I had 2 men (I dare not use the term gentlemen) show up claiming to be Kirby Vacuum Representatives. We had set up an appointment earlier.

I was very impressed with the vacuum and the price they were giving me-$826.00. I repeated the price to make sure I understood them properly, they confirmed the price as $826.00. I am a senior citizen and live off of my social security-I wanted to be assured I had heard the cost correctly. They even said they would give me a trade-in amount for my old vacuum (Hoover WindTunnell Rewind) that is only 2 years old.

They also told me they were trying to get enough business to open a Kirby store in Tulsa and any referrals that I would give them would help.The first contract they filled out and gave to me did not show through the 4 pages of carbon and I told them I would not accept it. One of the guys said he would have to go to his car to get another application and fill it out so all the carbon would go through. When he went downstairs the other man continued showing me all the benefits of having a Kirby vacuum. When the other man finally reappeared he handed me the entire contract of 4 pages and told me I could just keep that.

I just laid it on my desk without glancing at it. A few hours after they left I realized they had forgotten my Hoover vacuum they had said they would give me a trade-in allowance for. I called the man named Torri who I had made the appointment with, he told me not to worry about it-it would just be OUR secret! I also reminded him they had forgotten the list I had prepared for them of some referrals.

He told me they were on their way to their next appointment and asked me to just text message it to him. I did. A few days later I received a phone call from a lady inquiring about my Kirby vacuum. She started the conversation off with asking how I was enjoying my new vacuum.

I advised her I had not been able to use it yet because I had tested positive for Covid-19 and my home health aide could not come to my apartment while I have Covid. For the record-I did call Torri, the man I had made the appointment with, and advised him of my diagnosis of Covid-19. The lady whose name I do not recall than asked me if I could give her the account number because evidently the men had forgotten to put it on their paperwork. I grabbed the contract to give her the account number and there was no account number on it.

I also realized the price they had given me of $826.00 was THE INTEREST CHARGE, not the cost of the vacuum! The actual cost of the vacuum was $2926.08!!! Needless to say I broke down in tears! There is no way I could possibly afford that!

The lady was very professional and kind. She directed me to the bottom part of the contract which enabled me to cancel the contract. She gave me a PCI#0229**** to confirm that my contract is cancelled. Another thing I noticed on my contract once I finally looked at it was the bank information I had given them is NOT on the contract for authorized payments!

NOW I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO WITH MY BANK INFORMATION!!! I tried to find the phone number of the Kirby dealership they work out of by the address on the contract but the address they gave is listed as Simba Dojang Taekwon-DO Academy on Google.

I would appreciate any help that could be given to insure me that I dont have to worry about money being taken out of my banking account since I have cancelled the contract.

User's recommendation: Verify who comes to your home to sell you anything by getting the companies name and verifying the legitimacy of the person calling!

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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