I answered a post on craigs list abou IMMEDIATE HIRING!!!!! and this is the exact way they put it





No where in here it says door to door sales person and no where in here it say that if you dont show the kirby 60 times in a month that u dont get paid all this stuff i learned after the three day training class.

They market it up so high that they want us to discount it a little to make it seem like they're getting a deal but the arnt in all fact that you can talk us down all the way to $1000 after that they tell us to leave. My first sale my manager was there and the woman had said no alot of times and at times she had said it with force and meanness in it but he didnt give up i got home later that night and i felt really bad for her because she said yes just to get us out and she had already talked us down to $1000. And if rite away if the person stays strong and not wanting to buy they tell us do a fast job so we can leave and show it off more not do a good job but a fast job.I am the nicest one you'll met a want to do a good job and not a fast job i dont really care if i sell one im not going to sell them any more and i reccemend that no one buys or sells them.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1276452

Just had a pair of young Kirby vacuum sales reps ring my doorbell at 9:01 pm.Now I normally would not answer the door this late but, I had just come home from the shooting range and I suspect they were the ones in the Van 3 doors down from our home.

I answered my door with Sig in hand at my side, thanked them for stopping by, told them I already have a Hoover.They left rather briskly.


I live in an area where door to door sales is very popular and I've had many different Kirby sales people come by ranging from teenage girls to middle aged men.I feel bad for them knowing the company's practices so I try not to be too mean, but I will be if I've already said no politely and someone tries to enter my house anyway.

Usually I just tell them that I'm going to give them some advice worth more than a vacuum sale, which throws them off because at that point they are still pretending to be a singing telegram or carpet cleaning service.I tell them Kirby is notorious for screwing salespeople and then give them a business card for a solar panel or alarm company who came by earlier.

to Anonymous #1325758



yep I fell for this scam to but they said 15 time a week but our van had like 9 people and we had to show it about tree times a day to meet that quota fake as *** you aint showing that three times a day they are just making you work for free so the can make all the money and they say 500 a week only if you get those quotas made I worked 144 hours in two weeks don't work for these people it is just a big company that wants to make more money off of you showing it.. but cool people I cleaned there house for I smoked a bowl with them hahaha


This Kirby man and old lady knocked on our door at 9 pm.they said they were offering free carpet cleaning one room.we said we were NOT INTERESTED and slammed the door.

the old women yelled out please buy this Kirby we need the sale bad. after we yelled back not interested. she broke our flower pots and stormed off.

we called the police and said they drove off in a dirty white van and the driver was a fat man with zits all over his fat face.hope they caught them.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #996066

You are a dumb ***.Kirby is not a scam.

You just could not do your job. Therefore meaning you could not do a full demo and hit a demo count to make a guarantee. A guarantee is only if you agree and put your foot forward and do the full job. There's a catch and everything in life and doing your job is one of them.

There for if you don't do your job you obviously will not get your pay. I am a Kirby salesman I only ever been or king here a month. Seeing this *** on the Internet makes me *** pissed because you people are dumb. I make around $2500 a week.

Sales is not easy you can just walk in there and make a lot of money you actually have to try.

Kirby is a job for people that struggle in life and need somewhere to start over those of you that don't know what you're talking about and talk *** on the Internet need to not be as dumb as you are.Thanks

to That ***ed me off lol Miami, Florida, United States #996541

All right, there is hope for the human race!Someone who works for a living and makes in one week as much as those lazy no good deabeats make in 2 months.

Opportunity! Carry on the tradition! 101 years in business and still consistently selling over 2000 machines per day yes per day providing opportunity to those that want to work! Good for you!

Go get'm Tiger!To those that didn't make it repeat after me, "Would you like an apple pie with your order?".

to That ***ed me off lol Chicago, Illinois, United States #997559

That's the problem, these Burger King and McDonald's employees come in and try to do a business that makes legitimate money and they are such failures they can't realize it's their own fault they don't make money lol

to Copper Miami, Florida, United States #997641

Way to Go Copper!If it was so easy everyone would do it and that's the beauty of it all!

Its our Opportunity!

If everyone could do it like serve burgers or fill cokes or pack french fries it would only pay $8/hr not $2-5000/week.Kirby has plans for a French Fry maker to hook up to the Kirby for all those losers so they can make French fries with their Kirby LOL

to BIG_ZI_ZORRO #1134675

@Zorro - You got fired from this company, you said so in a previous post, yet you keep singing their praises... strange...

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