Windham,New Hampshire

I've been working for kirby for 3 years and love it. You see SO many people pissed that they don't get paid.

Well the fact of the matter is you didn't work. You all signed papaers saying if you don't do the 5 musts you wont get paid. Stop being lazy and do what they ask of you. I make 1100 a week minimum doing this job.

and i know people will respond saying *** *** about me. But they all know they didn't do what we asked them to. Don't feel bad for them bc they didn't get paid.

obviously they aren't smart enough to complete a simple task a monkey could do. STAY POSITIVE

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #1234654

I work for Kirby as well just got to do the 5 must and do your 30 day commitment and stay positive and you will make money

to Anonymous #1325722

I guarantee you no longer work there!

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #1194568

Thats such BS I worked for 2 weeks they told me I had to do 20 demos in order to get paid, I sis 18 and sold 7 units and the second saturday my daughter ran a 104 degree temp in the night (2am saturday) so we spent the day at the hospital and they never paid me a dime. I know that doing research after the fact that the distributor pays about $350 for a machine and I sold 7 the least one was $1400 so I made that company over $7,000 and they wouldnt pay me a dime. And worse than that said if i didnt like it quit so I did that was BS so your full of it buddy i worked my butt off.

to Anonymous #1226261

They can't NOT just pay you! They are not above the law, they are just a vacuum distributor and they have to pay you!

File with the Consumer Protection of your State's Attorney General's Office, with the BBB AND with the Labor Board! They will be forced to pay.

Personally, I would take them to small claims court if necessary! If you show they treated you like a employee and not a contractor, they will have to pay you an hourly wage and any over-time as well.


I had just got a job working for Kirby. Two people told me the job was a joke.

So when I called the job back to find out what they meant the lady that hired me said if you work hard you will make the money if you don't work hard of course you're not gonna make much. So I'm asking fellow Kirby employees that have worked there longer than two weeks if it is worth it raising my son on?

to Anonymous #1011856

Yes you can make money in the kirby business. Just like all other occupations not everyone that comes aboard will be successful.

Kirby offers the dealer a proven structured program that will absolutely work if executed properly. Aot of people can't or won't follow a simple program and therefore the actual results will vary from person to person .

I can assure just about anyone that if they apply themselves and do what is asked and follow the given programs they will be successful. The whole problem is too many people want something for just showing up .

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1234735

You darn right I want something for just showing up!!! A legit employer would at least offer you the minimum wage!

They keep you 1099 contractor so they don't have to pay an hourly. But here is the thing, if they are setting your hours, they are violating the LAWS regarding independent contractors.

to Anonymous #1074161

I just finished my first week at kirby and made $1,400 on my weekly check. *** Yes it's worth it but I work like 11hrs a day 6 days a week as a dealer.

Hard work=big $$! Stay positive

to Anonymous #1074202

So, all you do is work! What kind of life is that?

If you factor in what you are making per hour, it is hardly impressive. Add to that you have no benefits, no overtime and you are responsible for all your own taxes. I'd say you don't have a pot to p*ss in!

You better save that little bit of money because you could now go weeks and not earn a dime!!! Come back here in 2 months, if you still have internet access, and let us know how you are doing!

to Anonymous #1123724

Wow lot of *** talked I've been with then 17 yrs raise my 3 kids my wife doesn't work we have a beautiful home and money saved and nice cars.. If you follow the program it works..

Programs don't fail people do.. it's called people being lazy.

I worked my way up and now I own my own franchise but it's not for everyone it's hard work. So if your lazy go some where else it's ok

to Anonymous #1193789

Such a typical acromonius responce. Kirby has been in business for over 100 years.

People have taken advantage of the kirby opportunity to work their way into owning there own business and make a multiple 6 figure income while injoying the many perks kirby offers its distributors in the form of vacations, and others various incentives. The least of which is the ability to earn more than you need to pay your bills. The dealer position is a starting position. Not a ending position.

Its a place to develope entrepreneurial habits. People that count hours to figure out how much they get paid an hour miss the whole point. You cant get rich trading dollors for hours. You can get rich by learning a skill that you can teach other people to help them pull themselves out of the hole that hourly wage jobs typically keep people in.

Besides that i would rather make less money per hour and bring home more pay of thats what is necessary. However, the actual time at work in kirby is misleading if you count all your hours as work. Half of the time is a person investing time to be able to work. The toughest thing about becoming an entrepreneur is learning how to think differently about money, and time invested.

I.e. read Rich Dad Poor Dad. I've been in Kirby for 13 years. When i started i was working dead end jobs making enough money to exist on at best.

I came into Kirby like everyone else. I heard what ygey had to offer. I saw oeopke making good money. And i knew that if i wanted something different i had to become something different.

I also understood that i was investing in myself. It was more than a job. It was an opportunity. Kirby college taught me how to become an entrepreneur and that has allowed me to live the life i only dreamed of before.

Dont let all the negative people prevent you from naking an educated decision that is right for you. You cant wait for everyone to agree with your decision if your goingvto be a leader. Thats tge nature of leadership. They are out front forging the difficult path.

But as the Roman philosopher Cicero stated, "The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory!" I'll put the millions of dollars i've made in Kirby against this guys mathematics any day. Everyone is a millionaire. You either have a million dollars or a million excuses! The beauty of it is its all up to you.

Read good books, dream big breams, set big goals, create plans to accomplish them. And above all else plant yourself in good soil.

to Anonymous #1118664

Negative comments come from those who quit.. now they feel they are owed something. Lazy ***

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1237486

Speaking for myself and no one else on this thread, I've never worked for Kirby. I have a University degree, a great career and zero criminal record. I am not desperate enough to resort to hawking overpriced vacuums and praying the distributor will actually pay me something that week.

to Anonymous Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1290514

Kirby was held responsible when one of their reps raped someone. They're not accredited, they have over 2500 negative reviews on consumer affairs, and you can find multiple news stories about their reps scamming the mentally disabled and elderly as well as stealing from the homes they're in.

This is not a case of "one good egg ruining the bunch", more the opposite really. 95% of distributors don't get solicitor permits required to go door to door, nor are they bonded. That's the opposite of legitimate, honestly. You have to dig through years worth of negative reviews to find something positive when researching this company.

The way they lie to get in your home is ridiculous, if you are selling such a great product why not say that when you come to the door? I'll tell you why, nobody with Internet access who could do a quick search would let you in. Furthermore, they get chased out of neighborhoods by police weekly (if not daily), there's hundreds of stories of homeowners having to call the cops to get these people removed from their home, they ignore "no soliciting" signs posted on people's properties and then claim they aren't soliciting (they are), and they prey on the elderly, financially unstable and intellectually challenged. What a wonderful business model.

The ones that claim they're rich from this are usually quite the opposite and living off credit or are too blindsided to realize they've wasted time and energy for absolutely nothing. It's sad honestly.

They even lie when trying to recruit people, it will never say "looking for Kirby dealer" it says something like "marketing agents" or something equally deceptive. Just close the door and stay away, you'll be better off for it.

to Anonymous Buffalo, New York, United States #1290614

@Anonymous904 -I agree with you 1001 percent! From the start, these distributorships are misleading.

They post job ads they looking for a receptionist, admin/office help, warehouse setup, etc. They say everything but door to door sales for Kirby vacuum. They claim guaranteed pay of $400+ per week or something like that in the ad, but that is also misleading. There is no guaranteed pay!

A neighbor's son responded to one of these ads and came home from the first interview, excitedly proclaiming he had gotten a job in warehouse assembling electronics. They actually let him believe that in order to get him to come back the next day for day 1 training (unpaid, of course). Once, a friend phoned me to excitedly report she had gotten an office job as a receptionist. Again, the company let her believe that so she would return the next day for training (unpaid, of course).

Both my neighbor's son and my friend dejectedly reported to me after the 1st day of training it was door to door sales, 100% commission only. Most reports from former Kirby dealers report there was no weekly pay as it is virtually impossible to do the required 15 demos and that even if you do somehow manage to get the 15 demos, the owner will find a reason to disqualify one or more, i.e. you did a demo for a single person, you didn't finish the demo, etc. People report having actually sold 1 or more vacuums and received no pay and the owner claims it was because the customer haggled the price too low, the customer had bad credit and had to heavily finance it, etc.

People report being fined and/or arrested for soliciting without a license. The owner may claim to have a solicitor's permit that covers everyone, but that simply is not true. Each person has to have their own and you have to have one for most cities/towns you solicit in. This requires applying for a new license, having a criminal check ran and paying a fee for EACH town/city!

The owner of the distributorship is not going to pay your fines, should the police decide to write you a ticket AND they aren't going to bail you out of jail or pay court costs. You are, after all, not really an employee, you are a 1099 independent contractor. But wait! The IRS says that independent contractors, amongst other things, sets their own work schedule.

I've NEVER heard a Kirby dealer being allowed to make their own schedule. Too many D2D companies label workers as independent contractors so they aren't responsible for hourly pay, benefits, etc. but then treat them like W2 employees when it benefits them. There are IRS penalties for companies who do this because it's illegal.

The bottom line: Kirby is a great product but it is cumbersome. It is also overpriced because 2 or more people stand to earn commissions from each sale. Great product, shady selling techniques and dealers are often stiffed on pay and continually lied to by their manager/owner. I don't doubt there's lots of money to be made on this, but the odds are that it's you that will make that money is slim.

Personally, I'd rather have a stable job doing something I love while getting paid for it. No amount of $$$ can replace a good work/life balance. To anyone reading this, PLEASE don't purchase a Kirby "just to get the salesperson to leave". Time and time again I have read of people doing that.

Don't be that stup*d! Ask the salesperson to leave (if you were gullible enough to have let them in) and if they won't leave, tell them you have no choice but to call the police. And do it! If you really want a Kirby, keep in mind oyu by one used.

Many vacuum repair shops sell them refurbished and offer their own warranty. Don't be fooled by a Kirby dealer telling you Kirby offers a lifetime warranty. They do not. It's 3 years and only covers certain issues.

Check for more info on that. Also, remember you have 3 days to return the vacuum, with the day you purchased it counting as the first day. Don't just call and leave a message for the distributorship. Get your butt to the Post Office and send your cancellation via certified mail and keep proof you mailed it in time.

Too often the Kirby people will maintain they never got the mail, so you need proof! If you are 67 or older or have a disability (any age) that prevents you from using the machine, you have 9 months. Read CAREFULLY before you sign anything!!!

READ READ READ! Don't let anyone rush you or pressure you!

to Anonymous #1517473



I worked for Kirby in the uk in 1995. To get paid £1000 you had to do 60 demo's a month.

Yeah sounds easy. 2 a day right. Monday to friday you start your first demo at 6pm and have to be at your second by 8pm. A demo takes about 2 hours from opening the box to packing up & then you have to travel to the next.

But dont forget, your boss or manager also turns up to pressure sell the vacuum cleaner which can take hours making you late for your second demo. So realistically your turning up at your second demo gone 9pm. You try and get them to allow you in at that time. So your 5 demo's a week short to be on target.

Well thats ok. Saturday & Sunday you can sell them all day long. The KC bosses book you 5 each day. Start 10am your actually lucky to get 3 done each day.

So in a 30 day month your looking at only managing 44 demo's. That means you dont hit your target. You dont get paid. They want you to miss the 60 target so they dont have to pay you.

I gained a silver K. I sold 20 in 6 months before i was so broke i could not afford petrol to get me to work. It caused me to be i serious debt. I was caught with an uninsured, un-MOT'd & untaxed car because i could not afford to pay for them.

When that boss is pressure selling he brings the price down to get the sale.

That money knocked off is your commission disappearing. Full price £1299 got you £400. £900 got you £25. He got his nice chunk what ever it went for.

When my car broke i was lent the company van.

A 10 year old 1985 C reg fiesta van. Falling apart it was. I ended up in court over this. The boss, Kevin "Horse teeth" Wooldridge sold it to a pair of pikeys.

They came to my home where it was parked in the street, undriveable, as i said it was knackered telling me they had bought it from him. They said his name & had the spare key, which they used because i had genuinely misplaced the key & off they went with it. 2 days later i spotted it in the scrapyard when i went for parts for my motor. Next thing ive got the filth arresting me for stealing it.

Rather handy for the boss that his new employee who had never seen the shed of a van before recognised it while down at the scrapyard. Thing is i was the poorest employee there. They all had new & HP'd motors. There was no way that witness was genuine.


Kirby Cleaners are a PYRAMID SALES ***. NEVER EVER let them into your home. They are ruthless pressure sellers.

Thats why i never lasted. If you ever get the urge to be an employee, give yourself a slap.


Why can't Kirby post upfront and honest job ads when they are recruiting (which is pretty much everyday)???? I have zero respect for this company.

to Anonymous Farmington, New Mexico, United States #996124

Don't be upset because you can't perform a simple job. The people who sell a lot of kirbys are entertaining the customers as well as building value.

Nobody forces anybody to buy anything. Maybe you should gain some respect for yourself.

to Ace New York, New York, United States #1011924

You must be one of those pitiful homeless looking slobs who go door to door and get the cops called on them because you don't have a proper permit. Go back to school, get your GED and maybe then McDonalds might be interested in hiring you and you finally will know what a paycheck is.

It will be a pathetic amount of money, but quite fitting for the likes of you. Inbred piece of sh*t hillbilly ***!

LMAO! Don't be mad bro!

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