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What a crock! three girls came to my door and told me they were doing a promo for a new "CARPET CLEANING BUSINESS" in the area and they would shampoo any room of my house as advertisement hoping I would in return be satisfied and tell others...

Since we were looking to have our carpets professionally cleaned anyway, I figured this was a perfect way to see if I like their product. I told them I would hire them back to do the other rooms if all went well - they told me that's what they were hoping for, 'future business'

They said, they "would move all my furniture and shampoo my carpets free of charge, I did not have to do anything"... well, as they were out getting their 'equipment', I moved all the furniture. two of the girls left, and the third came in w a vacuum cleaner - a Kirby... I own a Kirby, I hate the attachment hassle so it stays in my closet and I use my Dyson, which I love!

She vacuumed a 3x3 area to show me how well it worked... I didn't care, my vacuum works awesome, its just that the room she was in, was the walkway between the garage and the main house w a TV and couches,pretty much an extension of the garage for the guys and their muddy boots.

Long, frustrating story short... she was there over an hour and had only been messing around w the attachments. Then she sprayed the same area w shampoo and vacuumed it up, I saw no change.

I had to leave,I told them from the beginning that I only had about 90 minutes - of course, they said," no problem". She was their w no car and kept telling me that her boss was on his way and he wanted to talk to me...

I explained that I was totally mislead, I had no idea that it was a promo for a Kirby or I never would have agreed. So, I left, told her thanks, if I liked the way the carpets turned out, I would contact them. She acted like that was fine.

So, when I came home - my room had piles of dirt as if they emptied out the bag throughout the room and left about 12 filters laying around! Nothing was even vacuumed except the initial 3x3 area. PLUS, they left the outside door wide open so every fly in the county came in...

I'm ticked, this was a *** and a wast of my time not to mention I moved all my furniture and now have a room filled w flies! Can I file a complaint ? Is there anything I can do to prevent others from this *** ?

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Here is another news article about this company:


Here is a new reports about aggressive selling techniques from this company:

And their BBB page with their F rating:


The employees are treated as trash to begin with.I worked for them and I felt like ***.

They refused to pay me so I took it up with the state and won. I got a $490 check for 58 hours. All you can do is warn others and if they like the product, buy one off Ebay for $600 and save yourself the hassle. The try selling the same product for $3,200.

Who cares about the warranty anyway.

If its a good product it wont need fixing.My parents bought one in 2007 and its 2017 never an issue or warranty problem.

to Eli #1291435

Good for you!!!I get tired of reading stories of people not getting paid and/or getting treated like a W2 employee when these distributorships force them to be 1099 independent contractors,(so they don't have to pay an hourly or benefits/OT), yet they don't ever do anything to try to get their money.

So, kudos to you for doing something about it!I'd like to hear more stories of people getting off their backsides and doing something besides just complaining.

Ocean View, Delaware, United States #1189313

This "company" is straight ***, they lie to you about pay, *** over if you don't meet requirements they provide blah blah blah I worked for a day and I couldn't take it anymore, this woman knew she wasn't gonna buy a Kirby but my sales manager insisted we demo for her! Left me there for 2.5 hours than came back to get me because she had called the police because we didn't have permits to sale in tht county....I almost got a ticket! As shady as the company is they most certainly would've threw me under the bus,,,, ohh and not to mention my sales manager was smoking pot on the way to whatever town we were in

Davenport, Iowa, United States #690781

ANd by the way to that former Kirby employee.No wonder things didnt work out because you were only there for 3 days.

If you gave it time the rewards are great. Also most people read the fine print before they sign anything. Thats your fault.

There is a devine reason most KIRBY salesman are successful.Its because they are dedicated and believe in what they do.

to GUIDO #1291440

MOST Kirby salespeople are NOT successful. If one even lasts longer than a month, they are considered long-time workers, lol!

Davenport, Iowa, United States #690759

I was with Kirby for along time and I have to tell you that I think you are very wrong.Kriby's are the best complete home care units in the world and Im saying this because its a proven fact.

The people you are talking about Ive known and worked with for a long time and they are very professional and love what they do. So please stop trying to ruin their reputation because you arent satisfied with whatever it may be. And please stop making up lies.

Its childish.Thanks.

to GUIDO #1291441

This company has ruined their own rep!They have an F rating with the BBB and there is a news report of them being accused of holding a customer hostage!

They also, according to the news report, have 6 different names they go under.That is a major red flag right there!


This company has many names: Foundation, Best company, and Paradigm Investment group.All sub companies of Kirby.

They always post on Craiglist saying high pay, start immediately, full-time or part-time everything to make them sound good. But all you going to do is go door-to-door offering free carpet cleaning but they won't tell you is they are going to take 2-3 hours of your time trying to sell you a kirby. Of-course they going to carpet shampoo ONE room but like I said they going to take 2-3 hours of your time.It's a scam just to get in your house and sell you a kirby. They say they will pay you over 2000 dollars a month but they don't tell you have to demostrat this product to 55 house before you get paid at end of month and if you do 54 you don't get paid.

One more thing kirby cost over 2300 dollars.

In 4 days I work over 60 hours, thats over 12 hours a day and i did not get paid one cent.

It a commission based job and they will say you will get paid 1650 or 2150 a month base pay but they don't tell you is that there is a goal you have to reach before you get paid.55 demostrations for $1650 and 65 demostration for 2150 and if you only do 54 demostration you get paid ZERO dollars.

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