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I had a very similar experience as Former Dirtsucker Salesman. Desperate for a job, I answered the ad on Craigslist. The ad itself was ridiculously vague, said nothing about Kirby or even cleaning, just "lots of advancement!", "big pay!", "on the job training!". First red flag.

When I went for my interview, I found myself in a shady business building with nondescript signs and virtually no cars in the lot. The office itself had only one sign that read "WA Associates". Red Flag #2.

Once inside, everything was ridiculously bare and it couldn't be more obvious that they were trying to suck all the Kirby out of their own office (though I didn't know that at the time). Four or five other people were sitting there with me, and we all filled out a couple forms while waiting for our interviews. A guy at the front desk said we were waiting for the "Hiring Manager".

When my name was called, I walked in and the "Hiring Manager" immediately launched into a high-paced assault of buzzwords. "Full on-the-job training!" "Grassroots campaign!" "Whole-home cleaning!" She told me I was gonna LOVE being a customer service rep for WA (notice she didn't say Kirby). "That's nice," I replied. "But what will I be doing?"

She danced around this question several times. "Customer service," she said again and again. Red Flag #3. Finally, when pressed, she explained they were part of Kirby- but that was it. NOT what I would be doing, JUST that they were affiliated. She ended the "interview" with several compliments on my hair and clothes (flattery will get you anywhere!) and said that she was "sure" the VIP would love me. "I'm going to tell him all about YOU!" she said, as if I were a precocious toddler. "Expect a call!"

That call? Came an hour later. I'd barely taken off my interview clothes [wool skirt in August = awful]. It was the godly VIP that she kept telling me about! Strange...his voice was so similar to that guy taking calls at the front desk... Red Flag #4.

He told me to come back for a second interview the next day. He neglected to mention that it was a GROUP interview. I was crammed into a tiny room in that godawful office with twelve other people, mostly young men and a couple older guys. I was the only female. The young guys looked like they should be trashing a frat house, not playing dress-up in their dad's suits. But I digress.

When "The VIP!!! OMG!!!" came in, surprise, surprise, it was Front Desk Guy. Of course. For an hour and a half, he talked of ***nothing*** but what Kirby could do for you. Still not what YOU would have to do for KIRBY, mind. Just a fabulous overview of all the amazing prizes you could win from Kirby (great, a Razor Scooter. I have bills to pay, you ****.) Finally, what the pay was. "At least $500 a week, NO MATTER WHAT." He said it OVER and OVER. Even if we won NO prizes, NO trips (that was another big incentive, the two-day trips to Niagara Falls or whatever), NO Razor Scooters, we were GUARANTEED that $500 a week if we worked for them. Okay. Fine.

Thing is, I really needed that $500. OMGVIP then handed out "real" checks that he had received when he first started working for Kirby. $850 his first week! By the end of the month, $2,000! Awesome! I'm in!

All this time, Red Flag #5 is lurking in the back of my mind. this so-called VIP trying to sell me a job? Sell me. Not tell me.

The night winded down with OMGVIP talking reverently about his "business partner" that would help us with our training, apparently the "A" in "WA Associates". His fiance, it turned out much later. Also, the Hiring Manager. There's Flag Six, ladies and gents!! If we wanted to meet awesome goddess fiance/training/hiring manager, though, we'd have to come back tomorrow for training! At eight a.m.!

I'm sorry, what? It was eight p.m. as he said this. You want us back in twelve hours? For real? I refused. I said I wouldn't be available until next week, fully expecting to be told that I was out of a job (okay, hoping). No problem, it turns out. "You can train with the new people NEXT week!! (YES! JOY! KITTENS!)"

....New people. Next week. I looked around at the dozen or so men around me. How many open spots *were* there? The office consisted of four rooms, so no way were all of us getting a cozy cubicle.

Still, like a horse after that dangling carrot, I agreed. Next Monday it was.


The first thing that happened upon my arrival that godawful Monday morning was that I had to sign an independent-vendor contract. Basically, the form stated that I was NOT an employee of Kirby, but my own individual business vendor, and that Kirby had NO liability over me. Also (fun fact), independent vendors don't get taxes and Social Security taken out of their paychecks. No, instead they have to pay a large sum of money to the government come next April. That sounds like fun!

Next, myself and the five or six other "new non-employees" went into the small room where the second interview took place. WHOA! This room looks totes different! Now there are... wait... are those vacuum cleaners on the wall? Wait, what? And is that... a vacuum cleaner on the carpet there? ... In pieces???

WHAT THE CUCKOO BANANAS? I kept telling myself, "That has nothing to do with me. I'm a customer service person, all I'll have to do is answer the phone. That stuff is for the guys, certainly they're not making a tiny girl like me work with all that heavy equipment. Any minute now, they'll take me aside and teach me how to move papers all day..." Oh, how the innocents have dreamed. Red Flag #7, the vanishing and re-appearing of Kirby merchandise.

You all know what came next. I found out that my job was to be a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. Showing this huge vacuum and cleaning rooms for free, hoping that the customer will pay $2000 for a Kirby. All I had to do was an hour-long demonstration, and then spend a half hour steam-cleaning an extra room for free. The whole process was a "call". Fifteen "calls" a week- without any sales- made you $500.

That's three calls a day for five days, right? Three times an hour and half is four and a half hours, right? Plus driving, maybe five? Wow! That's a short workweek!

Can I just say... lugging a 50-pound box with the Kirby and steam cleaner into the customer's house, going through the 8,000 different demos, calling the "home office" again and again to "lower the price", and then steam-cleaning with that wretched machine, not to mention packing it all up again and lugging it back out to the car.. took an average of two hours and forty-five minutes each. NOT including driving.

Three "calls" (also known as "shows") in a day is really nine hours of work. Plus travel. Nine hours five days a week comes out to 45 hours. $500 for 45 hours is less than you make as a full-time liquor store cashier. (I've done that, too.) *Significantly* less.

Oh well, I thought to myself. That's what being young is for. Better get these *** jobs out of the way. $500 is $500 I didn't have before, right? Three days of unpaid training - eight-hour days - leaves four more to squeeze in my first "Family and Friends" shows. Oh, yes. The infamous "Wait, this is a pyramid scheme" Red Flag #8. Before starting my REAL demos, I had to show family and friends. Six times in four days.

That alone was exhausting. I don't know enough people who could sit through that. The driving to get to a patient relative's house was bad enough. Having them laugh at me added an extra half-hour to every "call". Then the obligatory "How's your mom?" Yada yada, for a total of 4+ hours per family show. Six times four = 24. A full 24 hours of showing that thing in four days.

At the end of that week, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. All I could think about was my $500. (No one I knew could afford a $2,000 or even "priced down" $800 vacuum, no matter what the "financing plan" was). I had no intention of ever doing hard sells on people I knew didn't have the money for the Kirby. It humiliated me to have to play on people's emotions that way, so I told every customer over and over, "I don't want to pressure you. I get paid just to show the vacuum. Don't worry."

Since my week of demos started with the family shows, I only had 9 more to do to get my $500. Three a day for three days, I was beyond exhausted by the end.

Still trying to make the best of a bad situation, I showed up for my first week's end meeting with high hopes for my paycheck. Having not sold only Kirbys I wouldn't qualify for more than the set demo rate. I didn't care.

Here come the checks! Here they are- one for young greasy salesman #1, one for guileless money-grubbing salesman #2, one for... wait, he skipped me. What the deuce?

I have been lugging this freaker around for a week! I did my fifteen demos! I sat through three days of training! (There was no air-conditioning in the building during that training, I might add. 90+ degrees outside at the time).


It's not coming.


Those six shows for family, they didn't count. You were supposed to either sell one or do 15 MORE demos in three days. No money at all. No money at all.

I just want people to know my story. If you are a good salesman, work for Kirby. But personally, I CANNOT justify to myself trying to make people pay hundreds of dollars that they JUST DO NOT HAVE. (Oh yeah- if you or your family or your friends are from money, go for Kirby. Or Cutco.) If you are honestly in need and so is your family, do not waste time with Kirby.

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This happened to me. I'm quitting tomorrow


If you have worked for all star marketing Fremont ca Kirby and did not get paid for alllll the hrs u put in call all the people u know who have worked for them and all of you go to the labor board.they owe you for the time plus allll the over time no matter what you signed I got a check from the court for 6000 dollars.the labor board will ALWAYS side with you

Fresno, California, United States #716193

I worked for them in 2006.i seen a job post on the news paper i was in real need of a job at that time I had no money nothing. I went to the address they gave me when I called them back the name of the place was mdm I got there did an interview and got a call back the next day that I was hired and if I could go to the orientation the next day I went to the orientation there was 9 other people there they told us they had intervied 200 other people and we were the only ones that got hired which I did not believe they told us we were going to be saling vacuums and training everybody asking people wat their goals are i went for a week I was told I was going to get paid they never paid me because they said i didn't sale any vacuums these people take advantage of people who are in real need of a job they are *** bags they should be straight up with people and not lie to them I hope they shut down everywhere they wasted my time my gas money

Cimarron Hills, Colorado, United States #598028

***CRY BABIES***.Mr 401k JOKE!

I spend your retirement 401 a year! If Kirby ain't for you then it ain't for you but who are you to say there's no money? Obviously no money for you! People that do well in Kirby so that's why all we see is people that make excuses!

If it ain't for you that's fine but don't tell me about money! Don't say Kirby reps don't make money, I made 80k as an 18 year old! Some people aren't met to be successful and think benefits pay bills LMAO.... You benefits would afford my H1 payment or my girls A8 payment....

Want proof I'll give my email and send picture, *** I'll buy you a drink! Get your fax right!

ONLY UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE LOOK FOR JOBS ON CRAIGSLIST BY THE WAY!Craig's attracts murderer, psychos and poor workers!

to The Proof Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do, Republic Of Korea #799876


I am very sorry about your small pen*s.

Here in East Asia, we have something called Koro. It's a syndrome in which the sufferer believes that their d-ick is slowly shrinking back into their groin. In cultures that place a premium on virility, it's a fairly common, if not hilarious affliction. Just the thought of someone's one-eyed wonder worm slowly shrinking back into it's hole can elicit the odd chuckle now and then.

How to cure it?? Simple. Have your imaginary friend.. err..

significant other, pull on your member at twice a day. Now she needs to give it a good TUG. Come on this is your manhood we're talking about right? If you are at a loss for a girlfriend, then I am sure there a prostitutes in your area that fall with your Kirby Salesman budget (I hear drug addled Meth heads are quite reasonable).

You Kirby bots just make laugh.

Only the most churlish lout would think that owning a H1 would be cool (GMC/Am General discontinued them for a reason). They are kind of like the fur coats of the automotive world, controversial and usually associated with those want to appear rich and successful.

Are you so insecure that you have lie so egregiously? There is ABSOLUTELY no way that you could have made $80,000 in one year working at Kirby.

That would mean an average of over $6000 a month in sales for 12 months. It's THEORETICALLY possible, but the odds are of that happening are in the millions. No one has that much luck. Maybe you made that amount selling stolen items from your victims'...

ooops.. customers' houses? I'll tell you what, knock off three zeros, then I will believe you.


Proof, if someone as inarticulate as you came to my house to sell me any product, I would throw you out into the streets. As usual the worst advocates for Kirby are the Kirby salesmen themselves. You guys should come on these forums and say... "It took me awhile, but I did alright." "I make decent living, I'm not rich, but I like what I do." "I make good money now, but I struggled for about year until it started to pay off." See??

I just gave you Kirby shills some ready made rebuttals (that means replies). Copy and paste them as you wish. Your insecurities are DEEP. The swaggering denigration of another person's earning potential screams "I'm a pathetic loser who tries to browbeat those that disagree with me." I think it's such a sad existence that people like you value money so highly.

I'm not saying money is evil, but the collection of trinkets shouldn't be your end result in life. This is why Kirby and companies of their ilk manage to hire so many dupes. The people doing the hiring know their audience. They know how to push the right buttons to get you to work 60 hours a week for almost no pay.

"You're a superstar!!! Forget the fact you are a high school dropout with a spotty work history!! Just do what I say, and you'll be driving ***Insert luxury conveyance here***!!! Don't bother to "send me a photo".

Anyone can stand next another person's car and take a photo. And you can keep the drink. I'm not much on O.E, Thunderbird or ST. Ides.

For all of you shills or apologists screaming about Kirby's products, please remember this. The machine is an anachronism. It can't compete on the sales floor of a big box store, so they have to resort forcing themselves upon seniors and those he can least afford them (note: Rich People DO NOT buy Kirby). The company knows this and makes pains to distance itself the very people that sell its products.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to work for a company that has no faith in me as a representative of said company. Why are all of you so loyal to entity that can't even call you an employee? Consumers, do NOT let them into your house, call the police if you see them roaming your neighborhoods (most towns require a soliciting permit), don't believe the sob stories. As consumers we can send a HUGE message to companies like Kirby and their imitators...

Clean up your act, or face blank extinction.

to The Proof #831557

I think you need to learn how to spell and use grammar correctly before you try dissing poor people.You are a poor speller, and obviously one of these "Kirby-Anus" sales robots.

Get over yourself. I bet you had money to be following people around wasting gas all day, some of us don't.

I bet you're one of those "silver-spoon" born babies.:)

to The Proof #861126

Dear 'The Proof' : The only thing you have 'made' is a pile of doodoo in your pants.You are so full of sh*t, I can smell you breath from 4,000 miles away.

P.S. you are right about Craigslist attracting the poor and psychos.

It attracted you, right?!lol.


Kirby is famous or rather I would say infamous also here in Europe and Italy. They keep on with the same scam and a couple of years ago they had problems with the law. It's a pyramid scheme plus psychological pressure: if you give up it's because you are not worth enough.


They say u will get pay just for doing demonstrations! Plus more money if gou sell more than 1 a day


sounds like quite an "educated" response from our good ol four year rep!almost laughable but you can tell that this person MIGHT have a GED but lacks any credible knowledge or education beyond a third-world community college.

LMFAO! How about you take your "heap" (ps the word works on two levels, it can stand for your supposid cash or *** lol) and hire someone to represent your kirby clan with a more non-bias approach and alot less remarks most suitable for a "don't be talkin bout my mama" group discussion/argument. Lame! May I also note that I know five people who work for kirby (dated one of them) the money claims are legit but no different than a kid aspiring to become the next president!

It could happen but, in most cases...DOES NOT!

Also, each of these people were college drop outs, home wreckers ,pretty much, the black sheeps of society who needed the "alternative" to regular working life...idiots didn't realize how bad they have/had it because "fools" are easily misguided by "flashy saying" and "numbers"...gosh, i could laugh at you idiots working for kirby all *** night but, i have a REAL job with benefits (insurance/401 k) things of that nature...toodles...and thanks for reading...means you were competant enough to make it this far!:)

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