About 2 years ago we had this guy very nice that was knocking in our door. He never said the price of what he was selling.

He kept telling me and my husband about the glory of Kirby vacuum, so he said that this vacuum does everything even painting. We didn't realize that buying that vacuum was the biggest mistake we made. It is the worse vacuum you can have. It is so heavy that I can not move it.

I have back cancer. My bone are pretty wick and it will kill me if I even try to vacuum. Now we have a big bill from them and I don't know how to take care of this matter. I don't know where to complain.

They can come and get it.

I do not want it. Whom can I report this company too?

User's recommendation: Please do not buy this vacuum!! It is a ripoff. It is very expensive.

Location: Buford, Georgia

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