I used to work for Kirby Vacumm cleaners in Newtonabbey in Belfast NORTHERN IRELAND and I can guarantee you they are the biggest bunch of gangsters in the country. Gary Pridham and John Solomon are the scammers that make you feel as if your gonna be a millionaire and make poor employees feel like they are in a really good job when they dont know whats coming to them.

they rip you off. i was workin like a tool for them. cant believe i stayed with them for so long. they train you to intimidate people into buying 2000 dollar vacumm cleaners.

I hope the company gets whats coming to them!! scammers. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE VACUMM CLEANERS!!!!

the company uses illegal microsoft windows software too in their offices.

Location: London, England

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I have just read the comments below and having worked for this company twice, I can confirm it is extremely hard work, but extremely rewarding.I was never asked to "bully" anyone into anything, just put on a full demonstration of the product, ask the right questions, and then ask the potential customer to buy it.Anyone complaining about this being a scam it either too lazy to put in the work involved - or try and change the system.My only regret is messing up the employment I had with them.Jon Solomon is a gentleman who would do anything for you if you put the effort in for him, and Conor - one of the most hardworking persons I have had the pleasure to know and work with.My only regret is messing up not only the first opportunity - but also the second and I would say to anyone given the chance to work for this global company - put the effort in - the rewards will come.Mervyn


Blah blah blah Jon Solomon! Take your nonsense somewhere else!


Well what can i say? John solomon, a total scammer, an arrogant little *** who looks like fred flintstone, only much more fat.

He thinks he is someone but yet all he is is a little boy. His wife is pretty fit tho, so hes well punching above his weight.




Dont buy kirby from distributors in Northern Ireland or maybe don't let them into your home.Have a kirby unused because of all hassle.A lot of money.


Avoid at all costs. I went last summer.

They pitch you a job that sounds amazing - potentially huge commisions, safe guards in place, competitions, "We had someone today that sold 3!" they said.

All rubbish. I can't belive I fell for this in hindsight. It takes advantage of financially vulnerable people, myself at the time 19 years of age and struggling to make ends meet, who are looking to make good money.

People who think theyve hit the jackpot when they hear about it and get it. I remember telling a few friends " I could make £1000 a week commision".

They told us these £2000 vaccum cleaners sell themselves. They are very good products but you need to ask yourself how many people in Nothern Ireland can put this money towards this.

They also said "all your appointments with customers will be easily arranged and you'll easily fill your time with them." - also absolute rubbish - its a hoover costing thousands.

I left after being asked to do 5 practice demos to members of my family and friends.

They say you can get bonuses if you sell one to them. They use this to make money themselves, looking to see if they can get some quick cash out of you.

Jobs are advertised as Quinn International and usually found on Indeed.com. --------------------------------A message directly to John Solomon-------------------------------------- Whilst you are unlikely to see this John, I hope you stop targeting people like you did me last summer. It's easy to remember when you sat us in your fancy office and showed us the walls covered in signed memorabilia from sports greats from Liverpool Legends to Ali, telling us the amazing things that lay ahead.

I also took a photo of one of the signatures of the great Pele shirt you had signed and hung up. I found some official Pele signatures online and the one you have is, like yourself, a fraud. You are a malipulative, disgusting person. You capitalise on people looking for a new start and hang them out to dry.

Every breath you have is a breath wasted. You are a monster.


John Soloman and Connor Quinn are like the Kray twins oops sorry I meant Laurel & Hardy


(Wouldn't bully people into a sale for treble the money they are offering, more chance of winning the lottery than getting 15 sales in a calendar month for a promotion that's more than likely never there for you anyway) more than likely means definetely not from what I've read here and other sites


Studio 3 Valley Business Centre

Church Road


County Antrim

BT36 7LS

For anyone that is unlucky enough to be invited here after being told what you have at recruitment have a look about as you arrive does it look like a place that is thriving?


The people in this company seem to think there co workers are so cool and impressive if they can patronise your customer into a finance agreement that they call comfortably affordable to you, pay a deposit up front and roughly 24% APR on a product over 12 or 24 months that's on a product worth £1995 so work that out!! Also beware they will advertise as if they have loads of jobs going, there are NOT everyone will start from the same position and will be based on doing 60 demos a month of the home care system which is hugely over prices at randomers houses by going door to door. By no means am I saying this isn't a good product it is probably the best in the market by a long stretch but watch for these people and if it was me I wouldn't be letting them in thinking your getting something free because it will be come very clear that you don't get anything for free life you will have signed yourself up for a long day in your own home and not much room for manoeuvre sounds funny but it isn't when you fall victim too it


This job will be advertised as appliance trainee really you will be giving an interview which isn't as you would expect your normal interviews to be like no need for cv or any actual formal recruitment process. Then you will be told you will do a 3 day training period in which you will learn how to do the demonstrations of the machine it is at this point that you will realise how this job is far too good to be true, you will find out that you will be dropped off In a rich area by your team leader you will go door to door till someone lets you in then you will intimidate and bully the person into buying it by asking them do they want to let you in there house to do a room free carpet shampoo but not only this you will then have to take dirt samples which are on white disks from fabric sofas, carpet and anything else about the house till you have done atleast 100 samples then leave them all set out separate so they can see how dirty their house is.

So from this very point you can tell they are trying to tell people there house is filthy and that there vacuum doesn't work properly but will make it sound like they are on your side by telling you that you can only do so much with the equipment that you currently so it's not your fault. However at my training I asked the two dps employees for kirby in newtownabbey what if the person does not want you to do the demonstration do we just leave I was told keep pushing the sale and tell the customer that you are paid £20 to do free room cleaning and demonstrations because likely a person who tells you there not interested will be the people to buy it, absolute bull, this in itself will tell you that they don't care about the customers experience or how uncomfortable that you are actually making them in there own house, another thing for potential employees ask on interview stage of you don't complete all of your 60 demos in one month will still be paid.

The answer will be NO! I went to the interview and the first 2 training days and realised straight of the bat it wasn't for me, people that worked there seem very ungenuine except the 2 dps employees who were very nice but also seemed to be in on the whole scam also to me the are looking for vulnerable or old people too sell these too seems to be good few things they ar doing that is unhand to say the very least.


Yes these guys seem to be up to some wheeling and dealing, misleading job advertisements, misleading salary structure and misleading promotional structure so all round not a great shout at all!!


Stop complaining and get a 9-to-5 job. Then work like *** for your Boss.

And then at retirement age you start asking yourself if this all was worth it. Do not blame those with a winners mentality that they can not understand your sheepishly attitude.

There are leaders and followers. And they need each other.


what exactly is your position in the independent Kirby selling organisation ?


I have a 401K so my retirement will be easy peasy.


I can confirm the that John and Sharon Solomon r gangsters plus Connor no balls Quinn!! I'm reporting this company for various reasons most of all tax fraud!!


tell us some details? i m curious


Anonumous im not sure john solomos is a liar i work fork kirby company and this work is for people who really work hard and like it you may go work for company selling bergers...And the guy who told you kirby is a vaccum cleanerwas a liar...kirby is home care system...not a doctor...nobody told you will sit in your house and get millions....lazy kid


You sound *** ignorant. Stop playing on the internet little boy.


I totally agree , in in an ongoing battle with them at the minute , I was a buyer who returned the Hoover un used when I found out they ripped me off in the price . Now they are trying to say I didn't return it and that none of their staff came near my door Liars !

Today a guy rang from they're office completely intimidating and manipulative . They are total conmen!!

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