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Bottom line, I've always hated sales folk. Especially the door to door variety. They not only weren't forthcoming with their intentions (came across as more of a cleaning service). Bottom line, that's how they get in your house. Their "20 min spiel" ended up thing nearly 3 hours of basically them being extremely aggressive in attempting to sell their product... all while I'm watching my son right when he got home from school. I repeatedly told them "it's not happening, let's wrap this up. Now." Well, they finally left after repeated attempts of trying to get me into a contract (don't worry, it didn't happen). The kicker was that after they left, I discovered that with my Dyson, they turned it to "wood floor mode" while vacuuming before they showed what theirs would do basically meaning that the carpet didn't really get vacuumed at all since the rotor wasn't moving the entire time. Professional scam artists.

I didn't like: Pushy sales.

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Don't ever buy a Kirby vacuum from Kirby! Buy one on eBay for $100 - $300 bucks.



The salesguy walked in my door joking about how they clean black people on their brochure.


So disturbing. This company needs to go out of existence now.

They prey on kids that can't get good jobs and brainwash them and instead of paying them a fair hourly wage for busting their tails they pay them only commission and they get to go to Disney World once a year!

Whippee! This company is pure EVIL! After Kirby vacuumed my bed the next day I woke up with bites all over my body and I discovered I now have bed bugs!

The demo equipment they use is DISGUSTING AND INFECTED and they use the same equipment from house to house literally spreading parasites and bed bugs everywhere. DON'T LET THESE SCUMBAGS INTO YOUR HOUSE OR HOME!


We appreciate the opportunity to address your comments, and we apologize for your frustrations regarding the individuals knocking on your door. Although the companies or “distributorships” that sell our products to consumers are independently owned and operated, we understand that they represent our brand.

As such, they are required to operate ethically and to provide the best in customer service. We would appreciate it if you would please give us a call to discuss the salespeople or “dealers” that have been at your home. We believe we may have a quick solution to this matter.

You may reach our Consumer Relations Department by calling 800-494-8586 or by sending an email to We look forward to hearing from you.

The Kirby Company

to TheKirbyCompany2015 #1136888

Typical canned response from the Kirby folks, where they pass the buck and pretend they aren't responsible. Well riddle me this: you can read the thousands upon thousands of complaints against Kirby where folks are complaining they were told the people at their door represented a carpet cleaning business and would clean one room for free and it would only take 20 minutes and all they were interested in was a positive reference for their new cleaning business.

Now, if homeowners/residents from California all across the United States, through Europe and over to Australia are reporting this exact same deceptive sales ploy, WHO IS TEACHING ALL THESE INDEPENDENT DEALERSHIPS separated by thousands of miles, separated by oceans this same method???

Someone is doing it! I would LOVE to see a journalist / undercover reporter with a heavy-hitter news organization do an investigative report on this very subject!

to Anonymous Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1138470

Friend, I have forwarded my complaint- which is identical to your own- to my local news channel who do a 'consumer advocacy' piece weekly, exposing scams and fraud.

A quick YouTube search will yield several videos by other news agencies exposing the kirby scam.

As well as countless videos of kirby salespeople refusing to leave property when told to, and former employees revealing the scam. This is the same scam over and over, from several companies across the entire US.

Despite their claims of innocence- kirby operates on this basic scam and uses front companies only to shield themselves from legal action. If they had a worthwhile product, it would be sold in a reputable store and not some sleazy door to door scam.

I live in an apartment complex that does not allow solicitors, yet these people knocked on every door here (after hours for the rental office) so I am going to check with them if these people had permission to be on the property- which I highly doubt.

Kirby will deflect the trespassing lawsuit by claiming it's not their direct employees- but this is just another sleazy tactic from kirby. By the way, the final offer I got on the kirby was $600 cash.

After paying their sales people and whoever else in the chain- the kirby itself might be worth perhaps $200. I can buy a better machine at Target for that much and not have to deal with low life scammers in my home.

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