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I was living in Dallas, TX and working as a bartender, making roughly 300 bucks a week. I decided to move to East Texas to go to school in Tyler.

I was in desperate need of a job and was browsing Craigslist one afternoon and I stumbled upon an ad saying "IMMEDIATE HIRING!!". I continued to read the ad that stated they were looking for "enthusiastic, outgoing personalities to join a team of customer service representatives". It also said that compensation would be $2,050 monthly, salary pay. Me, being an 18 year old, broke, newly-independent, young woman, I immediately called the number provided, disregarding the fact that I didn't even know what the company name was.

I called and was answered with "personnel". I commented on the job posting I saw on Craigslist and within the next minute I had been set up with an interview starting at 4. It was 2:30. Things seemed a bit fishy from that moment.

The manager gave me directions and I quickly got dressed and drove up to the office, which happened to be 45 minutes away from my apartment. The manager also mentioned that the sign for the business had "fallen down" and gave me a few landmarks to go by. Suddenly I was contemplated the fact that I might be driving to an abandoned warehouse to get raped by mysterious henchmen. Regardless, the $2,050 check flashing in my mind, I went ahead and trucked on, mace in purse.

I was surprised by the *** half-garage, half-office I was witnessing, almost intrigued to turn around and go back home, but yet again the check flashed in my mind. I met the manager as soon as I walked in, he seemed more like a typical college kid than a manager, continually throwing out the word "bro" and the occasional curse word, fine by me, because I have the mouth of a sailor, but very unprofessional for a so-called manager. After filling out a short information sheet I went in the manager's office for the interview. After about ten minutes I was released and informed that he would call me that night regarding whether or not if I got the job.

The ten minute interview seemed short and strange. I was excited though, because the manager showed thorough interest in me...or maybe it was my ***. Anywho, I went home and that night around 6:30 I was called and informed that I had got the job and was given my training hours for the 5 days. 5 days of unpaid training I might add.

So my first day of training, was actually today...and I'm entitled to say, I believe this business is a scam. I pulled into the parking lot along with 12 other broke victims, a business who hires dozens of people at a time does not sound very legitimate to me. The business is selling Kirby vacuums. A 2000 dollar vacuum that is an excellent product, but way over-priced.

I was told that we would make the $2,050, only after we had 60 appointments, and who knows how long that would take...I have bills to pay. The 4 hour training session went well enough, filled with laughs and funny stories, but the whole system of door-to-door selling overpriced vacuums just didn't settle very well with me. I heard many stories as well about the fact that nobody was making money from this company, and though the manager continually went on about how he was making $5000 a month, he was still driving a 15 year old car. I'm sure if he was actually making $5000 a month, he'd probably be in a beamer.

I have to admit though, the persuasion used by the manager to lure in broke mortals like myself, was superb. Thankfully I came to my senses and realized that someone my age making $2050-$5000 was unrealistic.

Possible, but unlikely. I suggest that anyone interested in working for Kirby should keep looking for a REAL job.

Location: Oakland Gardens, New York

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I invite everyone to do a google search on lawsuits against Kirby vacuum, especially you pro-Kirby people.




Tried this "opportunity" in college; saw where it was going and jumped ship after a couple of weeks. I think George Orwell summed it fairly well when he said: "Their job seemed to me so hopeless, so appalling that I wondered how anyone could put up with such a thing when prison was a possible alternative." Further musings: Why do Kirby shills always gild the lily so ostentatiously?

Notice that they never say anything like the following: "I make a decent living." "I'm able to make my rent/mortgage and have a bit left over." "I earn enough to save for xxxxxxxx." "I make enough to handle my car payment." "I'm not rich, but I do OK." Rather, it's always some Willie Loman pipe dream... usually in the tune of: "I've bought three houses and just leased my sixth Jag." "All my suits are from Oxxford" (Kirby people will probably have look that one up, since their "best" attire is usually bargain basement). "I have to Masters Degrees and four Bacelors Degrees" (I misspelled those intentionally, since one shill actually messaged me that). "I sent my four kids to....

(insert ivy league institutions here)." Simply put, you guys are never believable, given that direct selling was never a very profitable living to begin with. The only salesman I ever met that came close to being described as "well-off" was a neighbor who sold luxury cars for living. I'm talking Bentley and Aston Martin kind of opulence. Perhaps a bit more emphasis on the understatement would make me more inclined to believe that Kirby, while not a scam, is not questionable in their business tactics.

Do some people make an awesome living flogging these overpriced anachronisms? I'm sure there are. But I doubt it. Kirby Vacuums are, in my humble opinion, the Checker Motors of cleaning appliances.

Sure, they've been around for a long time. But their products look they haven't been updated since at least the 1960s, and the cost is simply unjustified. I just bought a brand-new Dyson for $350 (about six months wages for you Kirby cultists) and I'm perfectly happy with it. That's way cheaper than the $2000 for a Kirby with a ton of unnecessary bells and whistles.

Even further musings: I highly doubt that Oprah started off selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners. By the way, I Googled that tidbit and, you guessed it... nothing. That notwithstanding, even if she did, she's not doing it now.

So, Kirby cannot rightly lay claim to her success. I make a pretty good living, but I don't attribute that to Burger King (my first job), if anything, I hated customer service. The job that put me on the path to relative success was Military service. Also, can you shills provide us any attributable information on these "self-made millionaires?" What's the name of the woman who financed her nursing education?

Better yet, what's the name and contact information of the gentleman who put himself through law school? Obviously, you nothing of these fields, as both require an incredible amount of time and attention; something you will NOT be able to give when you're pounding on the doors of irate homeowners for execrable wages. Bad eggs??? If that's the case, the whole structure is a fetid, rotten mess.

If you want qualified, motivated sale people, why not be upfront from the beginning? At my hospital, when we have vacancies we need filled, we post honest listings that include the job title, skills (requisite and preferred), education requirements and (usually) the salary range. Applicants that make it to the interview process aren't herded into a room and forced to watch promotional videos promising pie-in-the sky earnings. Rather, we interview them regarding their skills, strengths and weaknesses and their personality types.

Nothing about the yacht someone just bought or other such nonsense. Lastly, if I were a perspective Kirby employee, reading your glowing reviews would make me run, not walk away from an interview. Sales is like any other profession, some are good at it, some mediocre, some absolutely suck. I felt my time in the Army was a positive experience, but I've met others who hated being in the Military.

That's their experience, and I respect that. I would never slam someone for not being able to be a Solider, or a doctor, or a lawyer, etc. Your hostility to those who found the Kirby experience wanting is quite telling. Kirby shills must have some deep psychological trauma in their lives that makes them seek affirmation and respect through such grandiose claims and mean-spirited sniping.

Just my observation. In the end, if you're making a killing selling Kirby vacuums...awesome.

If, however, you're one of the many that refused to drink the kool-aide, then you made the right decision. Good luck to you all.


Awesome posting! You nailed it!


Hi all - original poster here. Just wanted share that I still stand by this review and my experience with Kirby 10 years later.

I think that although some anecdotes and experiences on here are positive, the overwhelming majority is negative (for good reason). I think that Kirby hiring tactics are scummy and misleading at best. Praying on the young and broke should be a glaring red flag for those of you looking up Kirby employment reviews now (presumably with the same concerns I had long ago). If you’re reading this now and you have other opportunities knocking at your door that aren’t Kirby, take them.

If Kirby is a last resort, do what you need to. I wish you the absolute best. To those who stated that I’m lazy, want hand-outs or live in my mother’s basement: 1. I went on to study computer science.

2. There are no basements in Texas. 3. My fiancé and I finished building our house last year.

4. I work for a successful tech company based in NYC making 6 figures (hard work deserves this brag).

Who knows whether or not if ignoring the red flags and going down the path with Kirby would’ve changed my life for the better but my inclination is no. Do your research, understand that negative reviews exist for a reason and make your best judgement.

@Katie T

Thanks for the update! Well done!


Kirby salespeople have no time for the weak.

Everything is your choice.


LMAO! I have no time for Kirby and the homeless looking door knockers.

I ask for their solicitor's permit and very much enjoy the look of panic on their faces.

These id*ots know not to bother knocking on my door anymore. I call the police on them in a second and watch them being chased out of the neighborhood by the cops.


most legit Kirby salesman get permits, and laugh at tight *** homeowners like you. who think your 99 dollar dirt devil will protect and clean your 5000 dollars of carpet.


I highly doubt a desperate Kiby sales loser is laughing at a home owner! Owning a home is a dream they will never see fulfilled.


Different permits are required for each different county or city/town you are peddling in. Kirby teams constantly travel so please don't try to say you apply for and pay for all these different permits.


They posted on craigslist with a very vague job description then you find out its actually a sales job where you have to go into a strangers homes and sell them this ridiculously heavy vacuum cleaner all while wearing your nicest clothes it's ridiculous. They definitely wasted my time!

I think it's sick and disgusting that they prey on people looking for legitimate work and during the training you don't even get paid and never saw one cent from all the BS ranting about how much money and 'perks' like cruise vacations etc yeah right. I could see straight through they're just time wasters I left after the 2nd day and I noticed about 1/2 the people who showed up on the first day were already gone by the 2nd gee I wonder why.


I don't have time for people who can't or won't get a real job.


There are two things that are definitely true when speaking of Kirby. 1)If you put the time and effort in, you will make a great living.

2)It truly is an amazing product. My grandparents still have the first and only kirby they ever bought and it workd better than anything ive ever owned. However, no one can deny that Kirby distributors lure people in under false pretenses-this refers to employees and customers alike. When you read the add, you are told that you are guaranteed a base salary of x amount of dollars regardless of your sales.

Its only after youve gone through the process that you find out about the 40 show requirement and you are definitely not told how damned hard it is to get those shows. During my short time selling these things I had doors slammed in my face, dogs let off leashes, and in one horrifying situation, a gun pulled out and waved around in front of me. That being said, I actually am pretty good at sales. It is currently a very large part of my job, and I do very well for myself.

However, when I sell my clients a product, I am selling it honestly. There is absolutely no veil when you work with me. Walking door to door with Kirby, however, definitely relies on deceit. you can talk all day long about how you make friends and clean peoples houses, but what your doing is lying to them.

you ring their doorbell and tell them that youre doing free carpet cleaning and would like to arrange for a time to come back and do it. But the moment you walk in....BAM! Sales pitch. See this here, it does this.

That there, it does that. Oh, by the way, let me show you 200 pieces of paper with dirt on them to show you how dirty your house really is. And while im at it, let me just start to walk in the direction I think the bedroom is and invade your privacy.

My point is that while its a great product, and people do make money, they only do so at the expense of others.


It's 60 shows a month, 15 per week to earn that mythical base pay. People I know who have sold Kirby for years say the owner will always find a reason not to pay it.

If by some miracle a person did get it, it would be the first and last time. An owner is not going to keep paying someone who doesn't sell the product.


I have been with Kirby over 40 years. Before I meet her my wife (RIP) worked as a single mother for Kirby & did quite well.

Yes it is hard work at first but it is no scam. Those that get recruited & don.t make it are usually too lazy to put in the effort & not give it 100%. I have raised three children, put them through private schools & college. I have bought & paid for 3 houses over the years (one was 3 blocks from the governors mansion).

I'm semi retired now running a Kirby service shop (out of choice not necessity. I could easily retire completely).

It is true that there are some bad apples in Kirby as there is in any other business. But I have known many, many more who are honest business men.

Those of you who call it a scam probably didn't even give a 30 day try & I am using the word "try" loosely

As far as the price of a Kirby is concerned, Yes it is a big investment.

But it out cleans anything else on the market & always have. And converts to over half a dozen other cleaning appliances. And it is not unusual for a customer bring in a 30, 40 or even occasionally a 50 year old Kirby for what is normally a very minor repair.

(By the way just out of curiosity & a little trivia do you know what Oprah Winfrey's first paying job was?

You guess it, it was with Kirby & you will never hear her say anything bad about it. She has even talked about it on her show & gives that experience credit for helping her to learn to talk & communicate with people. [Don't believe me? Google it]).

OH & by the way I know several successful Kirby people who used their success in Kirby to finance there dream businesses, including a major auto dealership, art gallery, restaurant (that has become a major national franchise), lady who worked for me for several years put herself through nursing school. & another gentleman put himself through law school & became a prosecuting attorney.

Sorry for rambling on but just get sick of the whiners who didn't have drive to make a great opportunity work for them.


I have a question: Have you written any other short stories and how long have you been writing fiction?


I know right cus Vaughn colter still owes me money from a sale I got for him!!!

These Kirby people are liars and the sad thing is, the vacuum rocks, but the salesmen suck.


Yesssss!!!! It I'm jus starting it's ruff but I've moved up to DPS in 3 weeks!!!! I you gotta hustle

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