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I was living in Dallas, TX and working as a bartender, making roughly 300 bucks a week. I decided to move to East Texas to go to school in Tyler.

I was in desperate need of a job and was browsing Craigslist one afternoon and I stumbled upon an ad saying "IMMEDIATE HIRING!!". I continued to read the ad that stated they were looking for "enthusiastic, outgoing personalities to join a team of customer service representatives". It also said that compensation would be $2,050 monthly, salary pay. Me, being an 18 year old, broke, newly-independent, young woman, I immediately called the number provided, disregarding the fact that I didn't even know what the company name was.

I called and was answered with "personnel". I commented on the job posting I saw on Craigslist and within the next minute I had been set up with an interview starting at 4. It was 2:30. Things seemed a bit fishy from that moment.

The manager gave me directions and I quickly got dressed and drove up to the office, which happened to be 45 minutes away from my apartment. The manager also mentioned that the sign for the business had "fallen down" and gave me a few landmarks to go by. Suddenly I was contemplated the fact that I might be driving to an abandoned warehouse to get raped by mysterious henchmen. Regardless, the $2,050 check flashing in my mind, I went ahead and trucked on, mace in purse.

I was surprised by the *** half-garage, half-office I was witnessing, almost intrigued to turn around and go back home, but yet again the check flashed in my mind. I met the manager as soon as I walked in, he seemed more like a typical college kid than a manager, continually throwing out the word "bro" and the occasional curse word, fine by me, because I have the mouth of a sailor, but very unprofessional for a so-called manager. After filling out a short information sheet I went in the manager's office for the interview. After about ten minutes I was released and informed that he would call me that night regarding whether or not if I got the job.

The ten minute interview seemed short and strange. I was excited though, because the manager showed thorough interest in me...or maybe it was my ***. Anywho, I went home and that night around 6:30 I was called and informed that I had got the job and was given my training hours for the 5 days. 5 days of unpaid training I might add.

So my first day of training, was actually today...and I'm entitled to say, I believe this business is a scam. I pulled into the parking lot along with 12 other broke victims, a business who hires dozens of people at a time does not sound very legitimate to me. The business is selling Kirby vacuums. A 2000 dollar vacuum that is an excellent product, but way over-priced.

I was told that we would make the $2,050, only after we had 60 appointments, and who knows how long that would take...I have bills to pay. The 4 hour training session went well enough, filled with laughs and funny stories, but the whole system of door-to-door selling overpriced vacuums just didn't settle very well with me. I heard many stories as well about the fact that nobody was making money from this company, and though the manager continually went on about how he was making $5000 a month, he was still driving a 15 year old car. I'm sure if he was actually making $5000 a month, he'd probably be in a beamer.

I have to admit though, the persuasion used by the manager to lure in broke mortals like myself, was superb. Thankfully I came to my senses and realized that someone my age making $2050-$5000 was unrealistic.

Possible, but unlikely. I suggest that anyone interested in working for Kirby should keep looking for a REAL job.

Location: Oakland Gardens, New York

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You are one stupid S.O.B.


Wow kid ur prob still living at ur moms trying to hustle actin like all ur parents stuff is urs cuz ur friends are dum and velieve it but u look cool but really hate ur self because you know your life is bs


Owners arnt the *** bags, its the young generation over half of them drink n smoke too much for their own good so they cant thonk right bs their parents bs schools fake passing grades try and fake life. Then they try and bs scam someone that knows that game because owning any business whats the typical teenager do?

Screw the man life un fair lets try n short cut scam our way through it. But dont know thers people out there smarter than them and see it and dont put up with it. Sucess comes before work only in dictionary. Some people need to stop listening to musical farytales and fictional movies and get into reality and work their butt off period!

Stop scamming employers, and calling everything a scam but lookin in mirrow because they know they got told up front what job was quotas they had to hit and whats expected n first day they act all confused like they didnt get told nothing!

All because their looser friend cant tie their own shoelace but lets listen to him cuz he broke as *** slow but he cool bro? Get real.


Well, smart guy I'm glad you were able to figure out that success is before work in the dictionary. But you should really read before you submit.

I'm just saying. Yes we are told on the first day, but the fact is that a lie is what got us to the first day. Okay so we decide to stick it out like three days unpaid training isn't bad enough. When you actually get out there after being told that if they say no to get out but when the manager comes in and insists that the person buys by intimidation and rudeness.

Oh lets not forget the endless hours of having doors shut in your face and to top it off you can't even stop to eat after working for ten plus hours. Yes Kirby is a great machine but they need better tactics.


Lmfao dont lie. Duh u cant b a bartender at 18 make up something else


Um yes you can? Lmao


Depends on the state. Next time, do your research before posting.


My husband works for Kirby was making between $1100-$3800 a week as a dealer he just got promoted to DT (distributer trainee) and we got our own office he made me the co-owner and now he is making bank.. Example he made $1700 in one day now that he is his own boss, there will be days he will make twice that in one day.

Now add that up everyday and he will make over $100k+ a year. Then when he becomes Factory it will be triple that. I know 2ppl that work for Kirby that are now millionaires!... Work for Kirby it's the best way to make alot of money and to live a fulfilling life!!

If you just started and it's been over a week and you hadn't made a sale, don't give up!! My husband didn't make a sale for the first 3 weeks that he started. Once he made his first sale he was selling left and right.

After your first sale you will be more motivated and have built confidence and you will start making more money than you can imagine. Kirby works if you work it!!!


Cut out the doucheb@g owners, like the one above, by going into business for yourself. Buy your own Kirbys wholesale or via ebay, and sell them door to door. All profits will go in your pocket and you can cut out the sh*tstain owners who make money off your blood, sweat and tears.


If you buy them off eBay or anywhere else in the world that is not from a door to door salesman that gets them from factory distributers only then you will not get a lifetime warranty or any benefits whatsoever. I am a distributor and I make 100% profit.

I would never sale anything to my customers that didn't come straight from the factory because that would be screwing them over because they wouldn't have the wonderful benefits... Everyone do not buy a Kirby from a door to door salesman that does not have contracts or credentials you will not get benefits and if 20 yrs from now you needed it rebuilt you can't you would have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new one instead of a lousy $165 that comes with the benefits!! Or if you wanted an upgrade on a Kirby do that the new one is super awesome and does way more than the older Kirby's.

Still any older model Kirby kicks the butt out of any new Oreck, rainbow etc. Anything but a Kirby is a waste of money!


While Kirby is a good vacuum, there are plenty more that are just as good if not better and cost way less! And with the other ones, you don't have to put up with annoying twits at your door, overstaying their welcome.

People, before you buy a Kirby, research all the problems with the credit company who finances them. Also, keep in mind if you buy the one they just demonstrated to you, you are buying a used vacuum that has been demonstrated in countless other homes. Also, never pay the full price.

You can hold your ground and get them down to $800. However, you are still better off buying one off ebay!


It is NOT a lifetime warranty!!!


THERE IS NO LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!! There is a limited 3 year warranty that cover a few things!!

If you don't believe me, search on Kirby, there are 289 letters posted as of right now, there is one from The Kirby Company, dated Nov. 7th, it's the 3rd or 4th one down and it states:

We apologize for any confusion surrounding how the Kirby Home Care System Warranty was described to you.

Your Kirby system has a 3-year limited warranty. Here’s a link that depicts what it covers:


AGAIN, this is from the Kirby Home Office that posted this.

Kirby themselves. So stop spreading lies that it's a lifetime warranty.


There is NO lifetime warranty!!! Any person who goes to Kirby.com and clicks on SUPPORT and then on Kirby Vacuum Warranty, will see for themselves, in black in white, that there is a THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY!!!

THREE YEARS! And with that 3 years, there are rules and stipulations! So people, when you see people on here claiming a lifetime warranty, just remember these are the same people, knocking at your door, trying to get in your home to sell you an overpriced vacuum. The poster above knows darn well there is no lifetime warranty, but he is morally bankrupt and ready to say anything to make a sale.

Do you really want to deal with a person like that?

Do you want to let them in your home? I don't.


Three year limited warranty and I own a Kirby. It sucks ***.


You don’t get a lifetime warranty anyway numbnuts


Yeah. I bet your up for tax evasion too.

Everyone on here knows that you have to pay your own taxes.

So that’s quite a chunk of change if you truly make that much. I doubt you do and so does everyone else.


You, my dear, are a liar and morally bankrupt.


I've been working for Kirby for two weeks and so far I made about 3 grand. It's hard work pulling100 demo pads and seeing the nasty *** people sleep in or live with. But ultimately when you get used to the sells pitch and people start seeing what the Kirby does the 2000 dollar vacuum pays for its self when it gets past down from family to family with a lifetime warranty.


What i couldn't get used to was knowingly lying to people about the kirby system. I have integrity, and i care about people too much to lie to them about the best price possible.

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