Don Dorval is a salesman the Kirby company. I was going to do business until I read this report and would not let him in my house. The company knows he has a criminal background and still gives him the machines to get into someone's house. When the Kirby company was contacted about this salesman, they did not express a concern regarding a criminal background. I have 2 children (daughters) and was quite unsettled for find that these offenders can come up to your door.


This is very scary that these kind of people can knock on your door.

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Never, EVERY open the door for Kirby!! My daughter will, for the rest of her life, will regret opening the door.

Similar situation, HORRID outcome.

Protect those girls! One day, THEY may might be the one opening the door.


I wish this dead beat would get caught. He has tons of kids.

He owes tons of child support money. He just walks away from his kids like they are garbage. Whoever wrote the post before mine I feel for you but trust me you dont want this *** in your life. If anyone knows anything about him, address, phone number anything please share it.

He has some bad carma coming his way. Hey Donell what goes around comes around and you better believe it will.


He's married to my friends mom. He's such a piece of ***.

He would hit on me even when I was an underage teenager. He's disgusting. And he would totally use my friends mom to take care of him.

I always wondered how many kids he really has. Everyone should sue him that has been ripped off by him.

to I know this creep #1036944

can you call me? He has violated my precious daughter and he needs to get caught


There are a lot of people out there (including you) that would like to get the money back that Don has scammed from them. He is a professional scammer and this is a criminal offense.

He just needs to be turned in for it and charged in a class action law suit. He is all over ripoffreports.com and other sites. He is a cruel and heartless person... I am so sorry that you have had him as a role model for a father.

As for all the people Don has scammed, we can file a suit against him. We just have to do it together.


don is actually my dad who never has ever paid for anything in my whole life. never cared about anything and lies constantly he has tons of kids and uses women and any body he can for money i would love to get some of the child support money he owes me so i can go to college

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