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Update by user Jul 30, 2015

Meant, *their employees.

Update by user Jul 30, 2015

I cannot figure out how they have no complaints on the BBB besides mine. I have heard numerous horrific stories about the company, owner and many of there employees.

Original review posted by user Jul 30, 2015

I let two Kirby vacuum salesmen come into my home to give me a demo. Within a few short minutes they went to moving some of my furniture without even asking me.

I asked what and why they were doing that, and they said they were wanting more room to demo in. Well, I let them slide with the two pieces, but a few hours later when it was time for them to go, they were leaving without moving it back, so I requested they redo what they had undone. I guess they were pissed, because they went to pulling, sliding and shoving on the heavy pieces and left big, deep scratches on my floor. I called the Bmt store they were out of and spoke (tried....was constantly interrupted and yelled at) with the ugliest and rudest person ever, who preceded to tell me "It was my fault", "His people don't move furniture" and "There was nothing I could do", plus many other statements.

So, I wound-up calling the Kirby factory and spoke with a mediator that was nice and listened. After sending pics, additional pic, and after 3 weeks of waiting there has been no response from either place.

Also, one of the men that came to demo was very ugly and rude when I told him about them ruining my floor. Had the audacity to say "He was glad they damaged it" SMH

This reviewer shared experience about "damaged flor" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Kirby and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about kirby vacuum cleaner from Kirby was unprofessionalism, ugliness rudeness damaged floor being hollered at no resolve and damaged floor Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Did you look up the actual distributorship on the BBB website or did you look up the company that makes the vacuums themselves? There is a difference.

If you looked up the distributorship, it could be they are relatively new or have changed their name recently, which is pretty common. I looked up a few distributorships at random and they are had tons of complaints and F ratings. Bottom line: you let a salesperson from Kirby in your home, you may well be dealing with a loser like the one below who was so nasty. Don't let these people in your house.

It's not even safe to let strangers in.

If you want a Kirby, which is actually a good product if you can lug it around, buy one online. It's cheaper and you don't have to deal with trashy salespeople.


HMM you must have had a bad day?? Since you and only you have ever had a complaint about Kirby.

Looking at your photos tells me those marks were already there.

You must be looking for a free ride to fix your floors.Oh and by the way this is pissed consumer not fix your problem consumer. SMH!!!

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1014074

This website does 2 things: provides a way for lowlife cowards like you to verbally attack others from a safe distance and (here is the important part) it gets information out to the public. Now, someone in this person's area researching Kirby will see this complaint come up in their searches and hopefully avoid this company.

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