I tried to purchase a kirby and they said we were able to get financed so they took my personally owned vacuum. A week later they returned and said we could not get financed...they brought my vacuum back...and it was broken.

Now they won't answer the phone! I really thought they were a reputable company and now I'm so disappointed that I wouldn't tell anyone to purchase a kirby. How sad is that?

I'd rather have the dust and hair in my carpets than to be ripped off! That's a sad statement coming from an OCD mom!

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I can't help but notice The Kirby Company didn't bother to respond to this complaint...


I decided to return the vacuum after i purchased it (within the 3 day limit). They finally came to pick up the kirby and when they returned my dirt devil vacuum, they broke off the button that allows the vacuum to tip back and stand up strait.

Now the vacuum just falls back. I am VERY UPSET!

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