Okay, so I've read many of these complaints and see some validity in them. My experience with the Kirby vacuum salesman is a tad different.

A neighbor of mine was selling these vacuums and I was offered a "free" carpet cleaning for my apartment. My apartment is pretty small and I have a very light Berber carpet that gets filthy during the winter, so of course I was interested in receiving the free cleaning. We set up the appointment for a Saturday and the manager called to cancel due to excess sales that day. A little unprofessional, but I allowed it because it was for my neighbor afer all.

Anyway, the demonstration was ridiculous as far as time wise! I sat and watched him go through pad after pad to show me how much dirt my vacuum was missing. He even insisted he do my bed and after several times refusing he told me that he would get in trouble if he didn't do it, so I let him in my intimate space and he demonstrated the vacuums capabilities. Almost 2 hours in, he still hadn't started the cleaning of the carpet and at this point I was already tired of him being in my house.

Before he could start his sales pitch or start the "free" cleaning the manager comes in and quickly starts his selling points. Now, from what I saw of the Kirby, it is an awesome vacuum and I loved all the other non-vacuum aspects of it as well. I am a softy at heart, so when my neighbor told me he was just one sale away from receiving a pair of Beats headphones I definitely wanted to help. Plus, I really did love the Kirby.

After giving me the price and getting a firm "No way" the manager worked his "one time only" manager's special, one income special, friends and family special, etc, the final price went from MSRP $2,500 to $1858. I financed it for several reasons and would pay a total of about $2500 if I paid it off in three years. Fine with me at first, but as I was signing the paper work my neighbor/sales rep began cleaning a small high traffic area by my front entrance and I noticed that the shampooer did just an okay job in that area. Well, since the deal wa made I immediately read where the contract could be cancelled within three days, so I figured I'd do a complete cleaning and decide from there.

Thank goodness that I did that! I cleaned the carpet in that area again the next day and did the rest of the room. I've used commercial and home carpet shampooer's in the past, so I have seen first-hand how clean my carpet should be, but Kirby did not past the shampoo test. It just wasn't powerful enough.

To make a long story short, the Kirby is an awesome vacuum, but the Sentria 2 model that boasts a mini shampooer just doesn't cut it for me. The next business day was a Monday and instead of mailing the cancellation to him, I hand delivered it to him and explained my issue. Vaughn, the owner and manager that had helped sell me the vacuum condescendingly told me that I must have used it wrong and that I was probably having buyer's remorse. I laughed it off and agreed to allow him once more into my small apartment to show me how wrong I was.

He was unable to get the results I wanted, the carpet was done 4X by this time and although it was clean, it was not as good as other shampooer's I've used. Vaughn refused to admit that the mini shampooer was actually that, not meant to clean in commercial situations or on high traffic areas without pre-treatments. After twenty minutes of trying to convince me of the greater good of my purchase ie. saving money on renting other machines, financing reporting on my credit, etc, he started again with his condescending remarks."It's about money, and someone convinced you that it was a bad investment." I was most appalled when he said that I needed to keep the Kirby to help my poor credit score.

I laughed and asked him what bad credit score. He told me that I had a credit score of 515 and that he could show me the report! Who did this guy think he was dealing with!? I just purchased a new car, had already assessed my credit report and had a copy on-hand.

To his surprise, that argument became invalid quickly. All in all after he realized that I was not bending and he knew that even if the vacuum was $600 I wouldn't keep it because I was more interested in the shampoo element than anything else, he rudely started to pack up the Kirby. Loudly banging the accessory cart down and huffing while he did so. Even attempted to walk into my bedroom without permission until I stopped him!

I told him that he shouldn't take it personally because he didn't make the shampooer and he told me that he did take it personally because he owned it! After reading these posts I see that he was probably losing $800-$1300 hundred on the deal. Some people should be ashamed of themselves for marking these vacuums up so high and to the honest saleman I salute you! These vacuums are awesome, but for a small apartment it was not worth the investment...YET.

Once I purchase a house, I will find a decent dealer and hope that they improve the shampooer and if not I'll take it anyway because for a good price it is certainly worth it. Note: My downpayment check was already cashed by Monday, and he never mentioned how he intended to refund me because he was so pissed. I'll update if this process proves to be laborious. He will know who I am if he reads this so I'll give him a little advice: Just because a sale falls through you don't have to lose your cool.

I could be in a new house within the next year if all goes as planned and you could have gotten another sale once the vacuum purchase became feasible for me. Now, I will seek another distributor and tell all my neighbors to beware of you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner.

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Oxford, Pennsylvania, United States #964637

These people come to your house try to sell u a $2000 vacuum they take your old vacuum n shampooer what the *** for !! They give them away same day they won't hold it for 5 days in case u cancel the *** kirby .I cancel the kirby they give me a different vacuum as my replacement (***) & it's been 2 months I haven't got my bissell shampooer as of yet ...wtf!

U call them they won't return ur call!!! Don't deal with these people!

to tony Oxford, Pennsylvania, United States #964639

VC enterprises needs to respond back to their customers and return their items!!!

Hurlock, Maryland, United States #913900

Still haven't gotten my refund and I canceled my contract November 20. It is Dec 10th now and in the contract it CLEARLY states they have 10 days to return my money.

I'm reporting him to Kirby. Thanks for sharing this post.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #795753


The Kirby Company takes all complaints seriously. We would like to contact the business owner and reviewing your comments him/her and follow back with you.

Please call us at 1-800-494-8586, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m.

to 5:00 p.m., EST. We look forward to assisting you.


Don't even bother. If you really love the kirby get one used off of ebay or a used vacuum shop.

You can get a better price.

The warranty on those things is only 3 years so you may as well. Plus, if you give Kirby your telephone number, you will be on their calling list for the rest of your life.

to Anonymous Howell, Michigan, United States #821588

Amen! I just bought a Sentria II, which was only a year old off of Craigslist in Ann Arbor, MI for $350.00!

No Kidding! All I had to do is clean it up a bit, put in a new belt and bag, and it was like brand new!

I LOVE the machine. I bought my first Kirby new in 1976 and still use it in the basement.

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