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Stay away from JBC Kirby of Alaska located in Eagle River Alaska. The person who runs this business is a scam artist.

If you decide to buy a Kirby from him and you finance the piece of equipment you make your payments to the finance company. JBC Kirby will turn our account over to a collection company only providing a bill stating you own them money. If you speak with the finance company they say the loan is through them only. JBC tries to get paid twice for a product by failing a false collection account and when asked to provide proof of the debt your inquiry is ignored leaving a negative collection account on your credit.

This guy is a scam artist and I suggest you refuse to do business with him or any of his salesmen. Tell them your not interested and leave your home!

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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They don't want to know this but is it owned by Warren Buffet. 2nd Richest in the world.

to Anonymous #1419189

He is not the second richest man in the world. Pick up a copy of Forbes and you will see that.

that guy 2010

JBC Alaska,

Well I'm hoping that you’re feeling the effects of ripping Alaskans off for so long. It’s only a matter of time before you go belly up just like every other fly by night operation. I really enjoyed warning my neighbors a few months ago when I noticed the creepy Kirby van casing our decent well respected neighborhood.

You can only rip so many people off, force your way into their homes by deceit, and prolong your stay after they have asked your *** salesman to leave repeatedly.

Oh yeah consumers, if you want to buy a Kirby, there is a Kirby Repair shop in Wasillia that you can buy one for the fraction of the price, and you don’t have to deal with Scummy criminal salesmen.


I worked for a *** in fairbanks by the name of Tim C who is the owner of the kirby vacuum place.

When I tried to work somewhere else he stalked me around and wouldn't let me work.

These kirby guys are real pieces of work, it's a huge scam.

BEWARE. Never let your kids or friend work for kirby and if your going to buy one, never pay more then they do, $350 a machine.


The comment is not misleading. These bastards had a guy out here in Fairbanks in the earlier 2000's selling products with another guy who was supposedly going to school out-of-state.

As a fellow-Alaskan I went to purchase the item through the finance option. This *** never gave me a vacuum and then had the claim sent to Collections. Dumb-me for trying to be true blue for another Alaskan in this cold a$$ place. It'll never happen again.

And,check this. They give you the number for the Eagle River branch for complaints and those sons-of-b* tell you that it is out of there hands.

I just waited out my seven years and now it is off my credit report. If you got duped by this person give me his name and the *** who hired him..but they may be in the scam business together.


This guy is so full of bull it almost isn't worth replying. If I had all the money deadbeats like him never paid on their accounts I could pay-off my mortgage.

It is entirely untrue anybody ever gets paid twice on an account. Infact the dealer loses money when an account is unpaid.

I am in not associated with JBC but was looking for parts for my Kirby when I saw this and felt a third party response was in order.


correction our tel.#is (907)696-4670


This complaint is totaly false and misleading.We have no record of any such activity.Been in business over 30 years with no problems like this.Writer failed to include contact number,here is ours (907)696-4570

to jbc manager #1419192

Of course you will lie.


Who was this guy? Did he give a name?

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