A Kirby rep came to my house yesterday. They called before, I forgot about it.

Then the Kirby office called and said, they will do 2 rooms because the rep didn't get 15 appts this week, so I said okay. Guy comes half an hour late, no problem. Stays 3.5 hours, makes me late getting kids' dinner. He does the whole thing, puts filters on the Kirby, lays them out on the rug to show how dirty my rug is after being vacuumed.

Then, takes all the samples, smushes them back into the carpet, then uses my old vacuum, says how bad it is, uses the Kirby then on to the hard sell. Next, he takes the vacuum immediately upstairs, asks which side of the bed my husband sleeps on, vacuums the bed fitted sheet, and says how we are sleeping on dust mites, dander, dried skin and dust mite ***. He kept saying *** to my husband, who looked as if he would hit the guy. Finally, we are back downstairs, he makes the fake call into the office to tell that I don't want to buy one that day, and starts asking me for a "reasonable" offer.

Seriously, their sell is such a hard sell, I told him within the first 5 minutes I wasn't buying one that day because I am cash only and I didn't have $2535 sitting in the bank unattended. Afterwards, when I just wanted him to leave, he just had to clean his equipment for another 40 minutes, to avoid "cross contamination" it was torture. I have worked sales jobs before, but this is time I wish I could get back. They train these people to create an urgency, take apart your vacuum and leave some parts off so it always looks "broken" during the sales call.

They tell you how they use patents from NASA and expect you to be impressed. They then, finally in the last 15 minutes of the hours they invade your home, finally clean the *** carpets which was the point of you letting them in. It is just as effective to get a can of carpet cleaner and do it yourself, seriously. My rep kept saying "dam it" under his breath, and wore me out making me agree with him, yes, I would like to not breath in bad dust in my home, and no, I would not want to buy back the dirt or my old vacuum from him if I bought a Kirby.

It is wearing the customer down at all costs that gets them to buy but think about this -that is some well planned sales presentation. They have all the answers.

Plesae people don't buy one, just say you are all cash all the time like I am. There really is no answer for this, it will stump the best of them and you will protect your bank account in the end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner.

Location: Hudson, New Hampshire

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They called me today and said my name was pulled out of a raffle drawing and that their coming Monday at 6:30pm to shampoo my livingroom carpet!!!???i didn't go onto their website and put my name in a drawing(hmmm bet this is a scam)???who I call because the call came from mount pleasent Michigan!!!


People, if you receive a call or someone at your door about a free carpet cleaning, do not let them in! They are NOT working for a carpet cleaning company, as they claim, they are trying to sell you a 3k vacuum!

If you do buy one, keep in mind, you have THREE days to return it. They may lie and tell you that you have longer but you do not. THREE DAYS is it. So, make sure you get their local address, fax number, email address, phone numbers, etc.

If you decide to cancel, don't just drop something in the mail, they will claim they never received it. Send a fax and keep the confirmation. Call and record the conversation (notify them during the course of the conversation you are recording it though -that's to cover you legally). Send them a cancellation notice via a trackable method, i.e.

fedex. Go to their office in person and record yourself doing the cancellation. This may seem extreme but I am telling you, after reading thousands of complaints against these dealerships, they will lie and lie and claim you did not cancel in time. ALSO, keep in mind anyone who is 67 or older or has a disability (regardless of age) which prevents them from using the vacuum, has 9 months in which to cancel.

This is called the Golden Ager/Disabled Cancellation policy. Again, this is not something the dealerships want you to know.


The product is good as long as you are not handicapped, elderly or frail. It's very heavy and can be hard to utilize.

I won't buy one because of how shady Kirby is with their sales methods. I also object to how they treat their contractors. You have to figure anyone taking on this job is desperate and lack the skills and education to do anything else. They at least deserve to get paid for their efforts.

Too often, they are cheated of their pay and taught how to lie to potential consumers. Also, this vacuum is way to expensive.

Like I said, it's a good product but it's way overpriced. Thanks but no thanks Kirby.


People, don't be naive and think someone is going to waste their time and resources to give you a free carpet cleaning. OBVIOUSLY, they are selling something!

If you are not in the market to buy, do not let them in. It is simple as that.


They came to my house too. Having read the review I was already aware of the situation.

They were very nice, vacuumed and washed the floors and then left.

They were here about 45 minutes and wanted to sell vacuum or get other customers, but the man was excellent at explaining the benefits (which are many but it is a machine I can't afford) and willing

to back off after that.

thanks for the warning.


I don't believe your story and here is why: 45 minutes would not be enough time for this to count as a demo. These salespeople are desperate to try to make their 15 demos a week so they can earn something, even if they don't sell a vacuum.

There is no way they would have left early! They would have finished the demo and 4 hours later you would have been hit with the hard sell from the manager.


Kirby is training their people to lie. Said they would clean carpet in one room for free.

They vacuumed the room then tried to sell the machine. They are pushy, rude and very hard to get out the door.


Right, that's how a company stays in business for 100 years... Training their reps to lie. That makes total sense!


kirby distributorships are not what they use to be. My family started with the company in 1938.

We got out ten years of ago because of the licentious behavior of the Scott Fetzer Company. Kirby is forever changed. There is a huge stress on kirby factory distributors to buy more units and more units.

I have seen good honest men be utterly broken by this model into doing things that they know are not good. Yet, I will say this I still love my g6 kirby.


It's the ONLY reason they are still in business! The lie about EVERYTHING!

They have to, to make any sales. Glad you realize it!


You kind of just seem like a *** to be honest. How could you not make dinner between you and your husband.

Why let them come in if you don't want it.

Why would your husband want to punch a guy just for doing his job. Get a life.


You get a life. They use shady and pushy sales tactics. My husband kicked our Kirby salesman out.


Noone alive would sell a kirby that low stop making things up. They cost distrobutors more than that.

Get real. Hey wait peopel believe everything they read really? Hey everyone ima post on how mercedez is a scam look at consumor affairs website they get 2 stars or 1.5 on a benz. Comen sence yall mercedez benz gets low rating but i have 3!

Love em only car ill buy. Semce u believe everythong you read hey i baught a 2016 c63 amg for 5000 perfect working condition factory warrenty still hahahhaha hey i baught a yacht for 5 dollars on ebay hahhahahah come on people geese


Now you are simply lying, obviously a paid ***

I still have the filter disk where the sales guy wrote down an offer to me for $700 financed or $600 in cash if I bought it right now.

After the sales guy gets paid, his boss, a couple other people in the chain...that means the kirby itself is worth maybe $200 at best. I can buy a better machine at Target for that.

Kirby is a well known scam operation going back decades. If their product was worth anything it would be sold in a reputable store and not some sleazy door to door scam.

Kirby operates a criminal enterprise and uses front companies to sell the product to insulate themselves from legal action. This site, along with Consumer Affairs lists thousands of complaints identical to this person's. A simple search on YouTube will reveal former employees revealing the scam.


Thank you !!!


When I was in the biz whole price was about 485 g4 model. There is a huge make up because a kirby feeds a lot of people.

There are about four to five layers of people that will get paid off of one sale. It's an american made product and it feeds american workers. So there is at least that. I don't think it's a scam but I do think they are way over priced.

Regardless of what some will same it's one of the best products out there but a product is only as good as the people backing it. Kirby hires too many crooks and *** men looking for a fast dollar.


My dirt devil cleans much better than a Kirby. Hands down.


Actually I did get offered one that low while they were trying to get me to buy. As for you owning a Mercedes?


Sure. And I’m Queen Elizabeth.


I apologise he used poor sales tactics . How ever you cld have communicated with the rep hey enough w the talk get to work.

Some of these reps are new some are poor in salesman ship i been doin this for years and yes when i see a need in a cust home dirt wise allergy wise and financially wise. Most cust throw away 10 of THOUSANDS by spending on cheeper products over and over paying someone to shampoo throwing away money n not getting clean still and replacing thousands of dollars of carpet sofas ect. Yes i fight for that customer and help them. I do not cross that line he did tho.

Thats rude poor tactics. Dyson 300 to 700 replaced every 2 to 5 years 30 years? 3000 to 7000 thrown away n carpets dirty whole time. Then pay someone to shampoo dirt?

Make mud deep in carpet so it smells stains come back? Have you ripped up old carpets? Years of poor cleaning equiptment countless hours and thousands of dollars thrown away on cheap gimic advertising us americans fall for. Kirbys have 4x suction as dyson on half the energy n no clogs jams filters to wash replace maintain.

Its quality not cool vaccums that look like a spaceship have cool names and colors and balls that pick up bolling balls n que balls.

They clean a home properly for over 100 years. No other company in world can compete


I was offered the kirby for $700 financed or $600 cash on the spot. This means that after paying their sales people and distributor the kirby itself is worth at most about $200...the same as a good model vacuum at Target.

Added to that a worthless warranty and outrageously overpriced parts like replacement belts, bags, and filters-- and a kirby will cost you more than simply replacing your carpets once a year!

Kirby is a decades old, well known scam. They've been sued for targeting the elderly and even people with Alzheimer's.

A simple Google or YouTube search will reveal the truth about this scam.

Do not let these people into your homes.

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