Distributor advertises for customer service help with a salary promised every two weeks. Then works the demonstrators over 140hours a week doing demos and training and very abusive.

Then even after selling people vacuums they don't get paid anything. Plus they mark up the price of the vacuums so high. How ridiculous to pay $3400 for a vacuum. They also get the demonstrators to talk these very poor people into this.

Totally unscrupulous distributors. I would never buy this no matter what price.

How sad Kirby allows this type of sales tactics. Aaron Ledbetter is a scam artist to the fullest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner.

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Sounds like a typical Kirby experience. While the vacuum itself is excellent, the way "employees" and customers are treated is sickening.

Anyone who actually wants to work in sales should save their talents for an employer who treats them fairly. Anyone desiring to buy a Kirby would be better off buying one online or a from a vacuum sales/service shop.


Unfortunately Aaron Ledbetter doesn't work in Bellevue lol

to Duh #1416999

People do hide their locations moron

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