *** !

kirby is a biiig scam ! im bankrupt because of kirby !

they made me take a loan for a van to be a manager soo i did and then when i couldnt pay back my debts for the van i bought..i got bankrupt ! EFF YOU kırby ! - Sydney Australia..Campbelltown office, PHOENIX HOME CARE..JOSEPH EID is the owner !


listen, dont knock his vocabulary. you still get the point hes trying to make.

I also wor for Kirby and am going to be a distributor soon. like he said, its a SALES job. if you dont sell the machine, you dont get paid. simple as that.

selling the machine is your job, you get paid based on that. lets say you were a carpenter, if you couldnt build a house, would you still expect someone who hired you to build their house to pay you? no, i think not.

so if you cant sell the machines, its no ones fault but your own. so dont call the company a "scam" just because you cant do your job...


Difference is, distributors like you promise $500 weekly no matter what & then reneg on it. Slimy as they come.

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#200176 Review #200176 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Oak Brook, Illinois
A Kirby rep came to my house yesterday. They called before, I forgot about it. Then the Kirby office called and said, they will do 2 rooms because the rep didn't get 15 appts this week, so I said okay. Guy comes half an hour late, no problem. Stays 3.5 hours, makes...
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They called me today and said my name was pulled out of a raffle drawing and that their coming Monday at 6:30pm to shampoo my livingroom carpet!!!???i didn't go onto their website and put my name in a drawing(hmmm bet this is a scam)???who I call because the call came from mount pleasent Michigan!!!

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#199229 Review #199229 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Hudson, New Hampshire
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner
well i have worked for kirby and got scammed myself, i was told to sell the vacuum for $1395 and i would get a $395 commission on that sale, i thought sure no problem, my first week i had sold 6 vacuums,so I was expecting a nice $2370 check, well payday came around and...
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Uhhh kirby is opportunity own ur own business im not affiliated w them but been around block. But hey if ur husb was in it for 9 years and wasnt a dist by then sounds like hes un organized not diciplined probally a blammer maby borderline alcholic but no its kirbys fault ur life sucks.

No its u fault ur life sux and marriage sucks.

What are u five amd gotta blame a vaccum. If ur husband was half as reliable as the kirby ur marriage would be good, youd have plenty of money n not blaming a poor lil vaccum for you issues

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#194636 Review #194636 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Burlington, Vermont

Aint worth the money at ALL

1st of all my belt broke with in 1 or 2 months of having it. the bags are way to much.i still dont know how to work the vac. and its like 50 pounds the kirby man had caught me on a busy day i was having a party later day day and him came up with a free coke just to show us how it goes i said i always wanted one but it was to much well after all that i tell him he got to go i dont have time for this he didnt take no for anw he keep sayin lets just run your name i find out i said no at first but he still wouldnt leave. i told him ok just check and just like that after checking he say sign here and here and here so on and so on. with out even asking if it was for sure and he kept repeating how we can check if im aproved then he will leave lies after lies. well now im stuck with this vac that i dont even like. it makes me so mad that i paid 1,624.00 on it (errrrrrrrr)
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BRUSHROLL HAS 3 ADJUSTMENTS 1 2 N DUH 3. KEEP ON ONE. AND OF UR SO SMART TO WRITE ON HERE U THINK UD KNOW HOW TO YOUTUBE A VIDEO ON HOW TO USE n your story sound like your a drunk with memory problems cant even tell a story but wait salesman lied?


The salesmen do list. You mad bro?


That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard. There is no way that is a true story.


Buy a real vacuum cleaner! Get a TRI-STAR.

Had mine for over 20 years.

Use it daily. Works as good today as the day I bought it


It says on the tristar web page that those are also sold through in home demonstration. I wouldn't touch that.

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#191709 Review #191709 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jacksonville, Florida
Stay away from JBC Kirby of Alaska located in Eagle River Alaska. The person who runs this business is a scam artist. If you decide to buy a Kirby from him and you finance the piece of equipment you make your payments to the finance company. JBC Kirby will turn our...
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They don't want to know this but is it owned by Warren Buffet. 2nd Richest in the world.

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#189789 Review #189789 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Anchorage, Alaska

Rude kirby sales rep.

Was just called by a kirby representative. They called me from 3 different numbers. I called back to find out who this was. She answered the phone talking very fast stating her name was Deb. I asked her who I was speaking with again and she told me I TOLD YOU MY NAME IS DEB. I asked with what company not what your name is. She was very hostile on the phone and was getting upset with me asking her questions. She asked me my name of course I gave her a false name. She asked when did I receive the call I said either yesterday or 2 days ago. She said and you're just calling us back now? I said I am calling this number because it keeps calling me and I would like to find out who you are and why you are calling me. Again she was hostile about the fact that I was questioning her on who the company was and why they kept calling me. She said well you can thank your friend or family member for giving out your information. I again said and who are you, she finally said Kirby. I said I do not know what Kirby is, she said well I've been trying to tell you. I said fine tell me who you are. She proceeded in a nasty tone of voice to tell me about they company. When she was finished I told her I am declining the offer, she asked if she could have my number and she will take me off the call list. The numbers that they are calling from are.. 609-931-**** and 609-931****. The other day when I got the first call, I did not answer and the phone rang again about 5 minutes later with the other number. Now this is my cell phone and I'm sick of this. I am on the do not call list and I do not believe that anyone would give out my number as they know how I feel about people calling me that I do not know.
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Do you have so few friends that you call back every missed number on your phone? OMG! I can not even imagine if i tried to do that it would SERIOUSLY take like all day and stuff.


You are the rude one, should have asked and specified what company you were asking about rather than who.


Kirby is known for be elusive when it comes to answer company questions. I think this might be part of their training.

I regrettably bought a Kirby and am now having billing problems with the independent dealer. I called and asked to speak with accounts payable The woman on the other end was rude to me also and said WHATS THAT! So one would think if you’re a business and you have no idea what accounts payable is you have no business running one. I was told one person runs the collection department but he doesn’t talk with people in regards to their account.

By now I’m getting frustrated, I ask where they are located she responds with I don’t give out personal company information, WHAT you cant tell me your business location to clear up a billing issue! I asked who runs the business and once again I was told we are not allowed to talk about company information.

I hung up, I really do think the Kirby Company allows independent dealers to set their own rules and have allowed these dealers to give the parent company a bad name. I hope that all independent dealers go out of business and Kirby rethinks their marketing


Best thing to do is contact your telephony company, and let them know about the calls. Also you could find the contact details for the Kirby head office, and send them a complaint.

I'm sure they would be sympathetic. Hope that helps.

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#189640 Review #189640 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jersey City, New Jersey
Kirby Sales Representative
First of all, I'd like to say that I love my vacuum cleaner. Wait, no. I'm sorry...My "home cleaning system". The saleswoman refused to call it a vacuum cleaner. Anyways, I've had my Kirby Sentria for three years now and it's just as good as it was the day I bought...
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B**** you be lying! Who paid you and how much?

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#184316 Review #184316 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Raleigh, North Carolina
I've been working for kirby for 3 years and love it. You see SO many people pissed that they don't get paid. Well the fact of the matter is you didn't work. You all signed papaers saying if you don't do the 5 musts you wont get paid. Stop being lazy and...
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So how do you actually do your 15 showings that are required? You do it by lying and forcing your way into people’s homes.

It is a know. Fact that Kirby doesn’t pay. So to all the executives and distributors saying Kirby is a good opportunity you’re lying. A friend of mine named Kristian never got paid and he worked his *** off.

You Kirby *** wouldn’t be able to do a real job. That all I got to say.

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#184310 Review #184310 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Windham, New Hampshire
Beware of Kirby sales scam - they reel you in to get in to your house with a pitch that they will get a free vacation or some kind of credit just to let them show you the vac. The salseperson showed no ID, gave no buisness card, had no Kirby shirt, the van had no...
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I don't normally comment on these. I was reading this though and just had to put in my two cents.

I was down and out for money awhile back and these guys were advertising for jobs so I said what the heck it'll bring in a paycheck.

This is my experience, no more, no less:

I arrive the first day and was informed that you do not get paid for any training. They do push to sell a lot because you get win free trips for yourself as well as put your "customers" in for their own raffle for a trip. I'm not sure if this really works or not I never found out. I did notice that there wasn't really any screening for who could work there or not so there was a mish-mosh of people (so be really careful if you have them come into your home!) I did notice that it was such a pain to get through weeks of training with no pay and the pressure of going to people's homes and trying to shove product down their throats and stress of meeting quotas significantly diminish who stayed and who gave up. (I was one who gave up, haha) So after you go through the classes they take you out on the street. Literally. You have to walk around (not good in heels!) the street and knock door to door and ask people if they would like to see your vacuum. Most people aren't very pleasant.. say 98% of the time. Also, you have to watch out for the dogs! Plus, you have to distribute flyers, since that is the only other means of advertise besides knocking. I personally do not like to invade on other people's personal space so this was a bothersome part of the job for me. What really pushed me to not continue employment is when I had setup a showing. Now, MOST people will only clean ONE small spot on the floor. HOWEVER, a GOOD sales person will clean your entire floor (generally only one room, by rule of thumb, to keep things quick). I was very uncomfortable going into this person house but they were very hospitable. Unfortunately for me though it was a Bi-lingual household and I am not fluent in Spanish, so I had a little difficulty. The daughter did speak fairly good English so it helped a little bit. I do my sales pitch and they don't want the vacuum. Which is perfectly fine with me, they are rather pricey. Part of the sales pitch is to vacuum a corner of the bed to aid in selling, it amazes me still how well these vacuums clean beds!!! Afterward, she let me know she couldn't currently but she did like it, I said that was fine and asked if she wanted me to vacuum the whole room. She was pretty happy about that. So while she watched t.v. in the other room her daughter sat with me and chatted a little while, while I cleaned her carpet. I even moved the furniture and got under the furniture.

The moral to my story is, it's not Kirby that's the problem. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, people will have to come into your home (that's the way they do it, old fashioned door to door, which is kinda neat to keep it old school). Yes, SOME people will not do what they are supposed to (clean your one room). BUT, Kirby is a really good vacuum! It still amazes me how well these things clean and how durable they are. I was given my mother's old one (which still runs perfectly, only replaced a belt once in the late 90's) she bought from a door to door sales person in the early 90's. Kirby offered for me to send it in with $100 (not bad!) and they would send me the most recent brand new version! (yay!!) I still have mine to this day and I still love how well it cleans.

No I'm not with them, I didn't continue past training because it was stressful for me to be in other people's homes, due to anxiety.

Please if you have concerns or want to comment to me offline shoot me an e-mail redtearsb4you@***.com

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#182631 Review #182631 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Oakmont, Pennsylvania
Kirby vacuum cleaner company sells door to door, and seems to have a history (online complaints) of taking advantage of senior citizens. A few months ago, they managed to sell my 79 year old mother in-law (who doesn't have a lot of money) a $1,350 vacuum cleaner....
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Golden Ager / Disabled Consumer Purchase Cancellation Policy - any consumer who is 67 years or older, OR has a disability, regardless of age, which restricts their ability to use the Kirby, has up to 9 months from the date of purchase to cancel. If you do not fall into either of those categories, you have (3) days to cancel.

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#178205 Review #178205 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Columbia, South Carolina
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

They broke my vacuum

I tried to purchase a kirby and they said we were able to get financed so they took my personally owned vacuum. A week later they returned and said we could not get financed...they brought my vacuum back...and it was broken. Now they won't answer the phone! I really thought they were a reputable company and now I'm so disappointed that I wouldn't tell anyone to purchase a kirby. How sad is that? I'd rather have the dust and hair in my carpets than to be ripped off! That's a sad statement coming from an OCD mom!
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I can't help but notice The Kirby Company didn't bother to respond to this complaint...


I decided to return the vacuum after i purchased it (within the 3 day limit). They finally came to pick up the kirby and when they returned my dirt devil vacuum, they broke off the button that allows the vacuum to tip back and stand up strait.

Now the vacuum just falls back. I am VERY UPSET!

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#175830 Review #175830 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia

Don Dorval

Don Dorval is a salesman the Kirby company. I was going to do business until I read this report and would not let him in my house. The company knows he has a criminal background and still gives him the machines to get into someone's house. When the Kirby company was contacted about this salesman, they did not express a concern regarding a criminal background. I have 2 children (daughters) and was quite unsettled for find that these offenders can come up to your door. This is very scary that these kind of people can knock on your door.
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Never, EVERY open the door for Kirby!! My daughter will, for the rest of her life, will regret opening the door.

Similar situation, HORRID outcome.

Protect those girls! One day, THEY may might be the one opening the door.


I wish this dead beat would get caught. He has tons of kids.

He owes tons of child support money. He just walks away from his kids like they are garbage. Whoever wrote the post before mine I feel for you but trust me you dont want this *** in your life. If anyone knows anything about him, address, phone number anything please share it.

He has some bad carma coming his way. Hey Donell what goes around comes around and you better believe it will.


He's married to my friends mom. He's such a piece of ***.

He would hit on me even when I was an underage teenager. He's disgusting. And he would totally use my friends mom to take care of him.

I always wondered how many kids he really has. Everyone should sue him that has been ripped off by him.


can you call me? He has violated my precious daughter and he needs to get caught


There are a lot of people out there (including you) that would like to get the money back that Don has scammed from them. He is a professional scammer and this is a criminal offense.

He just needs to be turned in for it and charged in a class action law suit. He is all over and other sites. He is a cruel and heartless person... I am so sorry that you have had him as a role model for a father.

As for all the people Don has scammed, we can file a suit against him. We just have to do it together.


don is actually my dad who never has ever paid for anything in my whole life. never cared about anything and lies constantly he has tons of kids and uses women and any body he can for money i would love to get some of the child support money he owes me so i can go to college

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#160181 Review #160181 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Meridian, Idaho

Kirby vacuum sales org is a bad business

Kirby came to give a free rug cleaning which morphed into a door to door salesman nightmare with no escape for the victim: me. The salesman was a nice young man. However, his boss manipulated the whole situation by phone including making me a firm commitment to supply a years supply of bags and a used machine for the price of one new machine. This "boss" then had an accident and his business closed. I called the replacement owner and they refused to call me back. I called Kirby and they, naturally, say they have no responsibility. In other words there is no recourse when their national brand franchise organization rips people off in their NAME. The salesman lost his job and when I spoke to him he felt bad but said there was nothing he could do though he did confirm that my complaint was valid. How does a company get away with such bad practices as training people how to enter people's homes on false pretenses, make them feel like their house is dirtier than a circus tent, and then refuse to take any responsibility for the problems and inequities that arise.? We should rise up friends. Vacuum tea party! Vacuum economics! Vacuum justice! UNITE
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I worked for a local Kirby....and was very good at it. Yet i did not receive what was due ...and

watched others get dodged and deceived as well. I have been reading all the complaints across the U.S.

. And Ive found the complaints to be common at every Kirby and leaders make

their share, while dealers and canvassers get screwed....they are not up front...and create goals that

are not easily achievable for the common employee. Regardless if you are the best or the average one deserves to be stiffed out op wages for a days work. The only dealers that get any

kind of perks are the suck *** that stay and agree with their overseers( condoning and propagating

the deceptions and leading new hires astray) or the few that are exceptional and able to pull it off at

a demo....even gotta be one of the household pets to receive what you are entitled

to....otherwise will turn out to be a sub loan deal or a cancellation. Then you get pocket

change while the real profit gets pocketed. I kept names and numbers of my deals...and called to do

follow up on a few....the boss and their managers lie to employees.....if you wanna make money off

Kirby, get one or two on eBay or something...and start a home cleaning service. Kirby has a great

product...and great sales don't hate the machine or the hard workers that are suckered

into slave labor, and trained in politically correct accosting of clientele ...Instead be angry and

avoid the horrible distributors and their poor leadership qualities. The managers are equally

responsible for misleading the prospective employees at the interviews and during training. Yeah your

just trying to earn your own paycheck.....but its still scandalous...shame on you all! True leaders

and mentors are inspiring and respect and look out for those under them.....Bad leaders are slum lords

and charlatans .for you bad mentors like i said shame on you!!...your not mentors .......and you are

all traitors to your fellow working men and women of our great country, and human race!!!

Don't get me wrong ...Kirby is a real franchise. And all across the country. "kudos" on your money

making, and in keeping the ball rolling, But You are doing it dirty. It wouldn't hurt you or your

company to be fair to your employees and respect them. And to pay them for their time and for their

labor. Ive learned the hard way.....burnt bridges are not easily've gotta clean up the

mess first....and then earn the trust not to do it again. Trust me i know. And the smoke is getting

thick!!! This posting is based on personal experience and the experiences of other Kirby employees

known personally and known by their postings at this site and others. Nov/2011


All distributors pay 380 for a kirby. I worked for a New Mexico distributor and got to know all the people there (and stayed there longer than almost everybody; its a *** job for those at the bottom). I'm an inquisitive person and very friendly as well which helped me learn more about how much things REALLY cost and how much distributors REALLY make. There are no discounts for buying in bulk. However, if you buy 600 in a year you get 40 for free. For anyone mentioning socialism, we aren't asking for socialism. We're asking for common sense about a product that obviously doesn't cost anywhere from 2400 to 3600 dollars (as the distributor can sell it for whatever price it wishes).

The distributor I worked for sold anywhere from 150 to 200 a month (he had a couple other distributor trainees). Our pay scale was based on how much we could sell the kirby for. Ours started at 2499. The more we sold it for the more we made. However, the distributor made the same amount every time a kirby was sold. There was NO RISK AT ALL for the distributor. So if we sold it for 800 (which we sold many of) we made 15 for the demo, 15 for the ***-in, and the team leader got 80 (10% of the sale). The distributor made the rest purely as profit (taking away the cost of the kirby of course). Most of the time they sold for more than 1000. We got paid the same (15,15,100) up to 1000. So everything, like I said, was profit for the distributor after paying us.

So lets assume we sold 175 that month. The distributor will make a minimum of 500 off of each kirby (like I said, no risk for him/her) but for argument's sake lets say some were sold at 800, giving the distributor only 400 in profit. Using this calculation the distributor is making 60,000 a month. 60,000 IN A MONTH! and that's a conservative estimation since we calculated some being sold at 800.

I have recordings on my phone of distributors saying this along with other things. I also have recordings of distributors saying don't ever show people the interest rate on the paper and that when it's sold, slip the papers (like the warranty card, financing papers, etc) into the extra bag so that they don't look at it right away. One of the distributor trainees even said keep the customers phone number and make sure you don't answer it for 3 days (the time you have to cancel).

Now going back to what some people said earlier about profit, overhead, having to pay workers. Now, I'm a capitalist and I enjoy having my "things" just as most others do but for someone to be making 50,000 a month in PROFIT (as in after paying for gas for the cars, rent, payroll, etc) I don't consider this ethical. What's even worse is that I did it for a good length of time and I was barely able to keep my bills paid. Of course, the people who make a good of money say "its up to the person, and those who don't make it aren't working hard enough". This is a bunch of BS. The vast majority of dealers (the guys walking around knocking doors and doing demos) don't make that much money unless they are really ok with screwing people over and having no ethical dilemmas about it. We work from 9 am to 9 pm. For those counting thats 12 hours a day. By the end of the week I was lucky to have a paycheck (since some deals are sold low or the financing went through as what's call a B-loan and you only get 15/20/25 bucks depending on the distributor) let alone those rare paychecks that are like 600 dollars. Now, again for those counting you work 6 days a week multiplied by 12. That's 72 hours a week. If you calculated your paycheck you usually don't make minimum wage (something they get around by making you an "independent dealer"; basically saying you're self-employed).

There's a *** of stuff these guys lie about.

-When at the door they say "we get paid just to show it to you" LIE, they are all paid on commission, hence the independent dealer

-On top of it they go around in *** cars, cramped, with no names on their vehicles indicating who they are. And if they do have a name, it sure as *** doesn't say kirby.

-Kirby has a lifetime warranty. LIE, They have a 3 year warranty, read the booklet that came with the kirby. You have a lifetime REBUILD warranty that YOU have to pay (currently) 175 to have it rebuilt.

-Most of the time when knocking on a door they never mention they work for kirby. They'll say "BLANK Enterprise" and that they're doing a free carpet cleaning. There are many, many, many approaches and you can say whatever gets you in the door. They think that once you're doing a demo, you forget that they basically conned you to get into your home.

-Pneumonia is caused by dust. LIE

-The kirby is guaranteed to be leak free. Lie

-DON"T TRADE YOUR VACUUM IN!!!!! THEY SELL THEM TO USED VACUUM SHOPS. They are tax deductable for the distrubutor AND they make pure profit off of them by selling them to used vacuum shops, most of the time 25 bucks a pop.

-DON'T EVER TRADE A KIRBY IN EITHER. They then turn around and sell them for three or four hundred bucks or maybe more to someone as used. I'm telling you, this is a *** company.

-All I (or he/she) need(s) is one more to make this trip. Most of the time a Lie.

-If you have to have one, buy it used for more than a couple hundred and not from a used vacuum shop. They make great money off of you too but I'd rather support a good, local business than kirby. Try craigslist, amazon, or ebay.

-If you've had a bad experience, report them to the BBB or your local authorities.

-Lastly, if they are in your area, call the police just to make sure they have their business permits. Most of the time we didn't have on with us or didn't have one at all for the area we were working. We'd go to other towns a couple hundred miles away and work without a business permit for the area. Just call the authorities to be safe.

The list of lies goes on and on and on. The recruiting tactics are *** too. It's odd but kirby does have a way of attracting people who aren't really the best to be in someone's home. There are "good" people in kirby but soooo many of the people I saw go in and out of kirby (and most of the ones I saw IN Kirby) had good long records. One of the guys who became a team leader was convicted of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was the biggest distributor in the New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas area. If you wanted *** in any of those areas, it probably originated from him. He mentioned this and his connections with the mexican drug dealers. They brought it over the border. All he had to do was sell it via his network. I'm not trying to trash the guy but like I said, there are A LOT of people with records in kirby. The only people they don't want to hire are those with felonies and only because it becomes an even bigger liability.OH YEAH. The young woman who had sex with a minor and had a child with him was also hired and worked at our office for a couple of weeks. I don't remember her name but she was in national news. I believe it was El Paso, Texas where it happened. I'm certainly not saying ALL people in kirby have records but based on what I saw, the vast majority of people recruited were not people I would willingly let into my house.

Chances are, if you are hearing a horrible story about kirby, its truth. And chances are, if you're hearing a GOOD story about kirby, they work or have worked with kirby and screwed or are screwing a lot of good people out of their hard earned money to make themselves or their bosses insanely rich.

So once again, I'm not opposed to people making money or a decent living. But the way kirby is setup like paying the small people actually working hard virtually nothing while making those on top EXTREMELY rich or lying to get into doors, or lying about the kirby's capabilities I have a huge problem with. I will never have anything positive to say about kirby. I love the product but I will NEVER have anything positive to say about kirby as a business. I'll never pay for a new one (if I did I wouldn't pay more than 450 for it) and I don't want to own one because I'd be advertising for them every time someone saw I had a kirby. I know people have to make a living selling kirbys and 500 won't pay commission but if most people pay a low cost it will change the structure of kirby. Maybe reasonable profits will be made. People will quit because they can't make enough money (just like it is now) profit structures will have to change, maybe dealers could get paid fairly for the absurd amount of time they put in advertising the kirby. Just don't assume everyone at your home is a low paid dealer. Distributors and distributor trainees do demos for large commissions too sometimes.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty. If you don't want them at your house or if you want a kirby there are some things you can do:

-Tell them you're unemployed (they can't finance you one)

-Tell them you've had a bankruptcy in the past 7 years (they can't finance you one)

-Tell them you won't pay more than 500 dollars (and tell them you'll pay cash)

-You don't HAVE to have a kirby. Many vacuums do a pretty good job (and some were pretty hard to beat with the vac kill since we got so little dirt out). We don't have to have EVERY SINGLE little piece of dirt out of our floors. Yeah, we don't like dirt but a little bit of brown dirt shown on a white pad (or in a rag) doesn't mean you have a lot of dirt in your house or that your health is at some sort of serious risk. And if you had A LOT of dirt on those pads/rags just buy a new vacuum (hopefully not an overpriced kirby though). But most of the time, if you don't have some $20 vacuum, you're really doing ok.

These people rely on your emotions. They want to sell you when emotion is high. They don't want you to think about this purchase. The want you then and there and will usually do almost whatever it takes to sell you a kirby from free supplies, TWO free rooms of carpet shampooed, lower the price some more. Whatever it takes. The only thing they really try to stay away from is lowering the price too much especially too quickly cuz then they look like idiots showing you a price sheet at 2500+ dollars and they dropped it to 800 by the end.

Bottom line - the kirby is a good product. Unfortunately the disadvantages like sales pressure, price markup, lies, financing, lies, unethical behavior, lies, etc, etc, etc, etc FAAAAAAR outweight the benefits of owning a kirby or working for such a horribly structured and unethical company. I hope I've given enough information to make at least SOME form of an educated decision whether its to get one or not. I just hope you're informed of what is going on, the facts, and what you're supporting or not supporting. You can own one if you like, just remember that we live in capitalist society and you decide what business structure/ethics you'd like to have in the marketplace via what you willingly decide to purchase. I personally can live with the little bit of dirt I'm not currently picking up to not support the Kirby business.


Picketing of every distributor and Kirby location is the only way to stop what is occurring.

Pay no attention to the positive statements about Kirby and berating remarks. Seeing a ton of *** responses to serious issues on many other sites. People are being paid to give positive ratings and berate consumers & ex-employees. Funny how they won't respond on Rip Off Report though.

Go to BBB & check out all distributors. Go to Rip Off Report and file a complaint. Complaints are massive. Seek out more info on what is happening nationwide and internationally.


ha ha ha you are so *** :p


A vacuum revolt? Really. Did you have the years supply of bags in writing?


Read this report


Click on this image to find the rip off salesman.


Kirby Sucks!!!

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Old Town, Maine
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Happy kirby customer

I bought a Kirby Vac just over 7 years ago.It is fantastic I am really plaesed with the product and so far the service, it's been really very good. I bought mine from a friend who worked at the company in Newtownabbey she doesnt work there anymore (long hours) but say she had a good time saying that when she was there( younger and single ) that it was work hard play hard. She said she was treated good and didnt see any scams. The person who posted the complaint really sounds like someone with a grudge. You cant please everyone all of the time. I think you shouldnt name people unless you can validate what your saying about them THIS IS WRONG. Any how I've been really happy with the kirby and the service.
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First, I would just like to say that I feel bad for anyone who has wasted there time and really thought that they were going to get a good paying job because of some kind of false advertisement. These false advertisements can really put people’s hopes up and make people believe that they can actually get an easy way out and make some actual decent money. The truth is you really can’t get a good job at any place without any type of education, work experience or reference. Especially if you have any type of criminal background attach to you. Another thing is, if a company is being secretive about their business and does not discuss to you about your salary or position that you are applying for before you even start your job, then something is just seriously wrong. It just common sense when you can tell a professional business to an unprofessional business. When they are using profanity more then 5 times and seriously ignoring you when you are asking them some serious questions, that is just a sign that they are just looking for innocent people to use and manipulate to make them selves some money.

Second, I can understand why some people who worked at Kirby or is still currently working there may get mad at some people or their ex employees for complaining. It is their job and who likes people putting down their job. But the honest truth is they know the Kirby business has been doing their employees and customers wrong from day one after their training. If they are *** enough to not realize that then they can just tell them selves that they are a selfish person and don’t really care about anyone else’s feelings but their own. Be honest with yourself and put yourself in your ex employees and customers shoe. Would you want to be lied too when you work your butt off and never get paid for all the hard work you’ve done for the past week? Would you want some *** person that you don’t even know come knocking at your door at 9:00pm pressuring you to by a $2000 vacuum? I mean come on. Be real! Most people that were in this Kirby business did not even get a back ground check or even a simple drug test. How could the Kirby business even think about hiring people without checking their back ground knowing that they are going to be going into peoples home? THAT MY FRIENDS IS BAD BUSINESS!!!

You may get mad at me for telling the truth or even agree with me. But the matter of the fact is open your eyes and really understand and know what you are getting yourself into. Take some time to look up what company you are applying for and make sure that they are professional. To customers and employees, I do feel bad for all that you had to put up with from this business. You should always know never to open your doors just to anyone even if they say it’s to help them win a trip that you’re not even invited to. To all the employees working with the Kirby industry, I don’t mean to burst your bubbles and tell the truth to the world but it’s just something that seriously needs to be put out there. If you guys were so great, then why is it that your company has some of the worst complaints talked about everywhere? There’s something for you to think about. Oh and for the record, the only reason why I am writing this is because my mom and dad did get pressure into buying a Kirby and I am an ex employee for this company. That gives me every right to state what I have to say about this situation.


:zzz I love my Kirby vacuum. I have had mine for about a year and so far this is the best vacuum I have owned.

I have been replacing my vacuums probably every year for the last 11 years. We have multiple dogs and cats that leave pet hair every where. I vacuum almost every day and my kirby is still going strong. I am a service tech who visits numerous homes a year and have met a homeowner who had a late sixty model.

I asked her if it still worked.

She said that she still loves it after all these years and that she had only had to have it serviced once. I think that is amazing.


Replacing vacuums every year for eleven years? You must be super hard on vacuums. I’ve had the same dirt devil for seven years

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Bradford, England
I used to work for Kirby Vacumm cleaners in Newtonabbey in Belfast NORTHERN IRELAND and I can guarantee you they are the biggest bunch of gangsters in the country. Gary Pridham and John Solomon are the scammers that make you feel as if your gonna be a millionaire and...
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I have just read the comments below and having worked for this company twice, I can confirm it is extremely hard work, but extremely rewarding.I was never asked to "bully" anyone into anything, just put on a full demonstration of the product, ask the right questions, and then ask the potential customer to buy it.Anyone complaining about this being a scam it either too lazy to put in the work involved - or try and change the system.My only regret is messing up the employment I had with them.Jon Solomon is a gentleman who would do anything for you if you put the effort in for him, and Conor - one of the most hardworking persons I have had the pleasure to know and work with.My only regret is messing up not only the first opportunity - but also the second and I would say to anyone given the chance to work for this global company - put the effort in - the rewards will come.Mervyn

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London, England