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well i have worked for kirby and got scammed myself, i was told to sell the vacuum for $1395 and i would get a $395 commission on that sale, i thought sure no problem, my first week i had sold 6 vacuums,so I was expecting a nice $2370 check, well payday came around and i got no check so i asked my boss what was up and he told me that they hold back a week,so i thought ok most places do, so the next week i sold 8 vacuums and was considered the top salesman,they even started calling me (one-a-day)and i was on top of the world, well the next payday came and i was expecting that $2370 check, well all i got was $100, and i was pissed off,

so i went back in to see the boss to ask him what the *** was up with this,and he told me the credit story, that you only get full commission if it is a cash sale or the customer has (A)credit and $100 if the customer had (B) credit and $50 if the customer had (C) credit,and that all my customers for the first week were all (C) credit customers but there was a big problem with this,(one)because two of my customers wrote me out checks which is same as cash (two) if they all were (C) credit like he said then i should have rec'd $300 not $100, when i confronted him on this he said that the two check sales were bad checks and that he had already recovered the vacuums for those sales, which i found out later that that was B.S, because i went back to the customers homes and inquired about the bad checks, and would'nt you know it, they both still had there vacuums, at this point I knew I was getting scammed, so i thought i would throw one back at them, I used to take three brand new vacuums with me at all times not including the one i demoed with, so when the second payday came around and i only rec'd a check for $400 I decided to take the third week off and hold the vacuums as collateral until they made it right with me, well i was told that they were going to call the police on me because i had 4 of there vacuums, I encouraged him to do so because i had all my ducks in a row waiting for an attack, well he was just full of ***, he never called the police, instead he called me one week later and told me to keep the vacuums and that he did'nt want any problems.

The moral of this story is that even know kirby makes a good vacuum they are not worth what they are asking for,and the company not only scams consumers but it scams the very people that sells them as well.

Location: Burlington, Vermont

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Uhhh kirby is opportunity own ur own business im not affiliated w them but been around block. But hey if ur husb was in it for 9 years and wasnt a dist by then sounds like hes un organized not diciplined probally a blammer maby borderline alcholic but no its kirbys fault ur life sucks.

No its u fault ur life sux and marriage sucks.

What are u five amd gotta blame a vaccum. If ur husband was half as reliable as the kirby ur marriage would be good, youd have plenty of money n not blaming a poor lil vaccum for you issues


Learn to spell and make a proper sentence!


While Kirby may be a good vacuum, there are many more that are just as good, if not better, and cost way less. The biggest plus buying online or at a store is not dealing with a Kirby lying *** at your door.


My husband has worked for Kirby 9years and has had that very same thing happen to him by 3 different distributers. The one he is with now is destroying our marriage and ripping him off... Read my review "Kirby employment destroyed my life and marriage"


Its a real bummer that you must have worked for a bad distributor:/ i feel awful for your situation, I work for a distributor in alabama and during orientation they told me how it works for 'bad credit/no credit' consumers off the bat. With us we make a salary of every two weeks wether we sell or not so that kinda takes the pressure off, but if we sell we can make more than that!

Im sorry for your experience but id say dont let a couple bad seeds ruin your kirby experience, it for sounds like you were ripped off but my boss was really specific about how it all worked and when i had any $$ questions(or any questions!) They helped me along the way. Ill make like 800-**** for a weeks pay but if i didnt sell id still get demo pay(1200 every 2weeks) given i worked hard and put in the time. They also made very clear to me the hours amd if i missed days id have to make up the time to get my salary.

Hope your future experiences with the kirby co go well! I like my job and the $ a whole lot!!


Living in your moms basement and off of her income doesn’t count. We all know you don’t make that much.


:grin :grin :grin you losers that work for Kirby should be run over with a lawn mower. You dumb *** salesman can't take no for an answer.

Now you know how all the people you sold those suck machines to feel. $1400.00 with out any bags or big bottle of carpet cleaner is just BS.

Where's the money for the peoples who time you waste coming into ours houses telling us our homes are dirty and looking for a spot to clean. Clean my ball bag you ***


Its cool i had sex with Dans wife.


i give you props man i worked for this guy named tim i worked there for 5 weeks an sold about 3-4 kirbys after the first 2 weeks an was told that off of every VC i sold i would get 250 i got my check *** gave 250 i was expecting at least 1000 an they said "oh only one of your sales actually was approved so i went to the houses to see if they would rethink little did i know they all had kirbys, so anyone in my postion would confront the boss i went into his office an said what the heck dude you told me they were not getting the kirby yet they have the dang kirkys he lied to my face an said "oh well they mus have gotten it off ebay or somthing" then i proceeded to leave his office an the "demo" model that i had i kept an got a phone call saying return or well call the police an i said oh well go ahead id love to tell them how i have paper work proving that i sold these kirbys an i have a check for 250 oh an how theyre getting away with this not signing a 1099 i heard a click

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