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I am a bright college graduate that got stuck in a small rural town taking care of my ill mother for the time being and "quick applied" on Career Builder for a listing claiming you'll make 4-600 dollars a week.. The companies name was not listed whatsoever and the job description is as verbatim:

18 to 35 Needed

$400-$600 Per Week

Get first check in one week instead of two.

Large company has immediately openings in service, set-up, display, and management display. No experience necessary.

We provide training for all depts.

So I get an email from a Vaughn Colter asking for me to call a number (different from the listed number) on Monday or Tuesday to schedule an interview... No surprise, but I knew I had this one in the bag due to the lack of grammar in the description.

I call once.. Voicemail.. A very, uh, robotic sounding female does the whole "You have reached.. ###-###-####" but screws up the number on the last digit where a "0" should be... she read off a "1"..

"Hmmm... "

I say to myself as I stroke my oversized German Shepherd...

So, being the recent media studies/communications grad who gave up a job with the Nielsen Company to be at home, I decided to dive into a few minutes of research with what I had available to me readily... just this dude's name and email.

The BBB page reveals a ton of info which raised an eye-brow or two as my dog knew better as well..

The number of employees the company hires, 1...

It is a sole proprietorship under no one other than, Vaughn Colter...

Last, but certainly not least.... The "business category" is blatantly "VACUM CLEANERS- HOUSEHOLD- DEALERS".. I have attached a screenshot for y'all to gander at... let it marinate for a bit.

I looked around more and found this platform, putting the nail in the coffin... Terrible grammar pollutes this site from "kirby-bots" to people just overall pissed off who obviously can't handle the stress of being lied to and deceived while typing their stories.. It is cool, I got you guys.

I took it upon myself to go one more layer down into this ***-ception of a company and found that the owners and higher powers all have one thing in common in their backgrounds...

A background in law and some heavy PR skills with those who make the laws...

Sadly, I don't have the heart to say that there is any end to the sleight of hand these powerhouse higher-up's are flourishing with due to that reason alone...

I had never encountered a company so scathed in negative remarks and corruption across the states until now. I can assume when one is brainwashed to the level of the produced words I read from die-hard Kirbzi's on this platform, that this is as close to a miniature verbal propaganda ran regime as a company will get... but I am only assuming, I have my own mind to do so.

For the love of your dignity, please read into the signs of a corrupt company that is preying off of the epoch of high unemployment and inhuman despair. I'll see if I can launch some sort of campaign to get this at the very least recognized by more people.. I have a way with words after all and a ton of free time now.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Excellent posting!Sidenote: Check Facebook, you will find that Vaughn Colter is a female....

Also, in checking the BBB, I see VC Enterprises has a C- rating.

Not impressive.BTW: the consumeraffairs site has over 1,300 complaints about Kirby dealerships!


The most important thing is: Is your mother okay, now?


I wish the internet had so many resources back when I worked there in summer of 2000.

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