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I was living in Dallas, TX and working as a bartender, making roughly 300 bucks a week. I decided to move to East Texas to go to school in Tyler.

I was in desperate need of a job and was browsing Craigslist one afternoon and I stumbled upon an ad saying "IMMEDIATE HIRING!!". I continued to read the ad that stated they were looking for "enthusiastic, outgoing personalities to join a team of customer service representatives". It also said that compensation would be $2,050 monthly, salary pay. Me, being an 18 year old, broke, newly-independent, young woman, I immediately called the number provided, disregarding the fact that I didn't even know what the company name was.

I called and was answered with "personnel". I commented on the job posting I saw on Craigslist and within the next minute I had been set up with an interview starting at 4. It was 2:30. Things seemed a bit fishy from that moment.

The manager gave me directions and I quickly got dressed and drove up to the office, which happened to be 45 minutes away from my apartment. The manager also mentioned that the sign for the business had "fallen down" and gave me a few landmarks to go by. Suddenly I was contemplated the fact that I might be driving to an abandoned warehouse to get raped by mysterious henchmen. Regardless, the $2,050 check flashing in my mind, I went ahead and trucked on, mace in purse.

I was surprised by the *** half-garage, half-office I was witnessing, almost intrigued to turn around and go back home, but yet again the check flashed in my mind. I met the manager as soon as I walked in, he seemed more like a typical college kid than a manager, continually throwing out the word "bro" and the occasional curse word, fine by me, because I have the mouth of a sailor, but very unprofessional for a so-called manager. After filling out a short information sheet I went in the manager's office for the interview. After about ten minutes I was released and informed that he would call me that night regarding whether or not if I got the job.

The ten minute interview seemed short and strange. I was excited though, because the manager showed thorough interest in me...or maybe it was my ***. Anywho, I went home and that night around 6:30 I was called and informed that I had got the job and was given my training hours for the 5 days. 5 days of unpaid training I might add.

So my first day of training, was actually today...and I'm entitled to say, I believe this business is a scam. I pulled into the parking lot along with 12 other broke victims, a business who hires dozens of people at a time does not sound very legitimate to me. The business is selling Kirby vacuums. A 2000 dollar vacuum that is an excellent product, but way over-priced.

I was told that we would make the $2,050, only after we had 60 appointments, and who knows how long that would take...I have bills to pay. The 4 hour training session went well enough, filled with laughs and funny stories, but the whole system of door-to-door selling overpriced vacuums just didn't settle very well with me. I heard many stories as well about the fact that nobody was making money from this company, and though the manager continually went on about how he was making $5000 a month, he was still driving a 15 year old car. I'm sure if he was actually making $5000 a month, he'd probably be in a beamer.

I have to admit though, the persuasion used by the manager to lure in broke mortals like myself, was superb. Thankfully I came to my senses and realized that someone my age making $2050-$5000 was unrealistic.

Possible, but unlikely. I suggest that anyone interested in working for Kirby should keep looking for a REAL job.

Location: Oakland Gardens, New York

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You sound angry, and many of your main points were exagerated or false. Kirby does not sell 'door to door', you were getting scammed when you worked for 300weekly bartending.

Get real, not everything is going to fall into your lap.


They got paid $300 plus tips. Kirby does sell door to door. I lock my doors whenever I see them in the neighborhood.


What planet did you come from? Kirby does sell door to door.


It's a scam. Anyone with a brain knows this.

All direct sales employment opportunities are pyramid schemes. It's not about getting what you put in; *** near every complaint from former employees proves that. They're all the same; working a full pay period from morning 'till night with no lunch break, only to not get paid due to some caveat of not having met the required number of "demos" (read: sales pitches) or due to the consumer not having good credit.

I hope one of the Kirby employers and the company's glorious defenders gets their head blown off. And that's real.


I have to say I have been successfully employed by a kirby marketing firm. Those of you who didn't make $$ are down right ignorant.

You need to show up to work, you need to work your butt off, and you need to follow directions. If you can do those things you will be very successful. Go work at taco bell where you clock in, get paid Min. wage, with no opportunity to become somebody.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT IN PEOPLE. If there are no contracts involved, DONT WORK!! with any company, my boss has CLEAR contracts we go over. Secondly, DONT SIGN THINGS YOU HAVENT READ!

If your too ignorant to even decipher what the contract says, you probably shouldn't try to work for them.

You need to be intelligent, great work ethic and desire and kirby will work for you. Lazy Bums.


I’m far from lazy heifer! I work 40 hrs a week and probably make more than you.


the people running kirby deserve to get their *** kicked


kirby is not a scam its sales you make sales you make money i have been with kirby 2 months now i have sold 17 of em and more to come today yes they sell for $2500 but guess what its the last vacuum you will ever buy lifetime warranty buy once buy right thats what makes kirby worth it you are selling the best product in the world if you start with kirby give it a chance


Not a lifetime warranty numbnuts.


I bought a Kirby. It was bit the last vacuum I bought. The piece of junk died less than a year later.


17917 Bothell-Everett Hwy

Suite E101

Bothell, WA

Don't go! Hoping any of you in training yesterday will read this... I'm going in order to get back my SSN from them, which I stupidly filled out. Could be fairly sketchy though; I believe these ones really are getting people's address to do home invasion robberies.

This actually happened: One of the employees who was bringing stuff out of the vans racked a 12-gauge shotgun, I saw him take it out of one van and put it in another. These people are potentially dangerous, so for others' safety I will go back to try and warn them.


i went for a job advertised as sales/training etc, this was almost 10 years ago in the UK. First day of training involved watching a video about how rich you will be working for this socalled company.

Second day actually showed us what we were doing, selling the kirby vacuum for almost £2k.

I wasnt foolish enough to attend the 3rd day.

Sales and commission is a mugs game, door 2 door or cold calling, the worst form of human *** alive. GET A REAL JOB!


To all of the people below who have drank the kirby kool aid:

No distributor that i have ever heard of has made $100,000 net in their first 5 years in business. Sure everyone made big money in the 80's but all of the best and brightest moved on... to water.

To anyone who wants to do the kirby thing:

1. you make your money cattle farming young college kids and getting them to sell these things to their parents, after they do you let em go.

2. do background checks on folks, you dont want to get the rep for hiring criminals and get your vans called on.

3. run van crews, these young kids today do not have the character or the motivation to be unsupervised.

4. cancel weekly and monthly contests, make all contests quarterly with the "big trip" going on an all expenses trip to your sales meeting.

5. make sure you have good dealer agreements, if you dont you will not be able to get out of paying the monthly gaurantee. Also you might not be able to claim your dealers as independent distributors.

6. just remember you will be broke till you become a distributor, no dps or ad will ever make more than minimum wage once you figure in the 70+ hours a week you need to work to be successful.

7. get used to being very rude to your dealers, this is tough. you can not show that you have a soul or else they will bug you for money left and right. make them feel *** and always talk about promoting "positive" so that they can not backtalk. If they do kick them to the curb as an example, your doing this for your dps and managers benifit, you need to make sure that they understand not to complain or ask for anything or they will get the boot, and their kneecaps broken.


I’m pretty sure that you helped some honest dealers you filthy snake


It's a sales job.

If you dont come to work everyday, and you dont show the equipment, you arent going to make money.

How do you expect to make money if you arnt working?

This isnt a scam, but you people are probably lazy as heck, thats why you think its a scam.

COMMISSION! = You make a percentage of what you sell, if you arnt selling then how is that the managements fault?

I guarantee half of the people that are complaining that they arnt making money is because they didnt even show up for work.

I work for Kirby and my District Manager makes over $10,000 a month.


Stop lying sweetie. You’re nothing more than a welfare ***


wow,thats a drag you didnt stick around and try it out.kirby offices do ussually interview a dozen people a week and start them all in training.but thats just so that at the end of the training period we get one or two people willing to actually do the business.as far as why your interviewer was driving a 15 year old car i have no clue...was it a collector or something?i know the trainer at our office drives a mercedes..actually they gave away a 2010 camaro for a contest we had in august.(wish i'd of won that.lol)and it's very easy for someone,of any age,to make 2100 dollars a month in kirby...5000 not quite as easy but deffinately do-able.maybe give it an honest try some day if u ever need a REAL carreer,or just enjoy your job working for your annual raise of maybe a dollar or two an hour.only reason i really wanted to reply to this is to say that kirby is in no way a scam.it's actually the only place i've ever came across that you can be making at bare minimum 100,000 dollars a year every year starting with your second 12 months in the business.


"it's very easy for someone,of any age,to make 2100 dollars a month in kirby...5000 not quite as easy but deffinately do-able.maybe give it an honest try some day if u ever need a REAL carreer,or just enjoy your job working for your annual raise of maybe a dollar or two an hour".

It's easy to make 2100 a month doing door to door sales for a distributor? LOL

Other guy was right...all these 'pro-Kirby' people cannot spell worth a ***. Interesting that someone who never makes "less than 100,000 a year" thinks that you are = your instead of you're. You people are pathetic.


Yeah. Same thing happened to my boyfriend.

He made 50 bucks in 3 weeks of working over 8 hour days even some weekends....it's all a scam...get out quick! :)

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