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The sales pitch in every negative review seems to be the same and the price points are all outrageous and range from $1300-$3600. Needless to say these traveling charlatans should be flogged for enabling a trash company like Kirby (which btw belongs to Berkshire Hathaway).

Hence why this garbage company does not go out of business. Kirby vacuums are a complete scam no matter how you look at it. There is a reason no big box store will take these crooks and it's not because they have a "patent" that they don't want to give away....that was literally the guys sales pitch. He kept on talking about how their vacuum is the best and started out with a demonstration.

First he used my mom's dyson to vacuum her rug (I checked after he finished and saw that the rollers were not even turned on). Then he grabbed his vacuum outfitted with 2 round clean cloths in place of the bag. He vacuumed for a few seconds and wooow, it was covered with dirt and lint (but not $3600 worth of dirt and lint, lol)...what a surprise. My mom was so impressed by this guys presentation.

She is too nice for her own good and won't say no because she feels bad for these people. Long, long, long story short, I told my mom to get rid of this guy. She didn't and the guy like a true sales person kept talking with his supposed boss/partner and said he will do 2 for the price of one. So the price came from $3600 down to $1250 without tax.

This was after his quick(3 hour presentation; oh and we fed him lunch too) demonstration. I was so livid. I got up and stormed out when she said she wanted to get them. Oh and they were going to be so nice and just take her $400 dyson "sweeper".

As I was leaving, I ran into the other sales person/boss or whatever the *** he was and he yelled out "welcome to the Kirby family" with this smug look on his face. I didn't say anything and drove off. I stopped half way down the road and returned. I walked back into her house and just let these piece of **** low lives have it.

I cussed them out and called them out as traveling charlatans and they still refused to leave, unreal. I almost ended up calling the cops. Needless to say she didn't end up buying.

Won't go into the details, but if you get scanned by crooks like this, I truly feel for you because you could have bought this trash of a vacuum for $430!!!! BUT WHY WOULD YOU????

Review about: Kirby Sales Representative.

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same old B*** S*** from the company.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1283426

Hello. We were disappointed to read your post.

Even though The Kirby Company is not a party to the agreements between the salespeople or “dealers” that were at your home and the independent distributorships with which they affiliate, The Kirby Company still takes these matters like yours, that involve these distributorships seriously and would like to discuss your concerns.

Would you provide us with your phone number so that a Consumer Relations representative can investigate your concerns further? We look forward to speaking with you.


My fav thing was the sales guy telling me NASA scientists invented the Kirby!

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