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Amen to that!!! I’m from a pretty small town, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and everyone knows everyone here.

So when I purchased mine last year (2017) I was told the same thing: “Lifetime Warranty” and as long as damage was not caused by my neglect or abuse that I would be honored with a rebuilt unit anytime for the rest of my ownership and it is transferable as long as we fill out a form for change of ownership. Was also promised 3 years free maintenance. Just to find out 2 others I know purchased the same exact Kirby Avalir Multi-Surface Shampoo Stsytem package, but one purchased there’s at $1199.00 under a financial agreement; the other purchased hers for $850 on the spot and out the door without financing. I’m the worst sucker out of all three of us because they got me to purchase mine for $1999 under a financial agreement (thus it ends up being more mind ya), while making me think they were knocking off $760 in which they showed on paper as being my trade-in value for a vacuum cleaner we didn’t even have.

Should have known then they were crooked. Anyhow, I am a Pissed Kirby owner due to their lies, they ignored my calls, texts, and emails which were multiple upon multiple over the whole course of my ownership. Until Finally one day I went to make my last attempt and the number provided to me for my “own personal rep” was disconnected, and so were all the other numbers provided for me including the ones on my purchasing contract. Can’t even bring my Kirby in for Wtf its annual free maintenance because there are no longer any Kirby service locations where I live or within 60 miles of me (matter of fact, there isn’t one for 200km, per their Kirby website!) that will honor the free maintenance.

The ones that are Kirby approved, as to not void the warranty, will not service the “free” maintenance and charge at the very least $100. So, decided to dig deeper and explained my concerns to a Pensacola service man who is Kirby certified to perform routine maintenance checks, and he gave me the whole low-down on that sales group and that they packed up and left a couple of months ago and said my best bet is to contact Kirby Factory and gave me their number (located in Cleveland). Contacted them twice and did not hear back from them for at least two weeks. The rep there said they are not responsible for any Kirby’s sold to the public that they just build them, and that it is the individual sales group that I need to contact.

She opened a case to contact the original group to find out if they are working under another group elsewhere or relocated, but stated most likely they decided not to sell anymore and I would basically be *** out of luck! Honestly, if they or someone does not compensate me in one form or another, I will be more upset now than I am now, and I will NOT recommend them to anyone, report them to BBB, and pursue with an attorney. Possible class action lawsuit in the future... so I will be awaiting to see what kind of customer service unfolds for a ripped off customer that was straight lied to to sell me a Kirby by apparently any means necessary!

I am trying to be patient. And I do have all the proof of contact attempts for the past year.

I am not the only one in this town either; so keep that in mind! Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner.

Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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Hello, we are very disappointed to read about your experience with an independent distributor. While we, The Kirby Company, are not an affiliated party to the agreements and distributorships of these independent salespeople, we do take situations like yours very seriously.

Could you please contact us with more information regarding the independent distributor at 1-800-494-8586? We look forward to hearing from you!

@Awa Exe

You honestly don’t care so stop acting like it. You allow these fly by night operations to push that *** vacuum on people then deny all responsibility.

Kirby is the worst. You’re unethical and rude.

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