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I am disabled and was tricked into a purchase by this can artist named Ryan in Sacramento CA. His ''company'' is called Pristine Innovations Inc located at 8611 Folsom Blvd 95826.

I was first lied to by his partner in crime ''Lorena'' to get into my house. She claimed they had a new cleaning business and were giving people a free carpet or floor cleaning in return for an online review! Once she got in, it was nuts. Her game is to pretend she's calling the office to get the price lower and lower.

She's really calling her boss Ryan who is parked on the street. It took over 2 hours to get this person to finally clean the floor but she didn't even know to use the machine. So she calls in Ryan again. That's when he takes over.

I told him i'm on SSDI and can't afford to buy a damn 3000$ vacuum. That's when he tells me that he'll give me the Kirby machine FREE if i'm denied credit approval. I knew i would be denied because my income is only 800$. Ryan proceeds to fill out the paperwork HIMSELF!

Then he leaves and ''Lorena'' tells me i have to get on her phone with the credit company. She covered the phone telling me ''just say yes, just say yes to everything.'' Next thing i know i'm stuck with this CRAP and these two leave with my 2 BRAND new vacuums. That's when i realize Ryan had FASLSIFIED the documents in order to get the credit company to approve me! I contacted Kirby directly and talked to Brenda Parilla about returning it.

Kirby has a 9 month return policy for the elderly or disabled. So i emailed Brenda proof that i'm on SSDI. Brenda writes back stating that the return policy is just a ''policy'' and that only this con man Ryan can take it back and compensate me for the new vacuums they took! ARE YOU *** KIDDING ME?!

Brenda refuses to do anything and even tells me that my SSDI proof is not ''proof'' enough. She wants the Social Security Administration state-appointed doctors that testified at my hearing, 6 years ago, to write her a letter!!!! This woman is INCOMPETENT! This has gone on for months now.

Still have this lousy machine and now my credit score is ruined. On top of that, Ryan continues sending me texts like a psycho, one second he's nice then later that night or in the morning he's a jackass. I have told him 3 times to STOP texting me but he won't stop.

I told him to either go through Brenda or email me instead. He just keeps harassing me!

User's recommendation: Don't Buy It!

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: COMPENSATION! I want compensation for the 2 new vacuums they took PLUS for the emotional distress and ruining my credit score! I also want Brenda demoted for NOT doing her job. I have her emails saved. I want RYAN stripped of independent distributor lic .

Kirby Pros: Fraud.

Kirby Cons: Rudeness, No suction, Scam.

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I find it very telling that on their website it does not mention Kirby, the selling of vacuums or going door to door! What company website avoids stating who they are and what they do??? VERY TELLING!


No one false died nothing, you said you had a side job, we came back 4 5 6 7 8 days day after day after sale to make sure you have zero trouble using product. You texted me to stop harassing you.

I clearest stated we were just trying to finish what was promised to come back make sure your confortable and blew us off. Then months later you had to move I assisted you in finding a place or what you needed help with being a good person. You just twist everything and want to call me psycho. That’s not right.

You asked us at time of sale for a better deal so you can afford and we asked what you could afford dropped price and payment to fit in budget. Said you had secondary income of side business that we asked you what monthly income was to add as additional income, if your trying to avoid IRS I told you don’t worry finance company don’t report that stuff. Then out of no where like 7-8 months after all this you started making calls to everyone losing your mind on them making everyone uncomfortable. If you going to post something please state all facts not play victim, you were returned machines and everything was settled because we don’t know how to deal with this behavior.

We attempted many times to come by because you avoided us on phone and we know if someone don’t know how to use our product properly they have problems and you wouldn’t even allow that told us to buzz off. As we drove 20 min away to knock on door 2nd and 3rd week after you purchasing it to make sure you were comfortable with equiptment, going out of our way to help, be good, do right thing spending own money over and over to be treated and came at way you did.


What number is he texting from?


Those people live next door in my o mlex and refuse to pay rent. They are everything you described! Arturo Delacruz and Karen Pardo


I am in the process of evicting them, Kirby sales guy, Cleaning business they paid me rent as PRISTINE INNOVATIONS INC been living here since JUN 2020 until today.


No we moved! And someone else took over.

No one ever has refused to pay rent. And a matter of fact I’m good friends with KEN and I’m sure he wouldn’t appriciate you bad mouthing me. When pandemic hit, I told Ken I’m not gonna do you like everyone else in this building did! Payed rent every month, even paid after I left for someone else that took that office over.

I paid Ken told him ima hand you a check and pay rent not cry covid like everyone else did on him! Abusing his kindness and pandemic to not pay rent. And art, I got rid of because he is a drunk that won’t stop.

That’s not me so please don’t confuse the two. Art and Karen “used”one of offices I had that I paid for to have their own business, not me not my business so please don’t confuse the two.


File a complaint with the BBB and the consumer protection division of your state's Attorney General's Office. If your local news station has an investigative reporter, take these *** to court!

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