Kirby, Hawkeye QCK,Davenport is a total scam !

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What a crock! three girls came to my door and told me they were doing a promo for a new "CARPET CLEANING BUSINESS" in the area and they would shampoo any room of my house as advertisement hoping I would in return be satisfied and tell others...

Since we were looking to have our carpets professionally cleaned anyway, I figured this was a perfect way to see if I like their product. I told them I would hire them back to do the other rooms if all went well - they told me that's what they were hoping for, 'future business'

They said, they "would move all my furniture and shampoo my carpets free of charge, I did not have to do anything"... well, as they were out getting their 'equipment', I moved all the furniture. two of the girls left, and the third came in w a vacuum cleaner - a Kirby... I own a Kirby, I hate the attachment hassle so it stays in my closet and I use my Dyson, which I love!

She vacuumed a 3x3 area to show me how well it worked... I didn't care, my vacuum works awesome, its just that the room she was in, was the walkway between the garage and the main house w a TV and couches,pretty much an extension of the garage for the guys and their muddy boots.

Long, frustrating story short... she was there over an hour and had only been messing around w the attachments. Then she sprayed the same area w shampoo and vacuumed it up, I saw no change.

I had to leave,I told them from the beginning that I only had about 90 minutes - of course, they said," no problem". She was their w no car and kept telling me that her boss was on his way and he wanted to talk to me...

I explained that I was totally mislead, I had no idea that it was a promo for a Kirby or I never would have agreed. So, I left, told her thanks, if I liked the way the carpets turned out, I would contact them. She acted like that was fine.

So, when I came home - my room had piles of dirt as if they emptied out the bag throughout the room and left about 12 filters laying around! Nothing was even vacuumed except the initial 3x3 area. PLUS, they left the outside door wide open so every fly in the county came in...

I'm ticked, this was a *** and a wast of my time not to mention I moved all my furniture and now have a room filled w flies! Can I file a complaint ? Is there anything I can do to prevent others from this *** ?

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242 of 277 Kirby reviews
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Jul 24 #1189313 Ocean View, Delaware, United States

This "company" is straight ***, they lie to you about pay, *** over if you don't meet requirements they provide blah blah blah I worked for a day and I couldn't take it anymore, this woman knew she wasn't gonna buy a Kirby but my sales manager insisted we demo for her! Left me there for 2.5 hours than came back to get me because she had called the police because we didn't have permits to sale in tht county....I almost got a ticket! As shady as the company is they most certainly would've threw me under the bus,,,, ohh and not to mention my sales manager was smoking pot on the way to whatever town we were in

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Jul 31, 2013 #690781 Davenport, Iowa, United States

ANd by the way to that former Kirby employee. No wonder things didnt work out because you were only there for 3 days. If you gave it time the rewards are great. Also most people read the fine print before they sign anything. Thats your fault. There is a devine reason most KIRBY salesman are successful. Its because they are dedicated and believe in what they do.

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Jul 31, 2013 #690759 Davenport, Iowa, United States

I was with Kirby for along time and I have to tell you that I think you are very wrong. Kriby's are the best complete home care units in the world and Im saying this because its a proven fact. The people you are talking about Ive known and worked with for a long time and they are very professional and love what they do. So please stop trying to ruin their reputation because you arent satisfied with whatever it may be. And please stop making up lies. Its childish. Thanks.

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May 30, 2012 #488597

This company has many names: Foundation, Best company, and Paradigm Investment group. All sub companies of Kirby. They always post on Craiglist saying high pay, start immediately, full-time or part-time everything to make them sound good. But all you going to do is go door-to-door offering free carpet cleaning but they won't tell you is they are going to take 2-3 hours of your time trying to sell you a kirby. Of-course they going to carpet shampoo ONE room but like I said they going to take 2-3 hours of your time.It's a scam just to get in your house and sell you a kirby. They say they will pay you over 2000 dollars a month but they don't tell you have to demostrat this product to 55 house before you get paid at end of month and if you do 54 you don't get paid. One more thing kirby cost over 2300 dollars.

In 4 days I work over 60 hours, thats over 12 hours a day and i did not get paid one cent. It a commission based job and they will say you will get paid 1650 or 2150 a month base pay but they don't tell you is that there is a goal you have to reach before you get paid. 55 demostrations for $1650 and 65 demostration for 2150 and if you only do 54 demostration you get paid ZERO dollars.

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Nov 02, 2014 #894440

That is a out right lie your paid weekly and yes it is commission. Your do the work and clean the the carpet to impress the client and sell the product. So if your there for 3 hours and you make a sell for 2300 hundred dollars you get a percentage when your new that way even if the kirby gets discounted big time you still make money. but after your trained and on point. you get every thing over 1150. on ever your kirby your sell. So on one that's 1150 profit.That's 280 dollars a hour! do that 3 times in a week and and thats 3450. So no its not a scam. Often times though the kirby will get discounted so if the kirby only goes for 1700 hundred you get 550. I depends can you build enough values that you can sell for the big bucks or and do you throw out the deals and chop the price and take that easy sell. You might be both.

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Apr 09, 2012 #463134

I agree with all the above complaints. The salesman at my door asked me about a spot on my carpet, said he could clean it in 10 minutes. I said I was working from home, and he said no problem, we can do the work and will let you know when we're finished. He said he had to call his manager to get the equipment. Next thing I know, 3 guys are in my house, the "manager" is saying that another guy is going to do the cleaning, it's his first day and that he was really nervous. I felt bad for the guy. It was actually his first day and he didn't really know what to do. The other guys left. The demo guy would keep interupting my work to show me each attachment he was putting on. He did a good job, but I could tell he was uncomfortable. Soon, I had to get my kids from school, but couldn't leave this guy in my house, so I had to find alternative arrangements to get my kids home. Plus, I had to help with homework, make them snacks and dinner and we had to leave. It was exhausting trying to be cordial to the dude. The others didn't come to get him so he could leave until after 4 hrs later!! He told me that he didn't know what was going on or why they were taking so long to come get him. He called the owner, and he said to "keep vacuuming".. He eventually called his wife to come get him , which was over a 2 hr drive. I was so irritated. When the van finally got here to pick him up, it was a girl who I hadn't seen yet. She said she "got lost" that's why she was so late. I live in a small... Show more

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Mar 14, 2012 #449043

If you want a Kirby vacuum, get it somewhere else. Salesmen for this company are *** artists and will not give you an honest price. I cancelled my order and was given rude and disrespectful treatment by incompetent office help that told me the contract didn't mean what it said about refund of money. Record every conversation and get receipts for anything sent to them.

Don't fall for the line that the new guy gets a trip to the Dells if he makes this one sale. And don't buy the story that he/she was in an accident and needs the money so bad they are working when they should be in bed. The two guys got their stories switched--the "hurt" guy said he had been rear-ended. His partner who was not in the room at the time began explaining to me that he had bumped his head going over railroad tracks.
They are dishonest *** men--you have been warned.

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Previous Employee

Mar 05, 2012 #442452

I totally get where your coming from. I was a Kirby employee for about 3 days. I didn't even get a paycheck. They DO teach you to lie. I got stuck in an older woman's home for 4 hours one day. Total BS!! I did do the entire room but, got nothing for it. They tell you to tell the "clients" that you get $25 for just cleaning their carpets. You don't get a dang thing for that. I'm sorry for anyone that ever had to work for these people or have the experience of a "free carpet cleaning." Kirby is a great vacuum, but the company is a joke!

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Feb 08, 2012 #425194

the person below me is obviously with hawkeye.

regional manager for a fortune 500 company says "falt" and "deffinately?" LOLPLEASE. quit lying to people. your company makes me sick.

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I am happy and i have a job

Jan 09, 2012 #405820

I disagree with all the negative bs. i worked for this company for a year in a half and learned alot. I took all the tools from the company and it made me into who i am today. A regional manager for a fortune 500 company. I can understand if you are lazy and have a negative outlook. Negative thinking creates negative results. If you are thinking you wont get paid maybe you should start working and if all you have to do is talk negative then you realy don't have a job. hmmmmm!!! I know for a fact that i made at least 800 per week if not more so if you are lazy thats your falt no one elses and deffinately not hawkeye's.

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Dont Apply There

Dec 06, 2011 #386597

I went and applied for a customer service job a week ago. It looks as if everyone that applys get the job. They stuffed us in a small room, then tried to pitch us on selling vacuum cleaners? Said we didnt have to sell, but the paperwork the kid wanted me to sign had "selling/sales" all over it. I should do the same

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Been There Done That

Nov 22, 2011 #378931

Okay first off i'd like to say: I HAVE WORKED FOR KIRBY! yes, i was the lady coming into your house and not leaving...

Kirby for the most part is not a scam. GREAT product(if used properly). But the sales people do not leave under any circumstance because the people in the van DO NOT COME BACK untill either a) the cops are called b) the demo is over or c) untill they feel like it.

Yes the people who come into your home more then likely hate what they are doing(i know i did)Travelling hours away from home, leaving state occasionally, working 16-18 hour days 6 days a week. They ARE taught to lie to you. you tell them do this little spot, i only have 5 minutes, they are taught to insist to do the whole floor. if you tell the people at the door you only got 5 min, they dont come back for at least an hour even if the demonstrater calls them numerous time, upun this happening the demonstrator will be "talked to" because they didnt do their job right.

I was fired from Kirby because i was in a house doing a demo and the lady said she had to leave, so i made the call. half hour late i called again and agian telling them she had to go. eventually the lady couldnt wait any longer, so she left. I was stuck outside in mid-january in at least two feet of snow for over two hours before they decided to come get me. I was only wearing a tee-shirt dress slacks and open toed shoes. I asked to go back to the office to warm up for a bit, they said no
... Show more

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Sep 26, 2011 #350154

I love my Kirby but discovered when we purchased it in 2004 by 3 guys door-to-door in West Des Moines when we moved in (sold sign in the yard) its serial number turned out to be in-valid. Reconditioned? Nonetheless it works well & I have it serviced in Muscatine. Ad in Sept 2011 Muscatine Journal: I called a jobs ad after reverse lookup of the phone number, extremely evasive man answered "hello" (there's a red flag) and described much as above did, customer service & maintenance small appliances affiliated with Hawkeye in Davenport. Beware customers or job hunters! Reminiscent of the drop-off magazine sellers. :eek

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Aug 02, 2011 #322390

Kirby teaches their salespeople to lie. Offering a cleaning service and then doing a high-pressure sales pitch is dishonest, not to mention misleading. I can't tell you how many hundreds and thousands of people have been conned like this. Some buy the Kirby just to make the obnoxious sales people go away. If you have not had this experience, you're lucky. HOWEVER... telling the woman its her fault when she had to leave, and these people wouldn't get out of her house, is just mean. Kirby sales people don't leave for anything short of violence or a call to the police. If they have not finished their demo, they will basically make you a prisoner in your home. Think I'm lying? There are hundreds of other testimonials from people who were treated just like Amcmine. But the biggest reason that they don't "just leave"? Packing up all the pieces of that Kirby is a loong job. They actually have contests in-house to see which employee can do it fastest. Add in the steam cleaner ("free carpet cleaning") and there's an extra five minutes tacked on, as they have to first finish picking up all the bubbles (yes, bubbles) left behind. I know what you're thinking- bubbles? I thought it was a STEAM cleaning! I know. Dishonesty from Kirby, what a shocker.
Anyway, the point is, don't knock this person down because pushy Kirby people lied to get into the house and then wouldn't leave. NO ONE deserves to get treated like that. As far as the writer of this article leaving while they're
... Show more

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steven sense

Jul 28, 2011 #319410

Why is this complaint against kirby? You never said she tried to sell you a vacuum only that she had a kirby she used to vacuum your carpet. From the post it appears you started to complain to her for having a kirby vacuum but you never mention she gave you any sales pitch. Why did you need to leave suddenly when her boss wanted to talk to you? Since you have no idea what the name of the company is and paid no money for a service, who do you plan to complain to and about what? What paperwork or contract do you have about this service?

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Wait, what?

Jul 20, 2011 #315061

Why in the world would you leave them alone in your home? You're lucky that's all they did.

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Not a dumb person

Jun 26, 2011 #304760

That is S T U P I D not ***. Pissed Consumer was trying to protect the ***.

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Not a dumb person

Jun 26, 2011 #304758

You deserve what you got for being so *** as to leave your own home in the care of strangers.

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