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I was pushed twice on different days after I had told this company no they came back and wouldn’t take nonfor am answer again. I let them ok to see them clean my rug and then they tell me, oh, we’re not a cleaning company, we sell these Kirby vacuums.

Right there I should have known, description no. 1. After making nice and trying to explain the vacuum and wanting to try cleaning everything in my home, I told the sales person I really couldn’t afford something like that and didn’t really need it and she began to do the olde ‘well let me call my manager and see what we can do for you. I didn’t even have a job and I told her that.

She didn’t care and insisted I could pay a little a month for it and hastily proceeded to go through her steps to get me to sign. I did, like a stupid *** just to get it over, knowing damn well I was going to cancel this if I could. And the second I sogned she looked at her watch (a few times)!im sure trying to get out before i would ask how to return it if changed my mind, but she never mentioned any of my consumer rights because that’s not part of their selling points. Deception no.


Then she raves through the contract, I see nothing about having three days or whatever they try to BS you with, and you know why I didn’t see a form, cause it was folded up under the one you read and then she proceeded to put my copy of the contract in the bag with all the spare parts, tucked away so by the time I saw it and found out how to cancel my order, it was on the frinsge of being ‘late’ according to them and there infair contracts. I sent in my form stating that i understood that they would say it was late and obviously fight me over it, cause it’s the only way they can sell these things, which I am still in the process of a civil and consumer suit. They tell me my cancellation was late when I sent it on a Tuesday, after MLK day (which is considered a holiday and after the Saturday they tell me is considered a work/business day. However, look up the definition of a business/work day and states that weekends and holidays aren’t considered so.

This according toamy people and web sites, particularly “The Law Dictionary “.

So Anyone who would like to join me, please do so. It will add to the official complaints list and help reach class action.

Location: 254 N Broadway, Salem, NH 03079, USA

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Unfortunately many places are open on MLK day. My work is one such place. If a business has their operating hours posted and it doesn’t include a specific holiday then it’s a business day.

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