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We let the Kirby man in our house. After telling him many times that we didn't want a Kirby, he went to the bathroom, came back than i noticed that my i-phone vanished from the place that i had just set it down.

I then called my phone and someone had turned it off. I asked the Kirby man to return the phone that he is obviously taken and he denied taking it. We than called the police and file a report, because we knew he had taken it.

Prior to the police being called, we told the Kirby man that we are going to call the police and he refused to wait, because he said that he was on probation. Be careful anytime a Kirby man ask to come in your house because you never know who you are letting in the door!!!!!!

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I was accused if selling a wallet in a demo I did.... The lady said I was a broke kid and was acting suspicious looking and after she didn't buy I left in a hurry!

Here's the reality..... I hold a office position in Kirby and we didn't wanna stiff an appointment so I ran it! Turns out her wallet was in a grocery bag from when she last shopped (which was 15mins before I got there). And she felt so bad!

Turns out I own a BIG house in boulder, co (google it) and I am putting my sister through college at CU..... Far from broke, suspicious in a tie and I left in a hurry because I didn't want to stay long in that dirty house so I politely left/quickly. Shallow minded people think its a Kirby thing to be a thief and think we're broke?

I spent more money on my air car failed investments then most people make so get your facts right! Ps I would gladly email photos of my success....

to INDIVIDUALS!! #1417454

You’re funny!


Even more...same guys

1. Written by Gilco rep stole phone last mon on March 31, 2012 from santa rosa, california, US

Cops called. nothing was done.

This guy gets rich as he lies to desperate down and out job seekers.

He buys from Kirby for like $600 per unit and sells for $2000 +

Pays nothing in advertizing or sells,because he uses the poor fools he suckered into thinking they would make $2000 per month, who end up quitting without any pay, after being told that they're first week is free

Then he has the poor bastards sign an independent seller agreement, now all promises are off, your on your own.

Too big of a scam to have going on this long without BBB ,Kirby or local Government not getting involved


2. Written by we seem plauged by them on March 31, 2012 from santa rosa, california, US

these guys have been at the same scam for years.

too bad Kirby and/or local government won't do something to stop this guys operation.

I read on another forum that ex-employee's have been arrested for burglary on Kirby clients


I had a shady looking guy show up at my door, wanted to give me his pitch. I told him I was not interested, but he continued to try to make his pitch. After I told him yet again that I was not interested he yelled " Typical California ***" and he was going to continue trying to berate me at my own doorstep.

When I opened my screen and started coming out of my house telling him " look get off my property" he said "*** you, I have a witness that will deny everything, referring to the person in the van. I called the cops and was told that unless he assaulted me they're was nothing to be done.

I called 4 phone numbers to complain. All the machines attached to those numbers were full and unable to take a messages. I plan to call the cops anytime I ever see a Kirby operation going on anywhere. I have been told by the SR police that they WILL come out and check work permits and make sure that they are not violating any laws.

To cap it all off....I have owned a Kirby generation 3 for almost 20 years and love it.

Great machine, horrible business model even worse distributors.

to ***ed off too #1325601

I would have told the police he threatened to punch me, if that is what it would take to get him off my property. I would also have started recording him.

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