My mother was introduced to one of Kirbys finest. He gave a 3 hour pressure deal to a 67 year old women this time, said she could keep it 3 days and return it if she decieded she didnt want it.

Now they wont return her calls or come get the 1600 dollar machine thats not needed for a 500 sq. ft. appartment with 200 dollar carpet she doesnt own. Where are Kirby's ethical and moral minds ?

I dont know how to help my mom here except to have her send it fed X with a reciet request, any ideas?

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Location: Sacramento, California

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call the better business bureau and the news


that sucks that that happened to your mom. unfortunately not everybody has the best ethics in the world.

But your mom is what the Kirby company call a "Golden Ager". By policy, she has a whole year to cancel. She just needs to call the 1800 number on her kirby bag and tell them that she cancells.

Then they will call the distributor themselves. Then if they still don't come pick it up after 20 days, as long as she makes it available to them then legally it's hers.


You don't even have to call the office just sent in the notice of cancelation signed. If the customer is over 60 they will gice them more time to cancel. By law you have 3 days to cancel anytime you purchase something in your home.


Kirky is a great place to work with above average pay. The business is not for everyone but those who stay and put real effort in to it can make a 6 figure income as I have for the last 20 years.

There is no pressure required to sell these if properly trained to do so. As for returning the Kirby, read the paper work, it's not hard to do.


BJ how do you go to seep at night knowing you are a Kirby loser sales Pimp. Kirby lies to get into the home lies to get the sale.lie to get a refund.

lie to get people to sell this piece of sh-t.one thing all Kirby pimps have in common.

they all lie on how much money they make.one guy said he made $200,000 per year yet he drove a Geo Metro that had bald tires ,the car smoked and he lived at the Kirby store. the Dealer was a *** that cut fa-ts at the office and was caught licking a Kirby after it sucked up some dog *** .one sick puppy :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :x :x :x :x :x Kirby Pimps.


You’re broke and live in your parents basement.


anyone who would use people to come out to their house to do a free cleaning is a chump.


First, I would just like to say that I feel bad for anyone who has wasted there time and really thought that they were going to get a good paying job because of some kind of false advertisement. These false advertisements can really put people’s hopes up and make people believe that they can actually get an easy way out and make some actual decent money. The truth is you really can’t get a good job at any place without any type of education, work experience or reference. Especially if you have any type of criminal background attach to you. Another thing is, if a company is being secretive about their business and does not discuss to you about your salary or position that you are applying for before you even start your job, then something is just seriously wrong. It just common sense when you can tell a professional business to an unprofessional business. When they are using profanity more then 5 times and seriously ignoring you when you are asking them some serious questions, that is just a sign that they are just looking for innocent people to use and manipulate to make them selves some money.

Second, I can understand why some people who worked at Kirby or is still currently working there may get mad at some people or their ex employees for complaining. It is their job and who likes people putting down their job. But the honest truth is they know the Kirby business has been doing their employees and customers wrong from day one after their training. If they are *** enough to not realize that then they can just tell them selves that they are a selfish person and don’t really care about anyone else’s feelings but their own. Be honest with yourself and put yourself in your ex employees and customers shoe. Would you want to be lied too when you work your butt off and never get paid for all the hard work you’ve done for the past week? Would you want some *** person that you don’t even know come knocking at your door at 9:00pm pressuring you to by a $2000 vacuum? I mean come on. Be real! Most people that were in this Kirby business did not even get a back ground check or even a simple drug test. How could the Kirby business even think about hiring people without checking their back ground knowing that they are going to be going into peoples home? THAT MY FRIENDS IS BAD BUSINESS!!!

You may get mad at me for telling the truth or even agree with me. But the matter of the fact is open your eyes and really understand and know what you are getting yourself into. Take some time to look up what company you are applying for and make sure that they are professional. To customers and employees, I do feel bad for all that you had to put up with from this business. You should always know never to open your doors just to anyone even if they say it’s to help them win a trip that you’re not even invited to. To all the employees working with the Kirby industry, I don’t mean to burst your bubbles and tell the truth to the world but it’s just something that seriously needs to be put out there. If you guys were so great, then why is it that your company has some of the worst complaints talked about everywhere? There’s something for you to think about. Oh and for the record, the only reason why I am writing this is because my mom and dad did get pressure into buying a Kirby and I am an ex employee for this company. That gives me every right to state what I have to say about this situation.


I had the kirby people over to clean my carpet. I didn't know they were kirby salespeople, but didn't care really.

I just wanted the free cleaning.

I laughed at their pressure "buy today" sales technique. Thanks for the free cleaning chumps!!


heres what u do u send your notice of canclation in the 3 day notice and they have to pick your kirby up within 20 days look at the paper work in every contract and also u can call the kirby companty 1800 number and tell them what happen and they send a letter to the office in the town and they have to do somthing but just make sure u tell them your moms age because there is also a rule for kirby companty that if person buying the kirby they have one year to cancale the contract and they have to give back there money if there over 60 it called the golden ager call 1800 for kirby factory and they MAKE SURE ITS takin care of and just so its known i working for them for 3 years and i nerver made anyone buy anything they didet want it and older people 99% of the time they buy them to help out the kid who showed it to the 3 hrs means they guy who showed it was new but yea man kirbys great place to work and u get go on trips all over the world u like anyone else find there always one person to rune the fun for everyone else


Please read the fine print on the back of your paperwork. You call the main office, tell them to send someone to pick up the machine.

Then follow up with a certified letter. Most states have a 3-10day right to change ones mind for purchases over $500. You must make it available for pickup for I believe it is 10 days. If it is not picked up within that time frame, you have a free machine.

My mother was pressured into buying at $1800 machine. She eventually wound up with a free machine because we had everything on paper and no one came to pick it up.

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