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I bought a Kirby 15 years ago because it had a lifetime guarantee. Well, they are good machines, but considering about every 3 or 4 years I have to spend at least a couple hundred for servicing - I won't spend over a thousand dollars on a vacuum again. I have bought a cheaper one that I am happy with.

Also, when they come to your door, they make it seem like they want to shampoo a whole room of carpet or a whole piece of furniture for you. They actually just do enough cleaning to demonstrate the product.

I notice that the only people defending this product are Kirby employees.

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Kirby doesn't doesn't​office a lifetime guarantee. Check the Kirby website. It's 3 years and only covers certain things.


I have been selling Kirby's for 8 years. I love what i do.

Kirby is a wonderful opportunity for those who don't have college, didn't finish highschool. Even if i did leave Kirby went to college i would recomend the product to anyone. We get alot of new people to Kirby all the time, it's DIRECT SALES, not every one can handle it. But lets be honest there are people out there who don't really want to work.

To be sucessful at anything you have to work hard. There are alot of people out here who let's face it are ***. I hate hearing people say they don't like the Kirby. The real problem is that they don't know how to use it.

Kirby is not a scam, it is a very reliable company, lets see, since 1914 with no factory lay offs is pretty *** good. Not many companys can say that. For those of you who feel you were scammed or pressured to buy a kirby, Im sure the Kirby guy/girl did not put a gun to your head to make you buy anything, neither did the sales agent who sold you your house or car. Since i brought up house and car sales.

If you think Kirby is a rip off you may want to contact that Sales agent who you bought your prefab house from built of lumber and sticks for almost two-hundred thousand.

How much do you really think it cost them to build it? But hey everyone has opinions, just like everyone has ***.



here's some helpful advice..Billionaire Warren Buffet bought Kirby a few years ago, & did away with charging their customers a fee for fixing the vacuum. So now, you can take your vacuum to ANY AUTHORIZED KIRBY DEALER, & have it fixed for FREE!!!

to GeeGee #1418370

Where do you idiots keep getting that warren buffet owns Kirby? He doesn’t.

Also the man is nowhere near a billionaire. I guess there are people out there that believe everything they are told.

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